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~Two Years Later~

Dracula spied the Carfax Antique shop from a distance with three young beautiful woman know as his new brides at his side. With his advanced vampire eye sight, the vampire king could see perfectly into the young preteen's bedroom. The window to the girl's window was open, which allowed the vampire to see the girl that shared his blood, laying in her bed and using a lap light to read. Draco was smirking as his greenish blue eyes had a softness that not many people got to witnessed.

It had been two years since Dracula had last seen Mary's young daughter. Even though it killed his already dead heart the vampire knew he had to break contact with the child. That meant he didn't even so much as enter one of her dreams and he would continue to do so. The reason behind this had to do with Mary and Simon. He had to make sure that they didn't tell their daughter about him and to make sure he they did not, he kept out of Lisa's dreams to avoid her telling her parents about them. Luckily, Dracula had things that kept his mind occupied so time was going faster than he had hoped.

In the first month after his escape, Dracula had found a three story house big enough for himself, his brides, some human servants that he had hypnotized, Lisa when he would bring her to live with him and so much more room. The house was so big and had so much room to spare that the vampire king had turned the house basement into dungeon rooms. That is where he would keep his enemies and the humans that his brides wished to keep as pets until it was time to eat.

After a week of moving in and getting what he needed, Dracula had started the hunt for his brides. He didn't want to pick the first women he saw like he did with Solina and Victoria. No, he wanted to make sure they would last longer in battle and wouldn't be overly jealous of his chose for Lisa over them. Solina, Victoria and even Lucy, who was supposed to be Mary's best friend, seemed jealous when Dracula wanted her over them. They had taunted Mary out of jealously and probably made her fear worse. Dracula didn't want Lisa to fear him at all so he had to find brides that wouldn't dare do a thing to hurt or scare his beloved.

The oldest of the brides was a twenty five year old woman named Tammy Westerman, no relation to Lucy Westerman. She had long blond hair which grew wavy once bitten. Her eyes had been a light brown but now were a rich vampire, blood red. While human she had been a animal lover and a vegetarian, disliking to eat even tuna. At times Tammy would would go as far as start an angry rant about not eating meat when she saw other people eating beef. She was also a kind, friendly woman and, unless she started a rant about not eating meat, it was easy for her to make friends.

Now that Tammy was a vampire she was mean, cruel and sly. She would trick men into a back ally to make sure no one would see her feed off them. The only thing that seemed to stay the same about Tammy was her hatred for me and to feed from meat eaters; she had always explained it made the blood taste bad. So Tammy only drank from vegetarians like how she had once been one.

Dracula had spotted Tammy in the park one night while he was searching for something to eat. The woman had been sitting on a bench, throwing out berries and nuts for the owls that came to hunt in that area in hopes it'd save the life of some mice. Thinking that the woman was kind enough to do such a thing, he picked her as his first bride.

The second bride was a twenty two year old woman name Sarah Little. The woman had short curly red hair which had turned a orange-gold once bitten. Her eyes had been a green gray but, like Tammy, they mostly appeared vampire blood red. Also, although being younger than Tammy, Sarah happened to be the same height as the older woman.

While Sarah had been human she had seemed child friendly, as she babysat since she was thirteen years old. Yet, around that same age, Sarah had become a thief and a pretty good one at that. She had started out with taking small change when she was younger but would move on to bigger things like jewelry and even a mini van as she got older. Her stealing had gotten so bad that the police had gotten involved.

Even now that Sarah was a vampire she would steal things off the dead bodies of her victims. Also. like Tammy, Sarah was no longer as friendly as she once was; she might have even been a lot more evil than the older bride. Now, as a vampire, Sarah would crave the blood of young children from time to time but. Although, because of what happened over one hundred years ago, Dracula forbidden his brides from feeding off anyone younger than fifteen.

Dracula had met Sarah when he took Tammy out hunting. He and his bride had hid in a tree as they watched Sarah and a human male walk down the street. The vampire king had heard how Sarah was a babysitter loved by children and that instantly told him she would probably be good with Lisa. He also heard that Sarah was a popular thief but that didn't concern the vampire. As Dracula claimed Sarah as his second bride, he allowed Tammy to kill the male human that was with her.

The youngest of his brides was an eighteen year old girl named Ashlen Cook. She had long brown hair that seemed curly by nature. It didn't change too much once she had been bitten; at most it got more shinny. Ashlen had light blue eyes that had stayed that color even after she had been turned into a vampire; her eyes only turning blood red when getting blood thirsty.

While Ashlen had still been human, she was kind, friendly, loved to joke around, had a childish side and was a Christian. Ashlen came from a big family, which lead her to her love of children. She had three brothers, two younger, one older, and a handful of cousins. She loved her family to death and would even go against bikers to protect the people she loved. She was the bride that impressed Dracula the most.

When Dracula had found Ashlen, she had been walking her six year old cousin home. Thanks to his vampire sense of smell, Dracula easily figured out that, even though the boy may have been her cousin, the boy and the girl had no blood relation. Yet, because she shared a blood scent to her aunt, the vampire knew they were family (1). The vampire king was impressed how the girl defended the young child from the man in the car. He knew he had to have her as his third bride.

There was also something special about the girl, something in her blood that he could smell. It was something that Dracula never would have expected but something that made the vampire very happy. He knew by taking this girl as a bride he wasn't just gaining something also getting revenge in that the same time.

