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The morning of September thirty-first in seventy nine promised a beautiful day to come. The fall air was crisp and cool, but as the Sun's rays began to rise over the horizon and bathe the world with its warm light, the chilly air began to ebb away. The world seemed to be at peace, completely still, save for a rusty leaf drifting to the ground. This day was a very important one for James Potter and Lily Evans.

Why? They were to be married of course, at one o'clock that afternoon.

The morning was spent in last minute preparations, additions, and eager anticipation. The bridesmaids were busy fussing over each other's hair and makeup, but paying the most attention to the bride. Lily was glowing in her dress. It was simple, but complemented her slim figure perfectly. Her hair had been done in loose curls that cascaded down her back in auburn waves. Her makeup was simple and natural, using brown shadows and peachy tones on the lips and cheeks. A light coat of mascara made her electric eyes pop, and thin eyeliner enlarged their size even more.

James was in his room that he had shared with the groomsmen, his tuxedo only partially on, glasses laying carelessly on the table, and head in his hands. "I'm getting married…I'm getting married…I can't believe it…" he muttered into his palms. "It's alright," his best man, Sirius consoled him. "It happens to the best of us." He himself was engaged to the maid of honor, and were to be wed in a few months' time. James began pacing and it wasn't until Sirius and Peter dragged him out the door that he stopped.

The guest list had been somewhat short, and the venue had not been decorated too extravagantly, but the couple would not have had it any other way. It was outside, underneath the canopy of tall oak trees. There were bouquets of flowers all over, full of flowers that complemented the crimson, ginger, and yellow leaves. The bridesmaids wore cream knee length dresses with a deep red sash. The groomsmen's ties matched their sashes, and the party all looked their best. James stood waiting for his bride with a big smile stretched across his face. The violinist began to play Mendelsohn's wedding march, and all the heads turned around to see Lily.

She was hanging on to Remus's arm; she had asked him to walk her down the aisle almost immediately after James proposed, since her own father had passed away. He was honored, and had agreed to accompany her immediately. James's smile grew even wider, if possible. The ladies whispered to each other about how beautiful she looked in her dress. Remus stopped before the altar, gave her brief kiss on the cheek, and whispered a few words of encouragement in her ear before heading over to the other groomsmen.

The reverend began the ceremony, inwardly feeling glad that he was doing Lily's wedding right after her parents funeral, and happy for the change of mood. He was glad that she had been able to find happiness after their deaths. When he finally uttered the words "You may kiss the bride" James dove in and locked lips with his bride. She smiled into it, as did he, enjoying the cheers from their guests—the loudest of which was, unsurprisingly, from Sirius.

They rushed to take pictures, none of the smiles having to be forced but from genuine happiness. They danced the reception away, and couldn't be happier despite the blisters covering their feet from dancing in such uncomfortable shoes.

It was understandably the best day of Lily Evans—excuse me, Potter—and James Potter's lives, and promised a wonderful married life to come. They were, quite simply, perfect for each other.

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