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The phone call had come at about 2:30 in the morning, right after I had walked Buffy home from a slightly eventful night of patrolling. I hadn't wanted to answer at first, but when I glanced down and saw the number, I knew that I had to talk to her.



I could pick out Cordelia Chase's voice from a crowd almost as easily as I could pick out Buffy's. I had known Cordelia ever since I was first transformed into the monster that I am today. A powerful witch, she had been using spells to elongate her life for centuries and it was she who had helped me after I had been cursed with a soul. When I had decided to go to Sunnydale to be closer to the new slayer, Cordelia and I had parted ways, but promised to call if either of us got into any trouble.

It was her phone call that had led me to rush to L.A. and leave Buffy behind in Sunnydale.

"Angel," Cordelia's voice was slightly relieved and yet had an undercurrent of worry running through it. "I need your help."

"What is it?"

"A demon," She had explained quickly. "He's been killing scores of people down here and I can't stop him. Angel, he's going to destroy this whole city unless you come and help me."

And so I had decided to go. I mean, I hadn't wanted to leave Buffy—I worried a lot when I was away from her—but I owed Cordelia so much for all the help she had given me over the centuries. Buffy had understood.

At least, I think she had understood. Buffy was upset that I was leaving and wouldn't let her come to help, but I'd like to think that she had realized that in the long run that this was for the best. Besides, she had Giles to look after her while I was gone so there was really no reason to worry. I would find this demon, end it, and then get back to Buffy.

I pulled into a small hotel and stepped out of my car and into the cool freshness of the night. L.A. had once been my old playground and coming back to it brought back some bitter memories for me. Cordelia was sitting at a small bench and stood as she saw me.

"Angel," She grinned and pulled me into a hug. "It's good to see you." As I pulled back, I took a good look at her. She hadn't changed much over the centuries –she still had her chestnut hair and her hazel eyes still sparkled like I remembered. She was dressed in dark jeans and a light pink shirt that complemented her rosy cheeks.

"Hey, Cordy," I greeted. "You've cut your hair."

"Ah," She blushed and touched it. "Do you like it?"

"It looks great on you." I told her honestly.

We walked into the hotel together and Cordelia we headed into her suite. Her expensive tastes hadn't changed either. I took a seat on a cream couch as Cordelia securely locked the door behind her.

"How's Bunny?" She asked.

"Buffy," I corrected.

"Right," She muttered. "Buffy."

"She's fine." I informed her.

"And you finally talked to her?" She questioned with an odd glint in her eyes.

"We're dating," I replied and Cordelia took a deep breath in. "Are you ok?"

"Fine," She replied curtly. "So, thanks for coming so fast."

"It was no problem," I told her congenially. "You're a great friend, Cordy. I owe you for so much."

She smiled at this and I couldn't help but grin a little. Cordelia was so kind and so open. She didn't judge me for the monster that I was. She didn't care about all the mistakes I had made as Angelus. She was a bit like Buffy in that respect, but the two were so different. I had a fierce need to be with and protect Buffy, while with Cordelia I felt an urge to be calm. Cordelia had a very calming and welcoming aura on people. She was one of my closest friends.

"This demon has been causing trouble for about three weeks—"

"And you waited this long to call me?" I asked. "Why?"

"I didn't want to bother you unless I had no other choice," She said firmly. "Besides, I thought I could handle it." I nodded and she handed me a newspaper. The title read "Three nursing home fires cause arson worries in the city" and I glanced at Cordelia oddly. Nursing homes? Why would a demon be interested in nursing homes?

"What does this mean?"

"The demon seems to have taken an interest in weak mortals," She explained quickly. "I don't know why, but his powers at magic excel mine." Cordelia explained with a small frown.

"How many?" I asked quietly.

"There have been 50 bodies in the past week that he's responsible for."

"Dammit," I cursed. "That many?"

"And it's getting worse," She started. "I'm worried that his killing sprees will only increase in number."

"And his next target?"

We heard the sound of a fire truck speed by outside.

"Sounds like a lead." Cordelia murmured.

"Let's go!" I ordered.

We both ran out the door and into the ever dark night, ready to find this mass murderer.

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