Yeah it's a new story but I am making it until I figure how to continue the other. Also, for Akatsuki fans, I started the next CotD chapter (the dog one) and edited up to chapter 7 of Kitten Curse. There will be no Ocs for this one.


It was a peaceful night in London. Besides a couple of night owls (1) and party people, everyone seemed warm and snug in their homes. There was no crime being committed and the air seemed warm and comforting. It had been a long time since the London air had been as peace as it was tonight; if only it was as peaceful in a certain home.

"No, Simon, for the last time we are going to leave Lisa out of this!" a 30 year old Mary Sheepered, formally Mary Van Helsing, said strictly, clearing wanting the subject to drop. Simon, Mary's husband, sighed in exhaustion.

"Mary, Lisa has a right to know. You know perfectly well that he will go after her if he ever got out. He did the exact same thing with; after all she has his blood just like you do. If Lisa knew the truth about that she could take our place as guardian of the vault when we die and she will be better prepared to protect herself." Simon tried to reason with his wife, who he was married with for six years. Mary chewed her bottom lip as her arms hugged her sides, hanging her head as she looked worried.

It had been eight years since Dracula had been killed by the sunlight.. Mary, with the help of Simon, returned the burnt body to the silver coffin, which had been found in the green house Dracula took Mary to when she was turned into a vampire (2).

Once the vampire was back where he had been for the last hundred years, Mary and Simon worked on making better traps and enhancing the security. Nether of them wanted a repeat of last time, seeing as it only led to death and kidnap. So, once making sure the new traps were in place and adding a blood sample lock, so only Mary and Simon could get in, the both left to let the vampire rot away to nothing.

Two years later Mary and Simon got married and had a baby girl a month later. Both Mary and Simon were terrified that Dracula would go after their daughter like he did with Mary. Their daughter had the blood of Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ and the first vampire. Like Mary Lisa was born with vampire blood. Even locked away Mary feared for her daughter; for years Dracula haunted her dreams so who's to say he wouldn't do it to her?

"Simon, Lisa is only six years old. It's not fair if we take her out of the world of make belief and fairy tails just yet. If you agree to allow her to have a normal childhood, I'll agree to tell her when she turns fifteen." Mary compromised, continuing to chew her bottom lip as her head turned to stair at the bedroom door belonging to her young daughter.

"Yes, Lisa deserves a normal childhood. I just hope he doesn't sense her like he did with you. I'd hate to have lie when she asks about those nightmares." Simon said with a sigh, brushing a hand through his short, dark, almost black, hair. "Alright, we will tell her when she turns fifteen." He agreed and they both smiled sadly. Startlingly, they both turned their heads when they heard a tried moan.

Standing in the door of the now opened room was a small six year old girl. Her light brown hair went below her shoulders and was a mess from sleeping on her. Her green eyes were sleepy looking and she was rubbing the left with her hand (3). The little girl was wearing a pink and blue mix night dress and was holding onto a white stuffed bunny with her free hand.

"Lisa? What are you doing out of bed? Did you have a nightmare?" Mary asked in panic, the idea of Dracula already getting to her frightening her like nothing else would. Instead the little girl just shook her head.

"No mommy. I just want some milk. Why do you look scared?" The little girl known as the six year old Lisa asked her mom with curious eyes. Mary just smiled tenderly as she knelled down to hug her daughter.

"It's nothing, hunny. Your daddy will go get you some milk and I will stay with you, alright?" Mary asked while Simon had already left to get the milk. Lisa smiled up at her mom and hugged her leg without dropping her bunny.

"I love you mommy." The girl said cutely, giggling while Mary nearly felt her heart break. Then and their she decided to do anything to protect Lisa, even if it would result in taking her own life.

The chapter is short since it isn't actually chapter 1 yet. Chapter 1 will take place in the furture but NOT at age 15 ;)

(1) By that I meant night people, now actually owls.

(2) I think it was a green house. That's what it looked like anyway

(3) Note that I tried finding things like eye color and couldn't see and I was too lazy to look too hard.