When the girl had been walking home, Dracula had told his brides to go hunting and made his move. He had thought that Ashlen would be a easy target seeing as most teenaged girls were looking for boyfriends. In his short time in the modern world, the vampire came to learn that girls today were a lot more sluttish than they were back in the eighteen hundreds. Using himself twelve years ago as an example, no mater where he went, there were woman that would stare at him. Though he was used to the staring, he could have gone without some of the perverted looks most had given him. Now a days girls he saw were out partying, doing drugs or having sex with random men.

Although, to his great surprise, Ashlen did not react like he had first thought she wound. Instead the teenager showed nervousness and fear when Dracula showed himself to her. She kept trying to get away from him until Dracula made it impossible by making her back up into a building wall. The vampire king was actually very impressed as it had been a very long time since a girl had been able to fight against him. Still, after burning his hand from yanking off a silver necklace, Dracula marked her as his third bride.

The vampire had thought that Ashlen would be a easy girl to make a bride. Through his short time in the modern world he had learned that most teenaged girls were looking for boyfriends. They ether wanted to go to parties, have sex and some teenagers as old as fourteen were having babies. Yet there was another reason Dracula had targeted the teenager. There was something in her blood that he never would have expected to but did not regret. Although, when Dracula approached Ashlen, he didn't expect the reaction that he had gotten out of her.

Now that Ashlen was a vampire she became a lot more quite, depressed and had a very bad temper. Her temper could be so bad at times that she would completely black out and wake up to dead bodies around her. Ashlen also rarely spoke to anyone unless someone was saying something interesting or she liked that person. Whenever she could, Ashlen would avoid her sisters and take to glaring at them.

Although, compared to the other two brides, Ashlen wasn't thought of as evil and she still thought of herself as a Christian. Although, because her body demanded it and she would die without it, Ashlen still had to drank human blood. Although the only people Ashlen drank from were the people she thought deserved to die; murders, robbers, rapist and more.

Another thing that impressed Dracula about Ashlen was how much free will she still had. Unlike the other two brides, the teenaged vampire refused to wear a skimpy dress and continued to wear anything she wished. Sarah and Tammy weren't too happy about it but Dracula didn't care; the brides had always choose to wear dress, he never made them. The young vampire didn't seem to take any notice in the two other brides. Dracula was impressed but not that surprised about her free will. After all he knew her little family secret and it made him glad to have her with him; even if she had not forgiven him for attacking her.

Continuing to stare up at Lisa's window, the vampire sighed in contentment. He could see how beautiful the young girl was becoming and she would only get more radiant as the years go by. It was getting harder for Dracula to stand in the dark and wait. The darker part of him would keep telling him to take her now but the more logic side of him reminded him he needed to wait. If he broke off contact for another three years, Mary and Simon would believe he had lost interest; hopefully.

Tammy and Sarah stood next to Dracula, their skimpy, sleeveless dresses blowing in the wind as Ashlen leaned back against a tree, wearing a hooded cloak and jeans. The two older of the vampire women were looking up at the same window as their master but with jealous eyes as Ashlen kept an eye out for human and possible hunters. All three of the brides knew that Dracula planed to make the young Sheepered girl his mate. While Ashlen cared more about the girl's safety, the other two female vampires had shown signs of jealousy.

It was a common side effect that appeared in most women that Dracula would bite. They had a physical, obsessive attraction to the male vampire, most of which Dracula didn't mind. It was because of this behavior that the vampire king was able to do as he wished with the women. He usually just kept the woman as right hand men, but he would often use the woman to satisfy his own needs, which gave them the title Bride (2). There were some cases that Dracula would even become protective of his brides, as he was with Solina when he found her in that precinct, concerned when the female vampire was being starved.

Ashlen was unlike the two older brides. Thanks to her free will she could remember perfectly well how the vampire had attacked her. She would have said that she hated him, but then she'd be lying to herself. There was a small part of her that actually felt sorry for the vampire. He had lived for so long with no one to love him back. Also, even if he found someone that shared his love, she wouldn't be immortal like he was. Although, even if Ashlen didn't completely hate him and felt sorry for him, she would never forgive him for taking away her human life.

"It wont be long now, my sweet." Dracula said in a soft whisper. Unnoticed to him, the eyes of Tammy and Sarah flashed darker red as Ashlen only glared at her sisters before she turned her head to the left.

"Someone's coming." Ashlen alerted the others. All three other vampires instantly turned their heads away from the Carfax Antique to see there was a hooded man walking in their direction.

"What a tasty little man." Tammy hissed with a lick of her lips. Sarah giggled and stood next to her sister.

"Very tasty." The younger woman agreed, licking her ruby red lips. Ashlen, her face hidden by the hood, glared at the others in disgust as Dracula held out his arm to keep the two brides back.

"Do not misjudge what you can not see. We are leaving." Dracula ordered as he spun around. The two brides looked upset but followed their master without a fight.

Ashlen stayed back a few seconds as she looked at the human that was obviously male. She frowned and her eyes softened in sadness. Tugging her hood so her head would sink deeper inside, Ashlen turned her back on her brother and followed the other vampires, silently thankful that Dracula spared his life.

(1) Actually in real life we are half cousins; my mother and sister have different fathers

(2) That is just something I thought of, I don't know if that is true of not

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