Just pathetic.

No, not her, him;himself. To treat his own daughter like this...nothing.

It wasn't true about her being weak and all, he knew it but it always continued the same routine.

Come home, train lose a battle either between her cousin Neji or her younger sister Hanabi, and then endure the harsh comments from her father.

Hinata didn't believe she was weak and surprisingly her father did not think so either. Deep down inside he was always proud when she continued to keep on fighting, trying to prove everyone wrong, and it was sad to see her end up proving them right.

How he wished she would one day get so mad and send him flying into another room with one of his favorite techniques; sixty-four palms.

Still she was lucky, the same with Neji and Hanabi. They didn't have it as hard as he and his brother did when they were younger. They never sent them into the forest of Death for a month to survive on their own and in a battle against one another. Neji and Hinata had teammates to help defend and back them up, he didn't have anyone not even his own brother. He may had won the battle against his brother but lost most of his emotions.

Now that he looks back on it it kinda made him think the elders couldn't think of anymore useful training for them and threw in a bunch of conditions.


Why in the world would you spend a month inside the forest of death against the enemy when there are villages you can get actual backup, not to mention your opponents could leave you there to die without noticing they left.


he regrets everything; about how he treated everyone and everybody. If he was able to go back and fix everything he would without hesitation. Sadly he can't even apologize to his daughter, for as the feathers showered down on the whole stadium with everyone in it, he blacked out.

One thing came to his mind.

"My family..."

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