There the Whole Time


Naruto X Cornelia Focus.

Mentions and bits of Naruto x the other Guardians.

Oc x Susan


Story Start


A week had passed since then and the group found themselves dealing with situation's on a more personal level then inter-dimensional level like the twelve portals or the Nerissa situation. Will's scum of a father had shown up and tried to gain custody her while simultaneously black mailing Susan only to find himself in jail, brought up on charges of tax invasion and assault. Then there was also the situation with the Water Shadow known as Jewel, an elemental spirit of water who seemed to have a profound effect on Irma more then anything.

Though Cornelia was still struggling with feelings of having a broken and her new found developing feelings for a certain blond. Unfortunately Guardian had also been deeply affected by matters of a personal nature in both her personal life and the life of a Guardian.

The Oracle's manipulation and half-truths had left Taranee sullen and she had refused the call so to speak leaving the Guardians weakened.

Currently the Guardians of Earth, Air, and Fire were part of a large group of students who were visiting another institute for a few days and would be staying there, attending class and living in the dorms.

''Lost? What...what do you mean?'' the outraged voice of the Earth Guardian Cornelia cried out at the red-head information boot attendant. Cornelia had spent most of last night unable to sleep, partly because of the trip and partly because she was trying to come to term with everything that happened the past few days.

So of course throwing in the added twist of her luggage being lost only added to Cornelia's bad mood. With her luggage lost the only clothing she had were the ones on her back. A sleeveless mid-riff bearing designer orange top over a white tank top and maroon skirt with slits up to her knees and maroon belt with a light orange bag in her hand with dark orange flower and butterfly images on it. Her blue eyes were filled with annoyance which along with her raised voice seemed to unnerve the air port employee.

''I'm really sorry, Miss Hale! I'm afraid this sort of thing happens, but we'll find it in a couple of days! You'll see!'' he assured her as he adjusted his hat and tie as a single drop of sweat slid down his face.

''He means that they're no where to be seen. No telling where they'll end up!'' Hay Lin whispered to Taranee with a half-lidded look reflecting to her eyes as she seemed to be staring off into space, temporarily taking her hand off her light blue suitcase to stroke her chin as the right elbow of her arm rested on the back of the hand of her left hand.

With a growl Cornelia slammed her fists on the counter.

''But all of my clothes were in my suitcase! All of my personal items even. Just what am I suppose to do?''

''I assure you Miss Hale as soon as we find them we'll have it delivered to you at Redstone Academy.'' he informed the girl, but it didn't appease her a bit.

''Write down the address and make sure you don't get it wrong! My friend's vindictive!'' to emphasis her statement Hay Lin held up her hand, marked with writing and brought attention to by the pencil she had on her.

Cornelia shot Hay Lin an annoyed look causing the Air Guardian to tense and move back slightly, letting her know that Cornelia was in no mood for jokes.

''And...Er...welcome to Port Nelson!''

Cornelia didn't say a word as her fist tightened around her bag as she stormed off in the direction to the bus that was supposed to pick them off.

''Don't worry! We'll lend you some of our stuff!''

''Thanks...'' Cornelia responded to Hay Lin's generosity with a sigh. ''But I just can't get over this! I'm furious!'' she said as she flared her nostrils.

''Well, Cornelia!'' the Headmistress Mrs. Knickerbocker acquired from the girl. The group had spent the last fifteen minutes waiting outside for Cornelia to get her luggage. Mrs. Knickerbocker was a woman with

ample chest thrust out before her and her even more ample backside that tended to swish from side to side with terrifying force with hair that was a fascinating...towering, shellacked pompadour. Snowy white. As translucent as spiderwebs. It was definitely one of the wildest old-people oddities most would see.

''No luck, Ms. Knickerbocker! No trace of my luggage!'' Cornelia informed the headmistress.

''And there's no trace of our driver, either!'' Sheffield's new computer teach spoke up. He was a young man in his late twenties with short, well kept blond hair, handsome face, and a rugged beard. He was fashionable dressed with an air force blue shirt, blue jeans and and Apple green jacket.

''From my experience with field trips, I've learned the the ones that start off the worst end up being the best!'' Ms Knickerbocker added her bit of personal wisdom.

Cornelia dipped her head slightly as she rested the fingers of her left hand against her forehead feeling the making of a headache. ''Then this one's going to be fantastic!'' she muttered to herself sarcastically.

''Look! Down there! Maybe that's Him!'' Martin Tubbs pointed out as a man of older age with a light red cap, yellow and red striped shirt with splotch designs and light brown shorts came running up holding the a sign with the words Sheffield Institute painted onto it with black letters.

