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Team Kakashi was just returning from a mission. Izumo had been watching for them and now ran to them as they approached.

"Tsunade-sama needs to see you four immediately."

The fact Izumo couldn't wait until they were at the gates spurred them on and they ran to the Hokage Tower. They leapt in through her windows rather than waste time with the door.

"Two teams with genin were working together and were captured. Find them and bring them back. Here's the details. Get going." Tsunade tossed a scroll to Kakashi.

Shizune held up a fresh pack of supplies that Sasuke snatched as they flew back out the window.


The two genin teams were on a mission to get them used to working with other teams. It was a legitimate C rank mission to deliver a package in the western part of the Fire Country, about a day's run from Konoha. The four experienced shinobi would make it in less than that.

They found a large temporary base of shinobi from one of the smaller nations. They'd constructed a good sized above-ground base in the middle of the forest. There were sentries everywhere and torches planted to illuminate the grounds. They counted at least thirty shinobi. That they could see. This was a serious scouting team.

Naruto concentrated his Senjutsu. "They're alive, all eight of them. There are about fifty enemy shinobi."

Kakashi considered. "There's too many and we need to alert Konoha of the threat. We're retreating."


Three heads whirled around to look at Sasuke who didn't look at all perturbed.

"It's suicide," Kakashi said. "None of us stand a chance against a force that large. Even with our specialized jutsu, they will kill the hostages before we can wipe out the enemy. We need reinforcements."

"I can sneak in there and come out alive with the hostages," Sasuke argued.

"I said no; we're retreating."

"Susanoo. And for that matter, Naruto's tailed friend could survive this and get in there quick."

"Sasuke, that's an order."

"I'm not leaving them. I'm going in alone and I'll come out with the hostages. I'll kill any who get in my way."

"You're too reckless." Kakashi never would have imagined he'd say that about Sasuke. "There's too many of them. We can kill them, but we'll get the hostages killed. They will be kept alive as long the enemy believes they can get information from them. We have time to get reinforcements out here."

"They'll start killing the genin to get the Jounin to talk. I won't let you repeat your father's mistake."

Naruto and Sakura never saw Kakashi look this angry. Kakashi would have slapped his lover if Sasuke hadn't used Kakashi's angry stare to use a genjutsu on him. Kakashi collapsed. Sasuke turned to Naruto.

"I'm going in. He'll wake up in five minutes. Send the intelligence to Konoha." Sasuke summoned a small hawk. "Give me a maximum of six hours. If they start swarming the area, just run. Be ready to head back to Konoha when I come out with the hostages."

"I can't believe you attacked Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said.

"He's blinded by the need to protect us."

"Come off it," Sakura said, "you mean protect you."

"Whatever. I'm going in; keep Kakashi from coming after me."

Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm. "Let me back you up with my cloak."

"No, this calls for stealth. Once I have the hostages and if I need help, by all means, jump in."

Sasuke leaped away. Kakashi did wake up a few minutes later after Sakura sent the hawk with the message. He looked around. "Where's Sasuke?"

"He went in alone," Naruto said.

"You let him?!"

"Well, after you were knocked out, he was the only one with a plan."

Kakashi got up to follow. Naruto stopped him.

"He's been gone for several minutes," Sakura said. "He told us to leave if they're alerted to our presence."

They waited for over an hour before they heard yelling. At first it was a call to arms, but then it turned to screams.

"I think he's finished," Naruto said.

Sasuke, wrapped in Susanoo, ran out of the base. Sasuke was carrying one genin on his back with Susanoo carrying others in his spectral hands and the two adults were running beside him within Susanoo's cloak. Sasuke stopped near the rest of his team and released Susanoo.

"I've got clones wreaking havoc, let's get out of here."

The other three shouldered the hostages and they ran. Kakashi didn't miss the look of intense pain on Sasuke's face as he made the first leap into the trees.

They were being perused. Sasuke stopped and the others stopped as well. "Run," he said as he gave the thirteen year old girl he carried to her sensei. "All of you, run." Sasuke turned and drew his sword. Kakashi hesitated a moment, but then he leapt away with the others following.

Sasuke stood there waiting. The enemy shinobi approached.


Kakashi's heart was heavy and felt like it was splitting. There had been more than dozen shinobi following them. Sasuke was in pain from Susanoo and had already expended a lot of chakra. Sasuke may be dying to buy them time.

