i became aware as a long hard thing kept poking me in the back as my senses came back i noticed there was a massive heap beside my with a pair of thick arms around my hip then the heap stired and moaned "so tight" that brought me out of my morning fuzzyness and every thing came shoting back

"arghh" i screamed at the top of my lungs and tried to wiggle my why out of his embrace but he just tightend his arms around me.

"good morning love" who the fuck can he say that when he kidnapped me

"goo d morning thats what you say well im sorry to tel you but but its not a good morning when i wake up and a peodo is holding me while there having a wet dream andgrinding into my back you make me sick" i hissed at him with more venom hen i thought i had.

in a flash he had me pinned to the grinding his erection into my heat "maybe you sould keep your anger till tonight because im going to fuck till you bleed and your going to love it or hate it depends how good you behave"

"tuu" a smile small spread as the salivour i just spint at him hit hes left cheek but the next thing he did made me nearl puck.

with his long thick tong he swipped it across his cheek and licked it "hhhmmmm if your cum taste as good as this i will defuntly be eating you out every morning "