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A/N: It is Inu Yasha's and Kagome's wedding night, but unbeknownst to anyone…a tragedy will soon befall…and Sango is that tragedy…and for the record this is in Sango's POV…Please read and review, and let me know what you think.


Teardrops in the Rain
by yodaihiro
on 6.14.05

This night I lament someone lost
A secret that came with great cost
No stars shine in the black sky
Unlike the bright world in her eyes
I don't know where the moon went
But I do know she's heaven sent
The darkness seems to have no end
While she only wants me as a friend
The night's like a horrid beast
As my heart's so green with jealousy
The branches break in the furious storm
My fire grows cold for I need her warmth
The wind howls and groans at its best
That thief doesn't know how he's blessed
The leaves shiver in the storms wake
I suddenly feel my heart break
Thunder booms in the distance
I can't believe I gave up my last chance
Lightning flashes before my eyes
My raven haired angel was never mine
The heavens fill with Kami's rage
A deal with Fate I must wage
This night my life will go
My blood will seep my woe
The lack of stars I dismiss
For nothing matters without her kiss
The moon hides its smile in shame
My last tear drops in a bloody rain

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