They had to stop and treat the injured among the hostages and to rest for a moment. Kakashi gave a hand sign and they all descended to the forest floor. Two of the genin and one of the Jounin were injured. Kakashi couldn't stop thinking of Sasuke. With four of them carrying six children and one injured Jounin limping along side them, they couldn't wait or go back for Sasuke. Kakashi took up his two genin, Naruto his two, Sakura and the healthy Jounin theirs and they took off again for Konoha.

Team Kakashi finally arrived in Konoha in the morning light and ran straight for the hospital. Kakashi was headed back toward the village gates as soon as he handed his two charges to the nurses. He was going after Sasuke, either to rescue him or bring back his corpse. Naruto ran after him.

They didn't make it quarter of mile before they saw a figure approaching. Sasuke was bloody and staggering, but he was in one piece, yet he had his sword out to use as a cane every once in a while. He even had a enemy flung over his shoulder.

Kakashi was equally relieved and pissed the fuck off. Once he knew the little bastard was alive, he allowed himself to be angry about being disobeyed, Sharinganed, and Sasuke saying what he did about his father, especially in front of Naruto and Sakura. He slowed, but Naruto charged ahead and nearly knocked Sasuke over.

Sasuke dropped the unconscious shinobi. Kakashi and Naruto took each of Sasuke's arms over their shoulders and practically dragged him toward the village, Kakashi dragging the enemy shinobi on the ground with his free hand. Sakura was running up. She forced them to ease Sasuke to the ground so she could perform immediate first aid.

"I'm fine, Sakura, just tired and out of chakra." Sasuke got up unsteadily. "Let's just report in and then let me sleep."

Naruto was the one who helped Sasuke to the Tower; Kakashi carried the captured shinobi.

Kakashi gave his report first then Sasuke explained how he took out all the rest of the shinobi and captured one.

Tsunade nodded. "Sasuke, get yourself to the hospital. No arguments."


"You and Kakashi will write up what went wrong with this mission, namely, why you disobeyed orders and why you wanted to retreat. Dismissed."

The four of them were making their way to the door. "Good work, by the way," Tsunade added. They looked back and nodded.

Sakura hurried Sasuke to the hospital. Kakashi did not follow.


The next day, after Sasuke spent a night in the hospital, Tsunade called he and Kakashi in again; she had already received their reports. Naruto and Sakura waited below. Sasuke and Kakashi stood side by side. Sasuke wore a bandage over his right eye and his right cheek. None of the other bandages were visible.

"You were both wrong," Tsunade pronounced. "Kakashi, you knew Sasuke had a chance of success and he proved it; you were afraid for your lover. Sasuke has the speed, skill, and stealth." She turned to Sasuke who—fortunately for him—did not look smug. "Sasuke, you disobeyed and attacked your captain. We'll call it even. The mission was completed successfully without any casualties and we gained valuable intelligence. I've already sent two teams to clean up and gather any information they can from the scene. Sasuke's off the active roster for three weeks until you fully recover and you both . . . rest up. You're both dismissed."

Sasuke thought she must know that their real punishment would come from each other.

"I'm sorry I said that," Sasuke said once they were outside her office. "Especially in front of the others. I didn't mean it; I was just angry. Forgive me."

Kakashi walked on and leapt away from the top of the exterior stairway. Sasuke continued down the normal stairs. Naruto and Sakura were waiting for him.

"What happened? Are you in trouble?" Naruto asked. He was sure from Sasuke's expression that he was in a lot of trouble; after all he had disobeyed orders and attacked their captain.

"No, I'm not in trouble. The Hokage judged us both wrong for our actions and decided to leave it at that."

"Where's Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"He's angry with me and left another way."

"Hey, you want to go out, cheer up?" Naruto asked.

"I do need to eat," Sasuke said.


It just didn't feel right to enter through the front door that evening. Sasuke leaned his head against it for a moment. Kakashi had every right to be angry with him. He decided to just slip into his own room through the window to avoid Kakashi.

He lay on his bed holding his stuffed swan to his chest. Kakashi didn't come to him and he was restless. He got up and put the swan back on top of the pillows and leapt back out his window. He found a tree to sit under and sulk.

It was still early evening and Sasuke had watched several people walk by without paying him any mind. Then Neji walked by. He could feel Sasuke's presence the same way he could feel a warm breeze. He approached his crush.

"You look like you just had a fight with family," Neji observed. He regretted bringing up family when Sasuke had none, but Sasuke didn't look offended.

Sasuke looked up at him. "Lover."

