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The nations sat around the long table at yet another world meeting. All had their laptops out; the responsible nations were taking notes as each listened to Germany give a speech on the world's economy. Some like America though, were playing ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK! (the author of this story is soooo jealous right now D:) Others, like Spain was pitching Romano's cheeks with joy. That is, until Romano pushed the Spaniard off his chair. France was harassing all the nations closest to him, hohoho. Greece was sleeping carefree next to Japan. In turn, Japan was trying to wake him up. Greece was using Japan's shoulder as a pillow and the nation felt quite uncomfortable (Hungary took photos of the fluff). Prussia had magically gotten into the room, because no force could stop the former awesome nation!

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!" Hungary squeaked as she saw her laptop. She couldn't believe so many people commented and favorited her story. Austria, who was sitting right beside her, looked irritated with the girl.

"Hungary could you please be quiet! We're trying to conduct a meeting here," said the Austrian.

"Sorry, but I just can't believe this many people loved my fanfiction!" He gave her a confused look, wondering what she meant. She took the hint. "I posted a story online and a lot of people read it and loved it!" she squealed once again.

Austria was going to tell her to pay attention, but he was curious as to what she was talking. "What's fanfiction?"

"Where yaoi obsessed fans post stories online."


"Will you two stop talking!" yelled Germany.

"Sorry," Hungary rubbed the back of her head. "Austria just wanted to know what fanfiction was."

Italy jumped from his seat, always like a child with the need to learn new things. "What's that?"

"It's where people post stories online about anime, books, movies and other stuff. Especially yoai!" Squealed Hungary.

"Oh, oh, oh," Italy raised his hand. "Can I read a story. It'd be much better than Germany's boring speech."

"Hey!" Complained Germany.

"Sure, just give me a sec, I'll send you an email with the link."

Romano, who sat next to him, looked at his brother's computer. The people who wrote these stories must be sorry saps, he thought. He typed in name of the site, intending to laugh at how people with no lives spent their lonely days! He checked the categories, and by this time, the meeting had resumed. He saw the categories: Books, Anime/Manga, Music, etc. He clicked on the Anime/Manga; didn't people who liked that stuff always cosplay them? What losers! He'd seen his brother go with Japan and America to those AnimeCons. His brother was such a pussy! I mean, who the hell wants to dress up in a tight-


Everyone stared at the southern Italian brother.

"Roma! What's the matter?" Asked Spain with big eyes.


Romano head budded the country of passion. Spain flew across the room and hit the wall.

"Romano!" Whined his brother. "Why'd you hit big brother Spain all the way across the room?"

"BECAUSE THAT TOMATO FUCKER DESERVES IT! WHAT THE HELL YOU LOSER!" Romano directed his attention to Spain, who was trying to balance himself against the wall. "I KNEW YOU WERE A LOW LIFE, BUT WHY THE HELL KIND OF IMAGINATION DO YOU HAVE YOU PERVERT! BASTARD!" And with that, Romano charged towards Spain.

Italy jumped on his brother's back and tried to stop him. He wrapped his legs and arms around his brother tightly. "Remember the hug therapy brother! Ve~"


Germany grunted, can't they get through a world meeting peacefully for once? He ran over and tried to help Italy restrain his brother, Austria came over to help.


By this time, Spain had composed himself and America had scored a new high score on Robot Unicorn Attack! FUCK YEAH!


Spain put up his hands. "Romano, please, tell me what I did wrong!"

"You know full well what you did!" Romano said with a red face.

"No I don't!" Pleaded the Spaniard once more.

"Then explain that!" Romano pointed at his laptop.

The laptop was opened to the fanfiction website:

Anime/Manga - Hetalia - Axis Powers stories

Then comes the first story listed...

1. Tomatos by SpanishTomatoLover69
"It got easier and easier to get him in bed each time. 'Oh my god!' I could feel him under me, as our skin flared and I took him. I loved it when Romano would submitted to me, his ass was all mine!" When Spain goes to visit Romano, he always brings tomatoes. Though, they're not just for eating ;D *wink wink*
Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,969 - Reviews: 69 - Published: 3/13/11 - Spain & S. Italy/Romano


Spain was at a loss for words.

"So you finally got the Italian into bed, non? Oh, I'd love to read how it went mon ami~" France said as he took Romano's laptop and clicked on the story.

"Don't you dare FUCKERFACE!"

"Are you trying to imply something we could do?" France said with a wink.

Romano broke loose of the hold three nations had on him. He began to beat the French nation, but that didn't stop France from groping his ass some how. Spain pulled Romano away from France.

"Don't touch Romano!" Spain screeched. "He's not yours!"

Too bad this backfired on Spain as Romano headbutted him once again. He turned his attention away from France to beat Spain instead.

"Beat that Canada!" the American screamed at his brother. Canada shook a little.

"Good job America," he said rather shyly and with a small smile.

"HAHAHAAAA! I am the hero after all!" He sat down and looked at Canada's laptop. "So what was your score!"

"Um," Canada started as he poked his index fingers together nervously. "I-I um was playing something else."

"What the hell Canada!" whined America.

Canada smiled hesitantly. "I was playing 5 minutes to kill yourself."

America looked at the screen of Canada's laptop. HELL NO!

"Canada, what the hell! You beat my high score on that!"

"Heh, ehhhh...I only play that game when I'm with you..." Mumbled Canada.

"Dude speak up!" America demanded, still angry at his brother.

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