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Chapter Seven

Lust [luhst]-noun: 1) intense sexual desire or appetite.

2) uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite; lecherousness.

3) a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually followed by for): a lust for power.

Maka slipped her robe off as she quietly snuck into Soul's room. She didn't know what had overcame her, but the excitement building within her influenced her greatly; the lustful thoughts that flashed through her mind guided her through his crowded room straight toward his bed. Soul's face was content as he continued to sleep.

A quick glance at Soul's digital clock reminded her of the fact that it was barely past three in the morning, but Maka honestly didn't care; she was in here on a mission and by God was she going to complete it. She gently placed one knee on Soul's bed and swung her other onto the other side of his body. Excitement and fear filled Maka's mind as she leaned down to kiss her weapon.

It was chaste and quick, but it was enough to wake Soul a bit. Once Maka noticed his crimson eyes crack, she leaned down and kiss him once again. Soul groaned as the kiss began to become more passionate and heated. Maka smirked as she dragged her nails down Soul's bare chest; he must've chosen to sleep shirtless that night, which made Maka quite happy.

"Nng… Maka?"

"Yes Soul?" Maka replied, her voice dripping with purposeful seduction "Is there something wrong?"

When Soul opened his eyes fully for the first time, he noticed Maka's innocent face and lustful eyes. He smirked, his pearly shark-like teeth gleaming in the moon's light, "Oh, there's nothing wrong Maka."

He knew this game and he knew how to play. Soul didn't care that it was the middle of the night because he certainly wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

The way Soul said her name sent shivers throughout her body. Maka leaned back down to kiss her waiting boyfriend, who accepted it and fought back with equal tenacity. Soul's hands quickly made their way down Maka's lithe body, squeezing her pleasant bottom before snaking a hand under her night shirt. Maka broke the kiss so that her lover could pull her shirt off and so she could fling the covers off of him.

Soul began to fondle with her breasts as he attempted to take over, but Maka wasn't having any of that; it wasn't a part of her plans. She sat up, grabbed his wrists and pinned them above his head.

"We're playing by my rules tonight, Soul Eater, and that means I'm in charge. Got it?" It was more of a statement and demand than it was a question or plead.

Soul sighed as he resigned himself to his new role. A bit of domination from his meister every once in a while was welcomed.

Maka roughly kissed him, pushing her way into his moist cavern. Soul moaned at how forward Maka was being. This is new. Her hands didn't stay in their dominating for long as she let his wrists go and began her quick decent down Soul's body. She flicked at his nipples, dragged her nails down his abdomen and rubbed the top of his throbbing cock through his boxers.

Soul bucked at the touch. He wanted her bad and he couldn't help but try to get to the fun part as quickly as possible. Soul's hands ran down her body and began to pull on her panties. Maka slapped his hands away, a quick sign of no. Maka did slip his boxers off as she dragged her body down his. Her breasts rubbing against his skin made Soul cringe and moan.

She quickly kissed the tip of his cock before wrapping her right hand around him. Soul bucked as Maka began to pump her hand up and down his shaft. She made sure that she squeezed him in the right spots and teased just enough to get him ready.

Soul was anticipating her mouth to completely devour him, as usual, but Maka wasn't in the mood for foreplay tonight. Hell, he was lucky to have gotten what he did out of her.

Maka slid up to her knees and pulled her cotton panties down her long and muscular legs, falling onto her behind as she slowly pulled her legs out of each hole. Even though it was quite dark in his room, the light from the moon provided enough light for him to be able to see his girlfriend's beautiful body. Just as he was about to sit up, Maka pushed him back down and positioned herself atop his waiting cock.

Kneeling on her right knee and grasping him with her left hand, Maka teasingly rubbed Soul against her wet core. Soul groaned with anticipation as Maka continued her little ministrations. She then, suddenly, dropped herself onto him, impaling herself with him.

"Gahh!" Soul hissed at the surprise of entering her. She felt so utterly good. He grasped onto her hips and began to move her. Maka placed her hands on either side of Soul's head as she let him guide her.

He thrust into her a few times before Maka sat up, removed his hands from her hips and began to swirl her hips around in a constant circle. Placing her hands on Soul's chest, Maka began to slide herself along his shaft, letting him come almost fully out of her and then slamming him back inside of her. She let out a throaty groan as she continued the process. She did enjoy pleasuring the white haired teen a lot so seeing him close his eyes and attempt to hold back moans and groans of pleasure made Maka swell with success.

When Soul began to shake, Maka smiled. She achieved what she wanted, which was to pleasure Soul even if it meant not getting to her exploding point. Soul grasped onto her hips once again as he began to thrust into her as hard as he could while he rode out the waves of his powerful orgasm. When Soul calmed from his orgasm, he realized something was wrong; Maka hadn't reached hers even though she looked quite content after seeing him have his.

Maka tenderly lifted herself off of Soul and threw herself next to him. She looked over at him and smiled again. He's happy. She turned onto her side to snuggle against Soul and that's when he took his chance.

Flipping her over onto her stomach, Soul positioned himself at her entrance. Maka spluttered and quickly tried to flip back over.

"Soul, what're you fucking doing?"

Soul held her in place and prepped his cock for the impending activities. He pushed himself into her soaking pussy, "Giving you what you deserve."

Soul began to thrust into her as fast and as hard as possible. He noticed that Maka's moans were full of need and want and he knew that she needed this just as much as he did earlier.

"Fuck!" Maka shouted as Soul rammed into harder than before, all protests that she had before vanished.

Soul's hands slithered their way to her breasts and began to play with them. Maka squeaked as Soul pinched each nipple and rolled them between his pianist fingers. He then kissed the back of her neck and then her ear, "I wanna hear you say my name, Maka."

Just hearing his thick, heady and husky voice made Maka moan, but she knew that it wasn't what Soul wanted. He had this fetish for hearing her scream, but Maka was fine with it because she liked when he did the same for her too.

Maka was quickly beginning to reach her climax and Soul knew that. He abandoned her right breast and brought his hand down toward her heated and tight core. He began to fondle, squeeze and pinch her clitoris, which just added to the building pressure that was bubbling within Maka.

"SOUL!" Maka shouted as she threw her head back. She shouted his name again and again, mixing in other expletives in between. With each shout of his name, the harder Soul thrust into her and the harder it was for Maka to hold in her moans of pleasure.

Soul abandoned her left breast and wrapped his arm around her hips to keep her steady as he pounded into her. Maka's held fell as she felt the pressure topple over as her climax came. Soul's name left Maka's mouth in loud yelps.

Maka's body shook as Soul, too, reached his climax. The way she shook and moved and moaned made Soul go crazy. Damn, did he love this girl.

"Maka." Soul moaned breathily as he came down from his second release of that night. Maka's body slumped onto his bed as Soul fell beside her and pulled her to him. Soul hummed as he nuzzled her neck, "You're one hell of a girl, ya know that?"

Maka giggled in response, turning to face him and snuggled closer. She kissed his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his torso. "You're pretty amazing yourself, stud."

The nickname was an odd touch, but it didn't bother Soul. It was kind of sweet, in an uncool way that Soul had become accustomed too. He was only like this with Maka.

"I love you, Maka."

Maka brought her head out of his neck and smiled up into his eyes, "I love you too, Soul." She gave him one quick peck before snuggling back in and falling asleep.

Lust is a powerful emotion, but when felt in moderation; it can be a blessing instead of a sin.

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