There the Whole Time


Naruto X Cornelia


Author's Note


I'm actually kind of annoyed with this chapter because this is the previous version. I wrote a new version today to only find I already did this chapter and its far better then the newer, shorter version.


Story Start


''A Night club?'' Cornelia remarked upon seeing the destination Naruto had brought them too.

''Yep, don't worry, a friend of K owns the place. An under twenty-one under club considering such a large gathering of teenagers are into the atmosphere clubs provide.''

''This'll be interesting. I've never been on a date to one.'' Cornelia noted with a hint of wistfulness. As they entered they noticed the place was crowded. It was an ocean of black, white, blue, violet, and other similar colored clothing. Skirts, Pants, dazzling tops, and hair styles blending together. Couples in numbers of two, four, or even a group were on the dance floor, the non-alcoholic bar or at the tables.

The DJ was a man with a large build, wearing a cap, sunglasses, and appeared to be of Hispanic Origin. He looked to be rather energetic and friendly. The song that was playing soon faded out as the DJ began speaking. ''For you gaming fanatics this next one is a classic.'' and with that Air Man Ga Taosenai began playing.

''If you do me the honor of having this dance?'' Naruto asked, offering his hand to Cornelia.

''Why of course,'' she replied, taking his hand with a smile.

The two then went out onto the dance floor and began to dance to the music. The rock beat was better energetic. Being an ice skater Cornelia was very poised, agile, and used to control; so this moment to cut loose was a breath of fresh air for her.

The song soon came to an end almost as fast as it began. ''So why did you decide to come here? This is, well, not really your sort of thing.'' Cornelia pointed out. She was hoping she didn't offend the blond. Naruto wasn't what you would call cultured or had refined tastes. Naruto's idea of a good time was a spar, not dancing. His idea of a meal instead of say steak or lamb was a bowl of Ramen. And no matter how many times he suggested it, she would not as he put it eat a bowl of fat and sodium.

''I knew you liked this sort of thing.'' he replied, as they began dancing to another, softer song this time. ''Y-You're enjoying yourself right?'' there was a bit of hesitance in his voice.

''Of course I am,'' Cornelia smiled, reassuring the blond. She watched as the worry melted away from his eyes like butter in a skillet and a grin formed on his face.

''Well, if you're happy then I'm glad.'' he sincerely informed her with the rather simple logic that she had accustomed to Naruto.

''What do you think the others would say if they saw us here?'' Cornelia wondered aloud. She couldn't help it, while she had known Hay Lin and Irma for quite some time, it was only when Will and Taranee shown up that bonds of friendship between her and the others truly became strong.

''Will would probably ask what your intentions towards me were?'' Naruto suggested with a snicker. A smile broke out on his face as he could manage Will pulling off her best menacing look, but only looking as threatening as a mouse at best. Will didn't have in her to be threatening to her friends. Her strong heart was the reason why he and her got along so well, she was practically the little sister he never had.

''Hay Lin would probably squee and ask us a hundred questions a second.'' Cornelia pointed out. She'd make up a bunch of little romantic scenarios in her head and would prod her for every detail.

''Irma would probably make a bunch of playful blond jokes. Truly the world has end, Naruto's energy and Cornelia's sharp tongue. We're all doom.'' Naruto imitated, albeit poorly, Irma's voice, dramatics and all; the two shared a laugh as a result.

''Taranee would probably be the only one who would just congratulate us.'' Cornelia decided after a few seconds.

''Yeah, she's pretty much the only sane one.'' Naruto playfully remarked.

''Yeah, that's describes her to a-HEY!'' She caught on a few seconds later, realizing what Naruto had said. ''And what is that suppose to mean?''

''Have I told you you're pretty!?'' he tried appeasing her with compliments. ''That shirt brings out the color of your eyes.''

''Nice try!'' she remarked as she used her withering glare on him.

Naruto decided if he was going to be pummeled, to try one last thing. It was something he saw K do to pacify Will's mom. Except he hope Cornelia's cheeks would be a good enough substitute for her lips. Quickly kissing her cheek he said the following, ''That's my true apology, hurting you is that last thing I would ever want to do. Because even if I can comfort you in my arms when you're upset, all I ever want you to be is happy.'' So what if he wasn't some genius like Shikamaru or Kakashi-sensei. What he lacked in strategy or tactics he more then made up with his heart.