''Excellent powers of Observation Mr. Tubbs!''

The old man came to a stop with a huff as he paused and took out a clean white rag to wipe off the sweat. It was a rather warm sunny day, a rather stark contrast to Heatherfield's usual stormy seasons near the end of the year.

''Hello folks...sorry to keep you waiting!'' the man said as he wiped around his neck. ''I took a wrong turn twice on my way here! Unbelievable, huh? You have no idea what a jungle is it out there, with all those signs!'' as the man spoke he carelessly swung the side and thwapped Martin in the back of his head. ''And then, all those cars! I've never seen the traffic in Heatherfield but I'm sure it can't beat ours!''

''Uum...your story is quite interesting, sir...but what do you we get going?'' Professor Sylla asked.

''Oh of course, of course! Follow Me! Our bus is down there! I tripled parked it!'' he said as he led them to a large steel blue bus with large tinted windows and Redstone College painted on the sign in large yellow letters along with a green wreath and large RS inside of it towards the front of the bus.

''Good thing they didn't tow it away! It's fifteen Kilometers to the Academy, and it'd be quite the hike!'' the man said as he let out an old timer's laugh.

''Where did they find this guy?'' Cornelia whispered to Taranee who cracked half a smile, but didn't say anything.

''I imagine you're all mighty tired! Redstone isn't exactly around the corner for you folks!''

''Well, with the long flight and the jetlag, we're beat! I can't wait to get some sleep...'' a student in blue complained as she lugged her blue bag over her shoulder.

''But only after we've met out host, Principal Bullford!'' Ms Knickerbocker interjected.

''Pitbull Bullford, as the kids down at the Academy would say!'' the man remarked with a jovial laugh.

''I don't think it's appropriate for you to suggest such nicknames to my students, sir...'' the headmistress chastised the man. ''...And between us, you shouldn't speak like that about your employer, if I might add!''

''Oh, now! Pitbull's got a great sense of humor...because, you see, I am Pitbull Bullford!'' he stated with another jovial laugh as he took off his hat in a greeting gesture as Knickerbocker was quite surprised. ''I always forget to introduce myself! You must me Ms. Knickberbocker I presume...'' he said taking the woman's hand with a shaking gesture.

Quite embarrassed she reacted an attempt to apologize. ''I...I had no idea! I couldn't have known that...I didn't mean...''

But Bullford merely let it rolled off his shoulder. ''Don't worry, Ma'am! I'm sure a couple of weeks at Redstone will help liven you up!'' he said as the students piled up on the bus. ''My school's a special place, you'll see it for yourselves.'' he stated proudly. They finally came to the academy which was mostly mint green in its infrastructure with numerous large rectangular glass windows and office green roof shingles.

''Wow! This place is incredible! I like it already!' one student gushed.

''Man! Compared to this, Sheffield looks like a broom closet!''

The students were all led off the bus single file as they were given a tour by the headmaster. ''Not bad, huh? We're in the heart of Restone Park. A natural reserve that, for over one hundred years, has been home to port Nelson's most important school!''

''Can I take a few pictures for the school Paper?'' asked Courtney Grumper, one of the two Grumper sisters who like the outfielders were nothing more then a minor annoyance to the Guardians who seemed to thrive on drama by spreading rumors and lies.

''Give ti your best shot Courtney!'' Ms. Knickerbocker said as she turned to Bess who already had a pad and pen out. ''Write down everything, Bess!''

''You can get to know my students and teachers tomorrow! I hope you'll feel right at home here!'' they came pass the large library with an open window and lamp desks. Just a section of the library had enough room to fit a moderately sized parking garage. ''Not only does my school have classrooms, but it also has ultra-modern labs, libraries...''

''Well, you don't have to write down everything.'' Knickerbocker whispered to the Grumper sister as Bullford went on.

''...Gyms, Swimming pools, tennis courts, a theater, a cinema, not to mention comfortable apartments for the students and teachers!''

As this went on the bubbly Chinese girl grew steadily excited. ''Wow this place is so amazing! I can't wait to tell Irma everything. You think we can call her now?''

''But she'll be sleeping when it's daytime here while back there it's nighttime.'' Taranee responded to Hay Lin's questioned as she reminded the girl of the time difference while trying to speak low enough not to bring attention to themselves.

Apparently Bullford heard them as he answered Hay Lin's question. ''You could always send your friend an email! Each room comes complete with a computer!''

