"I'm-" Before I could finish, a large white wolf stood in the doorway, his eyes glowing with malice.

The large white wolf threw himself at me, his lips pulled back to reveal his sharp teeth. I ducked under the beast, swearing to myself as I did. He charged at me again, but this time, I held my ground. My fingers tightened around the fur as I squeezed the wolf's neck hard enough to snap it. The large wolf fell limp in my arms. I dropped him to the ground and was met by Edward's loving embrace. He covered my body protectively. The wolf had shredded the sheet to pieces, leaving me bare. If I was human, I would have blushed pure red. Emmett took off his extra large t-shirt and threw it to Edward. I smiled at him thankfully.

"So, what the hell happened here?" Emmett asked, poking the wolf with a coat hanger. Rosalie slapped his hand, taking the coat hanger from him. Emmett pouted like a child.

"I don't have the slightest clue of who this wolf is. He doesn't belong to the pack." I said, examining the wolf over. I'd never seen it on La Push at all till now.

"What do you think Sam will say?" Carlisle pondered, staring off in the direction of Sam's shack.

"Well, the wolf tried attacking Bella first, so it would be self-defense." Alice smiled, knowingly. It was quite weird that she didn't see this coming.

"How did you not see this?" Edward asked, staring at Alice with an expecting look. Alice shrugged, dancing up the stairs and back to her and Jasper's room. I sighed, following her idea. Edward swooped me into his arms, taking me by surprise. I giggled, laying my head onto his chest.

"Leave you alone for not even a minute and the wolves descend." Edward smirked, placing a soft kiss on my cheek. I smiled at him as he set me onto the bed. "You should go ask Sam what to do about that beast on the floor." Edward chuckled.

"I think it would make a lovely decoration!" Emmett boomed. The loud smack was heard from Rosalie. Emmett went quiet after mumbling something about blonde vampires. I laughed, heading to the closet for some clothes to wear. I changed into an old pair of jeans and a red tank top, with old Converse tennis shoes. It was just an average plain look. Edward smiled that heart stopping smile at me.

"You look amazing." He murmured, coming to wrap his arms around my waist. I smiled softly at him, raising up on my tip toes to place a tender kiss on his lips. He kissed me one last time before I took off towards Emily and Sam's house.

The sun was barely peaking over the horizon while I let myself into their home. I silently creped up the stairs, avoiding the creaky one. I could hear a sound coming from Billy Jr's room. The door was slightly ajar, open enough for me to take a look inside. Curiosity is what killed the cat, maybe the vampire in this case.

"Uhhhhh-" Billy moaned out almost silently. The view inside his room shocked me. My innocent little Billy was masturbating. I dashed silently away from the door as fast as I could. I jumped onto Sam and Emily's bed, scaring the living daylights out of the sleeping couple.

"Bella! Holy hell, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Sam hollered, placing his hand over his thudding heart. I responded with a laugh. Emily wanted to slap me, but she knew she'd only be hurting herself.

"Well, what do we owe this surprise to?" She asked, her breathing finally returning to normal. Her eye lids were still half closed.

"A strange wolf appeared on my doorstep this morning," I explained. Sam and Emily's eyes both got wide. "Before he let me explain who I was and why I am here, he attacked me, so I had to kill him. Now there is a dead wolf on my doorstep and I have no clue what to do with it." I said, matter-of-factly. Sam rubbed his eyes with his palms, trying to wake himself up more to comprehend was I was telling him.

"For now, just burn the body and bury the ashes. We'll have to discuss this at the pack meeting tonight." I nodded, snuggling up between them. Sam groaned.

"Listen, Bella, I know you don't need to sleep and all, but we're human, and it's six in the morning, so if you don't mind." Emily said, tiredly. I laughed, kissing them both on the cheek before heading home. Emmett and Jasper had already taken the wolf and started to burn it. I rolled my eyes at the two hooting men and went to find Edward.

"Your not going to believe what I saw." I murmured as I climbed into his arms, snuggling myself close to him as possible. Edward smiled and gently stroked my hair.

"What was it love?" He asked, curiously. I shuddered remembering what I saw Billy doing.

"Billy was having one of his first experiences with masturbation." I said, grimacing as I did. Edward busted out into a fit of laughter. I looked at him with a serious expression.

"Billy?" He asked, trying to hold back his laughter. I nodded and Edward lost his cookies again. My expression was as serious as I could make it while I watched him. It took everything I had to hold back my own laughter. Edward looked at me, giving my cheek a light squeeze.