Cornelia though felt herself grow fluster. Her cheeks glowed red at the sweet statement. Was this really the same Naruto who used that tasteless sexy jutsu as a battle tactic? She smiled, signifying she accepted his apology. A slow song played and the two of them began to dance. ''You're lucky you're cute.'' she stated.

''You're cuter,'' he cheesily replied.

''Cheesy too.'' she remarked with a bit of a sigh.

''Hey, I think I deserve a bit of credit. I'm not really the romantic type you know.'' he replied with a pout.

''Just something we'll have to work on.'' Cornelia stated with certainty.

''A bit sudden don't you think?'' Naruto remarked, this time his face was heating up.

''What can I say. I go for a want and if you accuse what I feel for being a rebound I'll tie you up in a swarm of wines and poison ivy.'' she threatened.

''Yes mam,'' Naruto replied with a gulp.

''I think a few more dates are in order before we decide anything.'' she began, ''...I suppose technically this is our second date if you count our little get together at the restaurant.''

''Yeah, that's right.'' he noted with a nod.

''And I'm not the kind of girl that kisses on the first date and seeing as this isn't the first date...'' she trailed off, her cheeks reddening again, hoping Naruto picked up on her hint.

''I like the way you think Miss Hale,'' Naruto replied, leaning forward he wrapped his arms around Cornelia's waste. She let out a small gasp upon feeling Naruto's arms around her and a warmth in her chest. She looked up, her eyes locking with his as they both leaned forward. His lips captured hers and a chill went down her spine. For a few seconds everything was blocked out before a few seconds later the kiss came to an end. ''That was rather nice.''

''Not bad, for someone who claims they don't have that much experience I was expecting you to smother my lips.''

''Well then, how did I do?'' he asked.

''Seven out of Ten,'' she remarked with an airy attitude.

''Well that won't do,'' Naruto remarked. He had a rather competitive outlook in many things and if there was something he could be the best in he was sure damn going to try his best to achieve it. ''Seven, no good. I'm going to have to try again, with lots of practice.'' he stated, as he leaned in for another kiss only for Cornelia to stop his lips with her finger.

''Nu-huh champ. One kiss per date, only boyfriends get unlimited access.'' she remarked as a grin threatened to break out on her face. Her heart threatened to pop out of her chest. The same blond that used to drive her crazy with his Irma like eating habits was showing her a completely different side of his usual self. Because of that Cornelia felt like she could relax and simply just enjoy herself.

''Aah, but as you pointed out earlier this is the second date.'' he pointed out.

''Oh, I suppose you're right,'' responded with a coy smile. ''Well I indeed said that.'' she finished as she grabbed him by his collar and pulled him down for another kiss. The confident and sassy Cornelia was back. Some time later the two of them began heading back to the temporary room that Cornelia was staying at for the remainder of the field trip.

'Naruto and I. Who would have thought it?' Cornelia thought to herself with a smile. 'I could have done a lot worse. At least I know he's loyal and protective of those he cares about. I wonder if I can get Naruto to prank them if they rib us too much?'

'Cornelia. Pretty, popular, Cornelia. Or in other words, Nice from the get go Ino.' he thought to himself and inwardly chuckled, then hoped he wasn't developing a penchant for bad jokes. Even so, it was better than bad raps. 'That's not fair to Cornelia. She's not just a nice Ino. Her affinity for nature allows her to be deep in a different sense, among other things. I can't wait to get to know her more.''

Despite the silence of the walk their eyes and body language said it all. The two were coming to terms about the feelings they had for each other.

When it started to get late Naruto began walking Cornelia back to the school. Soon the two were at the door of the room Cornelia were staying in.

"So, should I drop by tomorrow?"

"Yeah," she answered. "We should figure something about. Maybe when I have a free period we could find some place to ice skating."

Naruto sighed and rolled his eyes. "I can't Ice Skate either. Why do I have a feeling all of our get togethers are going to be things I'm terrible at?"

A pout formed on Cornelia's lips. "But don't you want me to be happy." Without a doubt Cornelia was doing the wounded gazelle look.

"Not even your boyfriend and you're already working on getting me whipped." The blond grumbled.

"Don't be like that." She suggested as she trailed a finger under his chin. "Tell you what, how about I give you a little reward." She said as Naruto's eyes lit up.

"I like the sound of that." He said as the two said their goodnight, looking forward to spending more time together tomorrow.