When i was a baby my nan used to tell me storys and warned me to never go outside in the dark alone. She used to tell me thier was an evil lurking in the woods that terravised peoples villages and hurt the men and rape the women. They would never get the women pregnant because the wolves have a high a sperm count that only thier mates can conseive from.

Wolves are basically immortal that only way to kill them is a silver bullet. Every time i heard it i thought it was crap what can i say i was nieve.

"twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are" yes the song is corny but i love it expecially singing it when im reading at the park. See im not like other children i prefer reading then getting dirty.

"up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky" just as a sang the last line the wind started to pick up and it started to rain. Aargh i better get home mums going to to be worried sick. Wher is it ah ha thiers my scrunchy. Now do i have every thing books check, scrouchy check, pack back chech all set lets go.

Just as i was about to leave a pieceing howl come from the woods behind. It made me stop dead in my tracks it was as if time stop and i lost controlle of my body. I started turning even though my mind was screaming to run. As my body turned a whole 180 degres thier right in front of me was the biggest wolf i had ever seen. I basically did what any normal person would do i fucking ran for my life.

As i took of running a nother howl came from behind me then load themps as he chased me srter a what seemed like hours of running all i could hear was just the wind and my heavy breathing i looked over my shoulders and thier was nothing thier.

Maybe it was just my imaginenation but just as i had thought it a massive wieght pushed me down and sat on me. I felt his stale breath as he nuzzled the crook of my neck then somthing rouh and wet hit my neck omg eewww its his tounge i started to wiggle but stopped strat away when he moaned MY NAME "how the hell do you know my name you peodo?"

"all in good time hermione and you might of heard of me my name my mate in greyback" thats when i faited.