"It's not funny." With that, I lost my own cookies. The thought was just hilarious in itself. Billy wasn't even sure if he wanted to know what girl parts looked like yet, but he was beating his meat like he was right in front of one.

"Can't wait to see Sam's reaction to this one." Edward mused, laughing softly to himself. His arms wrapped tightly around me, pulling me closer to him. I smiled, nuzzling into his chest.

"He's going to be a handful once he enters the pack." I laughed, wrapping my arms around Edward's torso. Edward kissed my head.

"With his Auntie Bella, I'm pretty sure he won't get too out of hand." Edward murmured, inhaling my scent. I smiled up at the amazing man before me. He gave me his crooked grin in return. The look in his eyes could say it all.

"You are so amazing, Edward." His smile was tender, as was the kiss he shared with me. The sweet taste of his venom filled my mouth as I flicked my tongue along his bottom lip, asking for entry. He granted me my wish and our tongues got lost in the hopeless battle for dominance. Emmett's loud booming voice interrupted our magical moment.

"I just won tickets to a Mariners game!" Emmett squealed like a little girl. "You are all invited!" I groaned, flopping onto my back with exasperation.

"That vampire has more time then he knows what to do with it." I grumbled. Edward gave a soft laugh, laying on his stomach between my legs with his head resting on my stomach. I sighed, smiling down at the love of my existence.

"You're gorgeous." Edward whispered, a small smile sneaking its way onto his face. I couldn't help but smile back at him.

"You're still my own personal Greek God." I could hear Jasper snicker from downstairs. "Shut up, Midol!" I hollered. Jasper growled, but laughed. Edward shook his head at me. "What?" I asked, peering at him with half lidded eyes.

"There are no words that could possibly define my love for you, Bella." If I was human, my heart would be fluttering out of my chest. "You have me at a loss for words every time I look into your stunning, molten gold eyes."

"Now you know how I feel every time you glance at me." Edward let out a soft sigh, giving me one of my favorite looks on him. "Every single time I catch you looking at me, my dead heart bounces back to life and I feel as if I'm soaring." His eyes deepened with love as he crawled on top of me, entwining our hands together and pinning them above my head.

"You really don't have the slightest idea of what you do to me." He whispered, his soft lips leaving a trail of burning kisses down my neck. I groaned, arching my neck so he would have better access to my tingling flesh. He kissed me slowly, letting his lips linger on my neck, before finding another spot to kiss. "You make me ecstatic with pure joy." He whispered, kissing along my collarbone. I moaned out softly, my wrists fighting against the hold that pinned me down. Edward's lips brushed down from my collarbone onto parts of my exposed chest. "You drive me insane with just the slightest touch," His fingers trailed along my ribcage, making me arch into him with the burning desire inside of me. "With you, I feel so alive." He murmured, leaving a soft, wet kiss on my bust. My moan triggered Edward's growl.

"E-Edward," I moaned out, desperately pushing my body to his. "please." His eyes filled with a lustful playfulness.

"What love?" He asked, his voice sultry. The desire was building inside me like a raging fire. It was almost out of control. Edward's grip on my wrists loosened slightly, and I took advantage of it. Quickly, I flipped us over, so that I was on top of Edward, pinning his arms above his head. His face was surprised, but it wasn't nothing he didn't like. I brought my lips forcefully to his, kissing him with the building lust fire growing inside of me. His taste, his sweet scent, his rock hard body, and his tender touch were sending me into overdrive.

"I want you more than you'll ever know," I whispered, my breath trickling down his throat. Edward moaned softly, thrusting his hips up into mine. A small smirk played on my lips as his eyes glazed over with lust. I slowly ground my hips into him, the friction making us both moan.

"Take what you want then love. I'm not ever going to stop you." His voice was husky, full of desire and love. I moaned out while continuing grinding on him. His rock hard erection pressed on my throbbing core.

"C'mon you guys, the game is to-" Jasper hollered, throwing the door to our bedroom open. He stopped in his tracks, realizing what he just interrupted. "Oh my Carlisle! I'm sorry." He flustered. He reached into his pocket and threw a Trojan condom at us. "Uh, you two just continue." He mumbled, shutting the door quickly behind him. I growled, my eyes sending daggers at the door where Jasper just stood. Edward groaned, moving his hands to my hips.

"Every single time, huh?" I asked, looking at the lustful man. Edward groaned in frustration as the door swung open again. Emmett raced in, grabbing me off of Edward and rushing downstairs. He was running at vampire speed.