That rocked Neji back as he was seriously lusting after the Uchiha. "Want to talk or be left alone?"

"I don't want to be alone."

Neji sat down beside him. "Anyone who doesn't appreciate having you as a lover and argues with you isn't worth you."

Sasuke scoffed with a smile. "No, it was my fault. I overstepped certain boundaries. I broke his trust by saying something in front of others that I shouldn't have. Thank you though."

His? Neji felt a rush of excitement: Sasuke was gay; he had a chance with him.

"And the injuries aren't from that, by the way; mission," Sasuke continued. "He's still angry with me. I thought I should stay away for a while until he calms down."

"I wouldn't have thought you would walk on eggshells for anyone."

"Only him. I truly love him. Anyway, if I lost him, I'd have to kill him." Neji would have seriously unnerved if it weren't for the smirk on Sasuke's face. "When it comes to my manners, everyone else can fuck off."

Neji tore his eyes from Sasuke's profile only because someone was approaching them: Kakashi with his hands in his pockets, looking for once a bit contrite rather than apathetic and lazy. He stopped a few paces from Sasuke. He looked at Neji.

"Neji-kun," he said with a nod. Neji nodded back. Kakashi look back at his teammate. "Come home, Sasuke. I'm not angry anymore."

Neji comprehended everything quickly. He turned to look at Sasuke. "But you said you argued with your lover."

"Kakashi and I are lovers," Sasuke said simply still looking up at the man in question. Sasuke looked at Neji. "Forgive me for not mentioning it earlier, but we don't advertize our relationship." Sasuke stood. "Later."

Sasuke walked away with Kakashi. Neji's heart sank. They were living together, on a team together, had a history; Sasuke wouldn't leave Kakashi for him. Then again, Kakashi was significantly older than him. Maybe Neji still had a chance to lure the Uchiha away. His uncle would not like this. Neither would Kakashi.


Kakashi didn't undress or let Sasuke undress; he dragged Sasuke into his bed and just held him close back to front. Sasuke struggled and Kakashi loosen his grip reluctantly, but was glad he did when Sasuke turned to face him. Sasuke looked annoyed and put his hand on Kakashi's covered cheek.

"At least take off the mask."

Kakashi sat up and took off his vest, shirt, and mask, leaving him bare-chested. Sasuke also half stripped. They snuggled back down together. Sasuke put his hand back on Kakashi's cheek.

"I really am sorry," Sasuke said.

"I'm sorry too."

Sasuke leaned in and kissed Kakashi. They made out for a minute, but Sasuke was tired and his side of the kissed died away. Kakashi relinquished his lips and Sasuke fell asleep with a last smile and warm eyes at Kakashi.

Kakashi actually enjoyed Sasuke's breath puffing against his face. He'd realized that there was nothing worth losing Sasuke and no argument worth winning. He knew Sasuke didn't really mean anything by what he said. Sasuke and Tsunade were right: he put the welfare of his lover above the mission, something he should never do. Six children and two colleges might have died for his hesitation. It was like what his father had done and in retrospect he was glad Sasuke had disobeyed him. For now on he would suck up his pride to keep Sasuke exactly where he was. As if he didn't let Sasuke whip the shit out of him already while begging to be fucked.

All that regret didn't mean he was going get revenge.


The next evening, after training and assuring their teammates they weren't mad at each other anymore, Sasuke straddled Kakashi's lap on his bed, making out.

"You know, I still think you need to be punished for what you said," Kakashi murmured against Sasuke's lips. Kakashi didn't sound angry so Sasuke wasn't scared, rather he nodded.

"Whatever you want, master."

"The bra and panties."

"Hai." Sasuke smiled and gave him another peck on the lips.

Sasuke got dressed while Kakashi prepared the rope and his other equipment.

Sasuke appeared in the doorway like a vision of gothic sexuality. His skin looked like snow against the black lace. No color to his body at all with the black hair and eyes. Kakashi had to stop and stare. Sasuke was still not comfortable being examined so closely in such obscene clothes, but he let Kakashi's eye roam over his body.

Finally, Kakashi gestured for him to come into the room and he bound Sasuke's wrists and raised his arms up until he was suspended, but with his feet still on the ground. He attached the spreader bar to Sasuke's ankles. Done, he ran a hand down Sasuke's body. "So lovely."

Sasuke was surprised to feel Kakashi press up against his back and wrapped his arms around him. His hands wondered over his flesh and groped him harshly as though he had breast. Sasuke felt like tramp off the street being molested by a letch. Kakashi's heated breath roared in his ear. Kakashi's lust was almost frightening to Sasuke in his vulnerable state.