Finally after the tour was over the girls were led to their room. The room came with three twin sized beds with a wall desk complete with lamps, a larger dresser, wall mounted cabinets a single window where the sun was currently illuminated the room with a bright glow. There was also a large rectangular mirror and a single solitary computer, desk, and computer chair in front of the window.

''Tell me I'm dreaming!'' Hay Lin said with a dazed look as she walked along the plush red carpet. ''I never want to go back home!'' Hay Lin chanted in a mantra as she plopped down on one of the beds.

Cornelia giggled at her antics while Taranee took notice of her improved mood.

''Y-Yeah...I suppose so.'' Cornelia said as she walked over to the window and moved the curtain out of the way as she checked out the view. ''I'm going for a walk. I'll be right back,'' Cornelia said as she quickly plucked her cell phone out of her bag and left the room. Cornelia weaved through the wall of busy students as she exited the building. She went to the edge of the forest surrounding the building and began dialing a phone number. She felt anticipation well up inside of her as the phone rung.

''Hello?'' the sound of a dying cat followed by an explosion occurred in the background. 'God damnit Kuiinshi!'

''Oh hey, it's me! I mean Cornelia!'' the Earth Guardian couldn't help but groan in embarrassment. She couldn't believe how dorky she was acting or how she sounded right now.

''Oh hey there Neila!''
Naruto greeted happily as the sounds of fireworks went off in the background. ''How's it going? How are you?''

''I'm doing fine!'' she said as her cheeks went pink. She still wasn't used to Naruto's nickname for her. ''So what are you up to?'

''This isn't going to eventually become one of those what are you wearing phone calls is it?''

It took Cornelia a few moments to get what her fellow blond was saying before she found herself sputtering, though when Naruto began laughing the Earth Guardian let out a growl and resounding cry of, ''You pervert.'' if there was one thing that was consistent then it was Naruto's ability to fluster people.

''Getting touchy Neila-chan?''

''You know if you were here right now I would so bury you up to your neck.''

''Then let's put that to the test.'' his voice came from behind Cornelia, startling her and almost causing her to fall forward. ''Sorry...'' he said as Cornelia placed a hand over her chest.

''You scared the Hell out of me.'' she responded with a fierce glare as Naruto winched.

''But it's what I doooo.'' he sung as he began giving her the eyes. ''You have to forgive me because I'm doing the eyeeeeees.'' he sung as Cornelia rolled her eyes and huffed while doing her damnest not to break out into a smile. While Naruto could be perverted, or what he corrected time and after time again as Lecherous, quick to anger at times, and had an odd way of talking by how often he brought up those trope things he was dependable, caring, and protective about the people he cared about.

''By the way...why do you look so...short?'' she finally asked the blond upon realizing he looked much younger then his usual seventeen to nineteen year of appearance. In fact he looked closer to fifteen in his usual black cargo pants and white T-shirt. While Cornelia thought that Naruto's choice of clothing was pretty bland and from his stories usually based around three or four set outfits of similar colors she had to admit he had more then enough personality to make up for his clothing.

''Hey!'' Naruto remarked with an indignant cry and put on a cute little frown. ''I wanted you and me to hang out. I figure you can leave your clone in your place and we can hang out for the day. ''

''I guess. Just let me find a place to change into my Guardian form and then you can use a genjutsu to...''

''Why would you have to change?'' Naruto interrupted her, genuinely mystified.

''I...I thought...'' even though Cornelia was recognized and complemented as beautiful for her age, she was still far from development then the older girls in her home town. Beautiful skin, tall, and blonde with grace and culture was a lovely combination, but she still felt more or less lanky. Even her admirers wouldn't hesitate to ogle a senior student with big boobs or a nice butt and from what she knew of Naruto's background and his own proud proclamations of being an ass man she figured he preferred her older form. The Cornelia pre-Caleb was confident and self-assured with her looks and wouldn't have cared about such things, but after having fallen in love and having her heart broken she had lost a bit of that confidence; that spark that made her the queen of the students of her year.

''If it's the age thing I'm ageless so I guess it's odd.'' Naruto remarked scratching his cheek. ''I think you're really cute just as you are though and from what I figure you're Guardian form is pretty much you in five to eight years anyway so I can wait for awhile.'' upon realizing what he said Naruto became flustered. ''I mean you shouldn't be in a hurry to grow up. So we should walk now...'' as Naruto stumbled over his words a smile came to Cornelia's face, touched by Naruto's words.

'He like me just as I am.' noticing the blond was still rambling she went over and kissed his cheek bringing his attention back to the girl in front of. ''Okay...just give me a few minutes and then we'll hit the town.'' she told him as her spirits were promptly lifted up and she prepared to get ready to enjoy the rest of her day.