"C'mon, get your little vampire ass in the car. I'm not missing my baseball game cause of your's and Eddie's sexual frustrations." Emmett exclaimed, throwing me in the back of the jeep. Edward was on Emmett's back before I could even realize, choking him.

"Dammit Emmett!" He growled, while playfully wrestling with his brother. Emmett just threw Edward into the back of the jeep with me. Edward growled in protest.

"Oh shut the fuck up, Eddie." Emmett laughed, "You can get your dick wet later, but now we gotta go see some Mariner ball!" He was as excited as a child on Christmas. Edward growled at the pet name Emmett had gave him. I placed my hand on his shoulder, calling his attention to me. His eyes lightened and he smiled softly. Rosalie took off speeding down the roads of La Push. Alice was behind us in her Porsche.

"Where the hell did you get baseball tickets anyway, Em?" I asked, laying my head on Edward's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling me in closer to him.

"I won them on the radio, thank you very much." Emmett stated, matter-of-factly. I rolled my eyes at the burly vampire.

"You'd figure with all the money you guys have build up, you'd just buy them. What's the point in calling the radio station?" I asked, curious to see Emmett's logic on this one.

"I wanted to be on the radio." He shrugged. Rosalie looked at him with adoration in her eyes.

"Then, why don't you buy a radio station?" I pushed on. Emmett shrieked like a little girl.

"Esme won't let me!" He wailed, crossing his arms over his chest with a pout. Laughter escaped all of us in the jeep.

"I don't even want to know why." I laughed, entwining Edward's hand with my own. The rest of the ride to the baseball field was quiet. Edward's breathing was gentle as he fidgeted with my wedding ring. It was natural for all of us to breathe, even though it wasn't a necessity. Emmett's cell phone started going off.

I'm a shopaholic,

better take away my wallet

Nothin in ma pocket

and I'm out on a roll

I'm a shopaholic

better take away my wallet

Pockets got nothin'

and I'm outta control!

We all laughed, knowing it was Alice. "What, Alice?" Emmett asked into the phone. I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't hear what Alice had to say. "I'm going to do it regardless." Emmett laughed before shutting his phone.

"What was that about?" I whispered into Edward's ear. Edward smiled down at me softly.

"Emmett's just going to do something stupid, like usual." He murmured. I let out a soft giggle.

"When isn't he doing something stupid?" I mused, looking at the bear sized vampire in the passenger seat.

"Hey! I resent that!" Emmett complained. Rosalie laughed softly, taking his large hand in her own and soothing her mate. Before I knew it, we were parked at the field and heading towards the entrance.

We called a lot of attention to ourselves just by looking the way we do. Girls swooned over the men while guys drooled over us. The rest of the family walked ahead. Emmett had said something about buying a souvenir before the game. Edward wrapped his arm protectively around my waist, pulling me close to him. His face showed a grimace.

"What's wrong?" I asked, my entire being filling with concern for him. Edward breathed deeply, closing his eyes for a moment.

"If you could only hear what they are thinking," His voice laced with malice as he looked up towards a group of men. They looked to be in their mid-twenties. "The skinny one is picturing himself all over you, doing vile things-" Edward was getting angry fast. I stopped him from walking further, pulling his chin to look at me. His eyes were turning a dark gold, with the edges hinting black.

"Don't worry about them, Edward. I'm yours, and only yours. If they want to think something, then they can think something about this." I whispered to him before jumping onto him God like body. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, crashing my lips to his. Edward was taken by shock, but that didn't stop him from slipping his tongue in my mouth. The kiss didn't last long, but it was long enough to send a message through. I went to get off of Edward, but his hands on my bottom, pulling me back closer to him stopped me.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked, a mischievous look in his eye. I giggled, my arousal increasing. Edward could sense it too.

"Right here in your arms." His smile was huge, as he carried me to the rest of the family. He was sure to sent a death glare to the group of men. Alice was beaming when we reached the family.

"Bella, you have become so much more bubbly!" She squealed. I laughed giving her a small smile.

"Not so much of a klutz anymore either." Emmett teased, holding a giant foam finger. I laughed at my brother. Edward had set me down and sat in his seat. Before I could sit down, he pulled me on his lap. I smiled at him.

"I have got to be the luckiest man alive." He whispered into my hair. I stroked his arm softly, leaning back on his chest.

"I'm the luckiest woman alive then." I could feel Edward's smile before I could even see it. Alice was in a fit of giggles. "What's wrong with her?" I whispered to Edward, staring at the pixie vampire strangely. Edward just let out a soft chuckle.