Kakashi left off his harsh grabbing and instead massaged Sasuke's confined cock and scratched a nipple through the bra. Sasuke tried to part his legs further than the two foot spreader bar would allow.

"Just like a woman. Despicable harlot."

Kakashi disengaged. He caressed Sasuke's black clad ass. "What should I beat your back and ass with? The flogger or the cane?"

"The flogger, please."

"Very well."

But Kakashi picked up the cane. He ran the cane over the back of Sasuke's thighs. Sasuke jumped.

"Shh. I didn't say anything about your thighs and front. All my marks have healed, I need to make sure you're properly marked."

The cane hit the back of his thigh. Sasuke hissed. Kakashi hit his thighs until Sasuke cried out, about seven strikes. He came around and hiked up Sasuke's bra to reveal his aroused nipples. Sasuke took deep breaths, knowing what was coming.

Kakashi started with light taps to the erect nipples, a half dozen to each before he smacked one with a fair bit of force. Sasuke suppressed a cry.

"Sometimes I really do wish you had breasts so I could bind them then cane them. I had this one girl who wasn't even pregnant and I bound her breasts and caned them and she actually lactated. Not a lot, but she did. You've got nothing to bind so I guess we'll never know if a man can do it." [AN]

Kakashi returned to the torture. Snap! Snap! Snap! "Ahhh!" Kakashi didn't stop, but he couldn't do too much to the sensitive nubs and he switched to moderated taps to Sasuke's abs and clothed crotch. Tears started falling down Sasuke's cheeks.

Kakashi pulled the sides of Sasuke's panties down his thighs so that his ass was bare. Kakashi finished stripping himself before he got to the heavy work. He threw the cane away and picked up the flogger. He brushed it gently over Sasuke's back.

"Count them," Kakashi said.

Sasuke braced himself. Kakashi whipped his back. Sasuke's back arched with the hit.

"One, sir."

Kakashi landed a hit on his ass.

"Two, sir."

His ass again.


Kakashi hit his ass even harder.

"Ahh! Four!"

Sasuke's back.

"Five! Fuck!"

Hard whack to his ass.

"Six, sir! Fucking shit!"

Another to his ass.

"Ahh, seven! Son of a bitch," he growled loudly.

One to the back.

"Ahh, eight, sir!"


"Nine! Fuck me, shit!"

Sasuke expected another hit, but it didn't come. He heard Kakashi take a few steps back, he didn't know that to expect next. Kakashi was getting a slight running start. He hit Sasuke's ass so hard Sasuke started climbing the ropes.

"Ten! Shit! Fuck!"

Kakashi came up behind him, pressing his body against Sasuke's reddening one. He ran hands up and down Sasuke's sides.

"Had enough?"

Sasuke kept his eyes tightly shut and concentrated on breathing. Sasuke growled a little.

"You had enough?" Kakashi asked again.

"No, sir. Please hit me some more, sir."

"That's my good boy. My good little slut." Kakashi rubbed Sasuke's red ass. "Good little submissive."

"Thank you, sir."

"We'll start over."

Kakashi hit Sasuke's ass and back repeatedly as Sasuke counted each hit, cursing every once in a while.

"Last one," Kakashi said after nine brutal hits. "Where do you want it? Back or ass?"

"My ass, sir."

"What do you say?"

"Please whip my ass, sir."

"Good boy."

Kakashi got another running start and hit him harder than ever before.

"Ahh, fucking shit! Fuck, fuck! Ten, sir. Shit."

"Have anything else to say?"

"Thank you, master."

Kakashi pressed up against him again and took Sasuke's cock out of the panties. The heat and sweat of Kakashi's body made Sasuke's back and ass burn more.

"Still half hard," Kakashi said appreciatively. "You love it so much, don't you, brat?"

"Yes, sir."

"Is there something else you want?"

"Please fuck me, sir."

"You love to be fucked, don't you, slut?"

"Yes, sir. I love being fucked in the ass, sir."

"Hmmm, but I don't think you've deserved such a reward yet, do you?"

"No, sir."

Kakashi let go of him, picked up the crop, and came around to Sasuke's front. "Yeah, I don't think you're hard enough." Kakashi tapped Sasuke's half hard cock with the crop. Sasuke tried to bring his knees up protectively, but the spreader bar made it difficult.

