A/N: Hey guys thanks so much for the support for 'I Just Want You To Know Who I Am.' This Glee hiatus is killing me, so I decided to write some more Sam and Quinn fics. It's set end of their senior year to college (I don't know if I'm adding post-college yet), and this is just the prologue to the one-shot. Sorry if it's really short, I promise to make the next one longer! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

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They never really get it together after the whole Finn and Santana fiasco (it's ironic, she thinks, that now those two are dating after Santana realized that Brittany would always be her soulmate, but she was in love with boys too.)

She does (surprisingly) become best friends with Rachel Berry though.

Rachel had finally caught on about the reason for the mean glares and the bitchy verbal takedowns; she was scared. Scared of not being accepted into a good college, scared about never finding a good job, scared about being a Lima loser stuck in Ohio forever.

Rachel had forgiven her for the past though and kindly supported her dreams to leave Lima.

They became close and discovered they shared many common interests. (They both loved Ashton Kutcher in That 70's Show. They both rooted for the 'NJBC' to end up together in Gossip Girl. They both loved animals too much to eat them. And they both had an obsession with shiny religious necklaces, Rachel the Jewish Star of David, and her the Christian cross.)

And now they were both heading to New York together, Rachel at Juilliard and her at NYU.

She's finally starting anew in New York, leaving behind the painful memories of Lima. The lying to her first love by becoming pregnant with his best friend's baby, the giving away of that baby, the disowning by her father, and the losing of a boy she never really stopped loving.

He tries to keep his senior year drama-free. He had enough excitement during his junior year at McKinley, and he thought that one year was enough.

He bonded with Puck because Coach had sent them both to football camp over the summer. He was going to be the running back (since he was so fast nobody ever caught him during practice) and needed to learn the tricks to the position.

The whole beginning half of the year the girls called them the Ab-tastic Duo and walked the McKinley halls as 'teenage dreams' (Kurt's words).

He also forgave Finn because when you spend all of your Thanksgiving break playing Mario Kart at the Puckerman house, you tend to forget past wrongs and move on. (So then they become the SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot Boys, according to Blaine.)

He applied to mostly football schools like USC, Notre Dame, Texas, and of course, Ohio State. He got accepted into all of them except for Notre Dame. USC was the only one who gave him a football scholarship though, so he's headed to California next year.

Finn's going with him because after Coach Beiste came to McKinley, the dude's become one of the best high school quarterbacks in the country. USC offered Puck a scholarship too, but was wait listed because of his grades and criminal record. So after straightening his act and having Rachel tutor him in his classes, he got in, and their trio's headed west now.

He knows Puck wants to go to USC 'to get the fuck out of Lima' and Finn just wants to see 'if the west coast is really gold,' but he doesn't really know the reason why he picked Los Angeles. He thinks it's to be as far away as possible from a certain girl going east (but he's not totally sure), so he just tells people it's because he wants to fit in with his surfer hair and washboard abs.