"Baseball games with our family are very interesting to say the least." His voice was full of mischief. I could only wonder what kind of shenanigans we'd be getting into today.

The game started just like any other baseball game would. Everyone rose for the national anthem and they started the first inning. One of the Mariner players had gotten hit with the ball and the referee didn't call it, causing a rise out of Emmett.

"Holy hell ref!" Emmett boomed, causing everyone around us to look. "Are you blind or something?" Emmett was hollering so loud that even the referee could hear him. The ref gave Emmett the finger, making Emmett growl. Rose put her hand on Emmett's shoulder, calming him down.

"Is he always dramatic with his baseball?" I asked, giggling at my brother. Edward let out a soft laugh, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"It gets worse." I groaned internally.

By the ninth inning, Emmett was thoroughly pissed at the referee. The ref had missed three bad throws and called two Mariners out when they clearly made it to the base safely. The Mariners were still winning, and they were at bat. One of the players hit a hard home run, sending the ball flying towards us.

"Yes! This is mine!" Emmett cheered loudly, jumping on his chair and waving his hands trying to call the ball to him. Alice snickered, obviously seeing something coming from this. Edward laughed. I looked at him to the answer.

"Just wait and see love." He murmured, kissing my cheek softly. Another large man was up in his seat in front of Emmett. The ball went straight towards his hand. A loud cry was emitted from Emmett as he leapt down by the man, snatching the ball and running down the stairs triumphantly. I laughed at the inner child in Emmett.

"Hey asshole, give me back my ball!" The large man in front of Emmett yelled. Emmett stuck his tongue out at him like a little kid. The man was growing angry at Emmett.

"Don't you have any between your legs?" Emmett asked, mockingly while grabbing at his own crotch. I laughed. He was asking for it. If Emmett wasn't a vampire, and the odds were even, this guy might have a chance at kicking his ass. The man ran after Emmett, who was shaking his butt at his tauntingly.

"We're going to need to leave." Alice giggled, looking at the scene before her. The large man poured a soda on Emmett, then took a tray of nachos and poured them on him. Laughter erupted out of all of us. Emmett was shocked.

"How dare you!" He boomed, causing the man to step back. When he stepped back, he tripped on one of the stairs, and fell down the rest of them. My sides hurt from how hard I was laughing. Rosalie grabbed Emmett by his belt loop, pulling him towards the exit.

"Wow Em, you're cheesy." Jasper commented, trying to control his laughter. From all our emotions, it was nearly impossible for him. Emmett growled at him.

"Emmett, baby, I hate to say but you can't ride in the car if your covered in soda and cheese." Rose giggled, starting the jeep. Emmett gasped at her.

"You don't love me even when I'm covered with cheese?" He asked her, faking hurt. His eyes suddenly got very mischievous. Alice screamed with laughter, clutching onto Jasper for support. Before Rosalie could realize, Emmett was hugging her, rubbing all his cheesy goodness on her designer clothes. Rosalie screamed, squirming her way out of Emmett's grasp.

"I'm going to kill you!" She shrieked. Emmett was rolling on the floor with laughter. Edward and I shared a look and jumped up front in the jeep.

"Now neither of you can ride home, unless…" Edward trailed off. I giggled, already knowing what he was up to. Rosalie and Emmett both groaned.

The entire way home was pleasant for Edward and I. Rosalie and Emmett both rode, holding onto the top of Emmett's jeep. Edward purposely would hit rocks in the road, or drive in a ditch to make the ride all that more uncomfortable for them. Esme just shook her head at us when we got home.

"Don't think you guys are going to track cheese tracks in here. Wash up outside." She ordered, pointing to the hose near her garden. I giggled, leaning into Edward's embrace.

"How mad is she?" I asked quietly, laying my head on his shoulder. He sighed, looking at me with so much love and adoration.

"She's not. She just likes to use her ability as a mother." I grinned in the way Esme had gone. She really is a great mom. Carlisle is also a great dad. I loved having them as my replacement parents. Don't get me wrong, Renee and Charlie were great, but there is just something so comforting and welcoming about Esme and Carlisle.

"Billy Jr is coming." Edward murmured, bringing me back to earth from my thoughts. Almost as quickly as he told me, there was a knock at the front door.

"This is going to be awkward," I muttered as I ran to answer the door. I heard Edward's musical laugh as I opened the door. Billy Jr gleamed at me. His dark brown forest eyes smiled with joy.