"Legs down," Kakashi ordered. Sasuke slowly obeyed. Kakashi hit his cock, not just a gentle tap. Sasuke's legs came up a little, but he resisted drawing them all the way up; Kakashi had shown that that would only end with him getting another hard hit. Kakashi taped him twice more and Sasuke was able to keep his legs down.

Kakashi decided to trade the crop for the cane.

"Oh, fuck," Sasuke whispered.

"'Oh, fuck,' indeed," Kakashi said.

Kakashi started with just a bunch of rapid, gentle taps on Sasuke's stomach which sent small sparks of pain through Sasuke's body. Kakashi turned his attention to his nipples. Brief, sharp whacks to Sasuke's sensitive, red, nipples sent Sasuke swinging to get away. But at the same time, he loved the jot of pain and endorphins the hits gave him. He tried to relax as the strikes continued. He really did love it, but fuck it hurt. His cock revealed just how much he loved it. Kakashi couldn't help but notice.

"Now, you're hard. You love that don't you?"

"Yes," Sasuke said, trying not to sound like he was about to cry.

Kakashi hit each nipple a few more times, drawing curses from Sasuke's lips. Kakashi tossed the cane away. He used his bare hand to slap the top of Sasuke's hard cock.

"Shit," Sasuke sighed. Kakashi did it several times until Sasuke was on the verge of sobbing.

"Still hard. A real fucking masochist, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir."

Kakashi squirted some lube on his hand and stood right in front of Sasuke, stroking his own cock. "I think you earned this."

Sasuke watched Kakashi stroke his nearly ten inches with the lube. "Thank you, sir."

Kakashi got behind Sasuke and pressed two fingers in just to make sure Sasuke wasn't too tight. He took out his fingers and eased in. He didn't go slow, didn't wait, he just started fucking him. Sasuke pressed back and tried to manipulate the angle, but it was difficult tied up like this.

"Cock hungry little slut."

"Yes, sir."

Kakashi reached around to stroke Sasuke as he fucked him. Sasuke cam first. Kakashi lasted another minute and cam inside him. He slipped out of him then started to release him, the spreader bar from his ankles first then untied the velvet cuffs around his wrists from the rope they were hanging from. He eased Sasuke to his knees and pulled Sasuke's bound hands behind his back; the cuffs had enough slack for Sasuke to rotate his wrists to move them behind his back comfortably.

"You cam on my floor. Lick it up."

Sasuke bent down and licked at the drops of cum on the carpet. Finished, Sasuke leaned back on his knees and looked up at Kakashi.

Kakashi pulled Sasuke's head against his hip and played with his hair. "Want to cum again, Sasuke?" he asked.

Knowing the use of his name meant it was a real question, not a part of the game, Sasuke said, "Not really."

Kakashi knelt and untied his hands. "Lay down and I'll get the salve."

Sasuke carefully lay on his stomach, the cool sheets feeling good on his abused nipples and groin. Kakashi returned from the bathroom and sat next to him.

"You're right," Kakashi said, "I need a bigger bed."

"Just slide in underneath me for tonight," Sasuke said.

Kakashi wiped Sasuke's skin down with a damp cloth which cooled it down a bit and removed the irritating salty sweat, then he leaned down to kiss the marks he'd just given the younger man. He got caught up in caressing Sasuke's flushed skin and kissing it, loving the feeling of his heated skin against his lips. Neither were getting hard, but they both enjoyed the feeling. Kakashi's actions were approaching worship. After making sure every mark on Sasuke's back, ass, and thighs each were kissed, he painted on the salve.

Once he was finished, Kakashi brushed Sasuke's hair from his face. "I love you."

"I'm sorry about bring it up in from of the others; I really am."

"You were right about the mission. I forgive you. I love you too much to hold anything against you for long."

He kissed Sasuke's cheek and lay down next to him.


It was their weekly shogi meeting. Neji was still off kilter from finding out about Sasuke and Kakashi.

"I don't feel up to playing," Neji told his companions. He sat down and started on his first cup of tea. The other two began their game.

"I feel I should tell you something, Shikamaru," Sasuke said as he moved his first piece. "Neji sort of found out and my team knows of course, that leaves you as my only friend who doesn't know."

Both Shikamaru and Neji warmed at the thought that besides Team Kakashi, they were counted among the Uchiha's friends.

"First of all, I'm gay. Second of all, Kakashi and I are lovers."

