Method of Inheritance

By Any Unborn Child

So it was true…. the unilluminated darkness was the gateway to eternity.

In darkness, you could hide, and yet you could not.

In darkness, you are consumed by your innermost thoughts, your consciousness flowing deeply into the soul of the world around you.

In darkness, there is nothing left for you. There is no one to cling to, no one to shelter you from who, or what, you really are.

In the darkness, you are left to your own devices. You have to adapt, your eyes pierced with the shattering reality of blindness. You turn to your hands, your feet, any part of your body that can sustain you, keep you on the edge of your sanity.

Even so…only the truth, the reality of your destiny is shown to you – nothing is hidden, and yet nothing can be seen.

After 12,000 of waiting, Toma had finally reemerged.

His wings arched, for they finally felt in conjunction with the world around him. He could open his eyes once more and see the colors of the ceiling, the sky, as well as the fiery eyes of Apollonius in his mind.

But, as soon as he woke, residual feelings of betrayal and disappointment began to seep into him again.

Yes…he had been scorned in favor of the wingless ones, in favor of those who had damned the human race in the first place.

He grew tired of seeing the wingless beings control the Earth, as they had been when the Catastrophe had occurred…

Apollonius may have been swayed by his own foolishness, his own naïveté, but the wingless ones shared the blame as well. They survived the Catastrophe, and those left has escaped punishment.

But…not for long….

Yes…they would feel the wrath of the Shadow Angels…

And soon…Apollonius would have no choice to become one with him once again…and though this, he would expose himself to the truth within the darkness of his own heart.

Yes…The method of inheritance truly was within the silence of the cloaked darkness.