"Hiya Auntie Bella!" He exclaimed. I pulled him into a soft embrace. Regardless of what I caught him doing, I still love him like my own son. I welcomed him in the house. "Hach ch'i (hello in Quileute) Edward!" He called, going and flopping down next to him. I smiled at the two.

"Billy, what do you want for your birthday?" Alice called excitedly from the kitchen. Billy smiled widely. He was turning 15 in two weeks. Usually a month after the 15th birthday is when they will turn into a wolf.

"You don't have to get me anything Alice. But I'm sure whatever you think of will be great." He called back to her, laughing as he did so. Alice giggled, dashing up the stairs, probably to her computer.

"How have you been, Billy?" Edward asked, beckoning for me to come sit with him. I smiled at him, and sat in the rocking chair. He pouted at me. I giggled and stuck my tongue out at him in response. Billy laughed and shook his head at us.

"I've been good. I'm just real excited to join the pack." He answered, grabbing the remote to the TV and making himself at home. I laughed, shaking my head at the teenager.

"Billy, just take it slow. Don't try and grow up too fast. Enjoy the young days while you got them." I said, softly. I don't want to see him waste his life away and try to grow up too fast. It is exactly what I did. I threw myself into being an adult too young. I never truly got to enjoy my teenage years. Billy rolled his eyes.

"Yea, yea Auntie Bella. I just want to be a wolf." Billy muttered, turning the channel on the TV. I sighed, obviously seeing that he wasn't going to listen to me.

"Billy, you really should listen to Bella. She is very intelligent." Edward mused, his eyes filling concern for me. I smiled at him softly. Billy was getting annoyed. I could feel his temperature increasing.

"Edward, just stay out of it." He muttered. Edward rolled his eyes, getting off of the couch and heading upstairs. I sighed, watching him as his feet disappeared from the top step. He put himself out of this situation. "I don't know what crawled up his ass and died." Billy was starting to get on my nerves also.

"What's gotten into you?" I asked, staring at my godson. Billy just rolled his eyes, throwing the remote down and heading for the door. I beat him to it, standing in his way. "Billy, seriously, what is your damage lately. We are all just trying to look out for you and be there, and your pushing us away."

"I don't need to be treated like I'm a little kid. I'm almost 15. I can make my own decisions. You aren't even alive anyways, so how can you know the difference between living life and being soulless?" Billy snapped, trying to find a way past me. My heart sunk to my feet. I can't believe my sweet, innocent, little Billy is turning into something he's not. "Can you move please?" He threw his hands in the air, exasperated. I got out of the way and Billy dashed past me, running all the way back to his house. I sighed, walking to the kitchen and sitting on one of the wooden barstools. Esme was humming softly, washing dishes in the sink.

"It's just a phase, Bella." She hummed, knowingly. I sighed, laying my head on the counter.

"Well it sure as hell is an annoying phase." I muttered. Esme's soft laugh fill the kitchen.

"Sweetie, I'm sure if you ask Renee, she'll tell you that you were the same way at 14." I laughed. At 14, I was already acting like I was 30.

"No, I wasn't impulsive and arrogant." Esme came and wrapped her motherly arm around my shoulders. I've always been able to talk to Esme about anything and everything. "It just upsets me that he was so innocent and he had such big aspirations for life, and now he's just focused on being a wolf and running with the pack." I sighed, laying my head on Esme's shoulder. "He should be focusing on high school, his friends, and being a kid. His main concern shouldn't be running in the pack."

"I understand that when they turn into a wolf, many things change and you can't just enjoy life like how you did before." Esme murmured softly. I nodded. I've watched plenty of the boys go through the change.

"There is a lot of responsibility that comes with it." Esme nodded. My dead heart has never felt so heavy. "I just want the best for him."

"I know sweetie, I know." She hummed, kissing my head softly. "We all do. Billy is going to make his fair share of mistakes. It comes with growing up. All you can do is be there for him while he grows up and just show him that you are always there for him." I hugged Esme tightly, taking her by surprise. She laughed and hugged me back.

"You're so smart, Esme." I smiled. She smiled back at me.

"I wasn't born with it." She laughed lightly. "I've had to have experiences to gain wisdom." She left me to chew over on that. The kitchen grew quiet. It was just my thoughts and I. I laughed lightly thinking back on when I was 14. I guess I was a little impulsive and arrogant. I kept laughing as I grabbed the stereo, picking up the old CD as I walked over to Sam and Emily's. I pushed play on the CD, and got ready to sing along.