Shikamaru looked up from the board, but he didn't look disgusted or even shocked. "I thought there was something between you two."

"How'd you figure it out?" Sasuke asked.

"The kunai was understandable: Kakashi's sensei gave him one and he gives one to his own student. But the swan? I know Kakashi has a teasing nature, but that was a very affectionate bit of teasing. There's also no reason for the two of you to still be living together. If you weren't lovers and not gay, you'd move out before that rumor started. That rumor has started by the way. Lastly, I saw Kakashi with a collar that had your family's crest on it."

Neji spit out his tea and coughed. Sasuke's eyes were wide. "I'm going to kill him," Sasuke said flatly.

Shikamaru smiled. Neji was trying to clear his airway.

"Is it like that?" Shikamaru asked.

Sasuke growled. "He bought it." Shikamaru laughed and moved a piece.

Neji finally got himself under control. "Is it really like that?" From the way Sasuke and Kakashi were acting the other night, Neji didn't get a Dom/sub vibe at all. Thinking about it now, he thought Kakashi was the Dom; Sasuke had seemed the weaker in that moment even if Kakashi was the contrite one.

"Sort of," Sasuke said. "It's a love relationship, not just a role-play thing. But yes, we do a lot of the harder stuff."

Neji's interest was piqued; he'd never considered that kind of sex before, but it was sounding appealing when Sasuke was involved.


Kakashi really wanted to get Sasuke something. After their little spat, he decided on something. Sort of.

Kakashi had never been inside the Yamanaka flower shop before. Ino came up to him.

"What can I get for you, Kakashi-sensei?

"I need some flowers."

"I figured that. What's the occasion?"


"Hmmm . . . Blue hyacinth and white tulips. That's a very sincere apology in the language of flowers."

"I'd like a large bouquet."

"Who's it for?"

Kakashi narrowed his eye. "You don't need to know."

Ino smiled in a way that meant she was still going to find out. She put together the bouquet and Kakashi transformed rather than be seen carrying this thing home. He set the vase on the coffee table and waited for Sasuke to come home from shoji with Neji and Shikamaru. He ended up falling asleep on the sofa.

Sasuke, like most shinobi, was naturally silent after so much training, so he didn't wake Kakashi when he came home. Of course, the first thing he saw were the large flowers on the coffee table. Then he noticed his lover sleeping on the sofa. He carefully crawled over the older man and kissed him. As Kakashi woke up, he kissed back, the kiss becoming more heated as consciousness returned.

"I saw the flowers," Sasuke said. "I'm assuming they're for me."

"To apologize."

"I was the one at fault, Kakashi. All you did was put my welfare over others; I'm a little flattered. You did nothing against me."

"I still feel guilty about my side of it. And I've wanted to get you something for a while."

"You mean besides the collar, stuffed swan, the beautiful custom kunai, a place to live, and a perfect lover? What I have given you?"

"The best orgasms of my life and the greatest joy of my life."

Sasuke laughed. "We've both also bought sex toys. Well, I feel I should thank you for the flowers. Properly."

"I won't argue."


Naruto came to the pair's house and knocked on the door. He heard swearing and a bit of commotion. Naruto's eyebrows were raised, but when Kakashi finally opened the door, he realized what he'd interrupted. Kakashi's hair was ruffled, his mask askew, and his clothes obviously hurriedly put back on.

"Really? It's the middle of the day?" Naruto wanted to laugh.

Sasuke was not far behind Kakashi and he had his arms crossed and his lips were red from making out. "Fuck you, dobe," Sasuke snarled.

"Kakashi would be jealous," Naruto shot back.

"No, I would probably just kill you," Kakashi said to Naruto. "Is there a reason you're interrupting us?" Kakashi didn't quite look murderous, but he was definitely unhappy to be interrupted.


"No," Kakashi drawled, unwilling to believe.


"What rank and how urgent?" Sasuke asked, glaring daggers at the messenger.

"A and we leave in an hour."

"One hour, time enough," Sasuke said and pulled Kakashi back. Kakashi shut the door before he could lose his balance.

Naruto chuckled and went to get ready.

Yeah, I started to write that last part, but even I was like, 'whoa, that's way too many lemons, way too soon, even for me.'

AN: True, personal story, my breast were bound and, after some caning, he noticed I had milk coming out of them. I honestly did not get any sexual pleasure, but my breasts were leaking milk. Very odd. So those hentai with the girl's leaking milk, can happen. O_O btw, unlike Sasuke, I'm totally not into being caned.