Baby come back;

any kind of fool could see

There was something in everything about you

Baby come back;

you can blame it all on me

I was wrong, and I just can't live without you

Emily looked through the window, a humorous smirk playing on her face. Billy opened the door. He was clutching his stomach laughing. I smiled at him and beckoned him over to me. I wrapped my arms around the teenage boy.

"I'm sorry, Squirt. I just want the best for you. I don't want to see you waste your teenage years away like I did." I whispered into his hair, holding him close. Billy laughed, pulling back and giving me a lopsided grin.

"Don't worry bout it." He grinned. I smiled at him. "I'm not that big of a knucklehead." He laughed. I laughed along with him.

"No, your not. Your pretty smart. You get that from your mom. Don't tell your dad I said that." I teased, giving Sam a playful look from outside. He was looking out the window with Emily. He just flipped me off and shut the curtains. Billy laughed.

"I'm even going to hang out with a few friends from school just to satisfy you." He teased, giving me a light shove, but moving himself in the motion. I laughed, nodding with approval.

"Good, you need it." He smirked. "Let's go do something." He looked at me puzzled.

"Like what?" I shrugged, pulling my car keys out of my pocket. "Can I drive at least?" He asked, his voice laced with hopefulness.

"Hell no!" We both laughed at that and got in my car. I started driving off towards Port Angles. Billy flipped on the radio to some country station.

She was staring out that window, of that SUV
Complaining, saying I can't wait to turn 18
She said I'll make my own money, and I'll make my own rules
Mamma put the car in park out there in front of the school
Then she kissed her head and said I was just like you

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

Before she knows it she's a brand new bride
In a one-bedroom apartment, and her daddy stops by
He tells her It's a nice place
She says It'll do for now
Starts talking about babies and buying a house
Daddy shakes his head and says Baby just slow down

'Cause You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

Five years later there's a plumber workin' on the water heater
Dog's barkin', phone's ringin'
One kid's cryin', one kid's screamin'
She keeps apologizin'
He says they don't bother me
I've got 2 babies of my own
One's 36, one's 23
Huh, it's hard to believe

But you're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this
You're gonna miss this
Yeah, you're gonna miss this

I smiled at Billy. "It's true ya know, you will miss this once you grow old." He laughed.

"What's there to miss?" He asked, staring out the window. I sighed. If only he knew how much he'd actually miss.

"Billy, I want you to do something for me." I turned to face him. He looked at me questioningly, but he didn't say anything. "When you get home, write down everything you do. Even if it's going to school, write it down. Write down all the careless stupid stuff you do."

"What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?" He asked, still pondering over what I said. I sighed.

"You'll see." He nodded. I pulled in and parked at Port Angles Mall.

"What are we doin here?" He asked, getting out of the car. I met him on his side of the car.

"I don't know. I got a lot of money. Let's spend some of it." His eyes lit up like it was Christmas. "Consider it the early birthday present from me."

"Well I ain't getting any younger, so let's get a move on it!" He laughed, grabbing my arm and dragging me into the mall. He led me to a sporting store first.

"What the hell would you want from in here?" I asked, looking at the sports clothes and exercise equipment. Billy took off towards the back of the store. I rolled my eyes at the impulsive teenager. I was looking at a pair of cute spandex shorts when Billy came back with a big box.

"I want this." He said. I could hardly see his face from the big box. I took it from him, spinning it around so that I could see the label. His eyes were huge as I looked back at him in disbelief.

"You know the guys are going to bring out their inner child on this thing, right?" I laughed, dragging it to the register, along with the spandex shorts. Billy laughed, nodding.

"It is gonna be like Christmas on La Push." He snickered, pulling the box to my car. We managed to shove it in the back seat. "Let's go to a few more stores." He suggested, his eyes full of excitement.

"Okay, you pick three more stores, and I'll pick three more." Billy nodded in agreement while leading the way to a video game store.

"Do you think Emmett would break a Wii if we got one?" He asked, looking at the gaming device. I shrugged from the bean bag chair I was in, playing Mario Karts. "Ah, what the hell, might as well." I laughed at him as he headed around picking out a few games for the Wii. We managed to check out of the store with the balance of $638.58.

"Squirt, you have two more stores to pick, so chose." Billy pondered, looking over the mall map. He took my arm and led me up to the next store. "Are you serious?" I groaned, looking at the sign of the store. Billy nodded with a wide smile plastered on his face.

"Hot Topic is awesome." He defended. We went inside the store. Billy had grabbed a couple posters and a shirt or two. He was rolling with laughter when I made my way over to him.

"What's so funny?" I wondered, looking at the shirt he clutched to him. His eyes were tear brimmed when he showed me the shirt. I busted out laughing.

"I have to get it." He snickered, looking at the shirt again. It was a plain black shirt that had "Vampires SUCK" plastered across the front in big red letters. I bought Billy over 200 dollars from Hot Topic. It wasn't a problem. I wasn't exactly running low on funds.

"Hurry up and pick your last store. I already have the ones I want to go to picked out." I pressured. Billy laughed at me, heading towards Toys R Us.

"I don't know why I chose this one." He mused, looking through board games. I giggled and snuck off. Not even a few minutes after I snuck off, I heard Billy hollering for me. When I jumped out at him, he nearly peed his pants laughing so hard. I had a Winnie the Pooh baseball cap on, with a stick horse between my legs.

"I look ridiculous." I muttered, laughing at myself. "I'm buying the hat, though." Billy just laughed at me, handing me the board games he chose.

"Your such a kid sometimes. I mean seriously, Winnie the Pooh? Isn't that for like five year olds?" Billy asked, rolling his eyes at me. I poked my tongue out at him.

"Don't hate on Winnie the Pooh. He's a badass." Billy just laughed. "Plus, there is nothing wrong with living a little. You don't have to grow up so fast, Squirt." I said, ruffling his hair as we headed out to my car once again to drop off the new purchases.

"C'mon, let's just get over with your stores." He mumbled, heading back towards the entrance. I knew I had hit a nerve with him. He's becoming so bipolar. It's a sign that the change is coming. I dragged Billy off to Victoria's Secret.

"Come on Billy!" I exclaimed, pulling him against his will to the store. He groaned, sitting in the chair by the dressing room while I ran through the store.

"Alice is going to be pissed at you for not inviting her." Billy mumbled angrily. "Why do I have to be here! This is so girly and gross." He complained, looking at his feet.

"Edward wouldn't complain." I muttered softly to myself. I didn't think Billy heard me. I picked over 300 dollars worth of lingerie, bras, and panties out from Victoria's Secret.

"What's the next store?" Billy asked. I ignored him and pulled him off towards Ami Club Wear. I have to admit, this store has way sexy outfits. It is where I buy all my clubbing clothes and lingerie usually. Billy whined and complained as he sat in the chair by the dressing room.

"I went to all your stores, you can bare with me through these." I told him, heading off to look at the clothes. He was being such a party pooper. I wasn't letting it get me down though. I found an adorable red satin mini dress that had a belt going across the midsection. I bought some things for Alice, Rosalie, Emily, Leah, Amanda, Esme, Frannie, Megan, Claire, Kelly, Beth, Jackie, and Renee. I didn't make it out of the store without spending over 500 dollars. Billy groaned as we headed out to the car to put the bags inside.

"Please don't tell me the next store is something as stupid as the first two?" He whined. It was really starting to unnerve me. I growled lowly in my throat.

"You want some cheese with that whine?" I offered, climbing in the car. Billy got in the passengers seat. "Fuck the third store." I muttered, turning the key in the ignition and peeling out of the mall. Billy could tell I was pissed off. He was quiet most of the way home.

"Auntie Bella,-" He started out, but I cut him off.

"You done being a whiney baby yet?" I asked, glaring at the road as I sped back towards La Push. I was pushing the car close to top speed. I could hear Billy swallow.

"Yes ma'am." He said quietly. I looked at him and some of the anger went away. I sighed loudly.

"Billy, it's just annoying how I'll do things for you, and you said you'd go to my stores with me, but you complained the entire time. You'd be pissed off if I would have done that to you." Billy was quiet. I knew he knew was wrong. "Squirt, you say you wanna grow up and be part of the pack. Well, a lot of the time, the pack has to do shit they don't want to. If they complain, your dad nearly has their balls. It's part of growing up, and at 14, you should know that." I sighed.

"I'm sorry." Billy whispered, looking out his window. I gave him a light shove, to show him it was okay. He lightened up a bit after that.

"Turn the radio on, kid. Don't be so scared. Remember, vampires suck!" He laughed along with me as he flipped the radio on. I could hear my phone going off.

Cause you're all I want,

You're all I need

You're everything, everything

You're all I want

your all I need

You're everything

I smiled answering the phone. "Hello love." I could almost see Edward's smile on the other end of the line. He chuckled softly.

"Emily is worried sick about Billy. Someone forgot to tell her that she was kidnapping her son." Edward laughed softly in his musical tone. I giggled, mentally cursing at myself.

"You told her right?" I asked him.

"Yes, love. I did. Now hurry home, I miss my wife." I smiled into my receiver.

"I'll be there shortly, baby." I hung up the phone and tossed in back into my purse. Billy was making a gagging sound. "Oh shut it, Billy." He laughed at me. "You won't be gagging when you imprint." He shut up after that.

"Know it all." He muttered under his breath. I laughed, slapping him upside the head softly.

"Yes I am." He stuck his tongue out at me like a little kid. "Ha-ha you have school tomorrow." I teased, poking my tongue out at him like the little kid. Billy groaned.

"Yeah, don't remind me." He sighed, laying his head against the window. I giggled to myself and he looked over at me. "What are you laughing about?"

"What would you do if I started teaching at your school?" Billy groaned, throwing his head back on the headrest. I busted out laughing. "Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch Billy. I won't." He breathed a breath of relief. I pulled up at Sam and Emily's house, sliding to a stop. I helped Billy unload all the stuff I got him.

"Can we set up-" He started to ask him, but I hushed him. I didn't want all the guys finding out about it just yet.

"We will after the pack meeting. I just got to make some adjustments." He laughed, rolling his eyes at me and taking his stuff inside. I smiled, getting back in the car and driving the short distance back to my home. Edward had my door open for me before I could even get my key out of the ignition.

"Bella!" Alice screamed, running outside and tackling me onto the ground. "You went to the mall and didn't take me?" She yelled, laughing as she did. I was laughing along with her. "At least you bought me something." She said happily, jumping off of me and dusting herself off. I rolled my eyes as she took her bags that I got her. Edward scooped me into his arms from the ground. I smiled and inhaled deeply. It felt so good just to be in his arms again. I was gone for at least 5 hours. That's a long miserable time to be away from Edward. The pack meeting wasn't for another 6 hours. He smiled, doing the same to me.

"I missed you my love." He whispered in my ear. I wrapped my arms around his neck, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Edward reluctantly set me down, picking up most of the bags I had bought. I had to carry only five bags inside. He dropped them down in our closet, taking the ones from me and tossing them to the closet also. He wrapped his arms around me tightly, pulling me to the bed.

"I love you, Edward." He smiled at me, kissing my neck softly. I moaned out quietly.

"I love you too." He murmured against my neck. My skin ached from where I desired to be kissed. Edward's lips were teasing along my collarbone, leaving soft, wet kisses to my neck.

"Edward, you're being such a tease." I whined, flipping so that I was on top of him. Edward's smirk was lustful. I greedily took his lips with my own. Our lips slid together in the mess of lust we were in. I sucked on his bottom lip, biting down softly on his delicate skin. Edward moaned out softly. Before either of us knew, clothes were surrounding the bed as the sexual frustration from the day was let out.

Later that night at the pack meeting

The fire was going high in the air. Embers were crackling as the wood continued to burn. It wasn't custom for Edward or the rest of the Cullen's to be at the pack meeting, but since it happened at their house, Sam was allowing it. Billy SR looked tired from his wheelchair close by the fire.

"This might mean war." Sam said, his eyes losing themselves in the fire. A collective silence fell upon the pack.

"If someone else comes, then we will find out. Till then, I think we should run patrols." I spoke up, looking to Sam to make sure I didn't overstep my boundaries. Sam nodded.

"Leah and Seth will run on Mondays. Quill and Jared will run on Tuesdays. Embry and Jacob will run on Wednesdays. Collin and Paul will run on Thursdays. Bella and I will run on Fridays. Saturday and Sunday nights are available for all of us to run." Sam declared, wrapping his arms tightly around Emily.

"What are the run times?" Jared asked, stretching from his position on a log.

"The times are split into 12 hours each. I don't care who runs at what time, it just has to be twelve hours." Sam answered Jared. I sighed. The runs usually last for two weeks till any new signs appear.

"What did the wolf look like?" Paul asked, scratching at his chest hair. I put the picture of the wolf into his mind. His eyes filled with realization. "It is someone from the Toronto pack. I ran into that guy a few years back on a run through Canada." Sam growled, clearly happy that we had a lead on these people.

"Are there many of them?" Emily spoke up softly. Paul nodded his head. Another collective silence fell upon us.

"There might be some blood shed. For the most of us at least." Sam gave a small smile at me. I rolled my eyes at his pathetic attempt at a joke. There wasn't much any of us could do except wait and hope for the best.

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