The smallest of details of that moment, were captured like a lens stealing an image, a moment of eternity.

The coolness of the breeze.

The long shadows cast by the fading sun in the distance.

The echo of their footsteps.

For seconds, the dark-haired youth held his eye.

The face was a stranger's, yet the soul was like a mirror of his own.

He knew it. Him.

"My Lord." It dwelled on the tip of his tongue to say.

The youth's aloof, haughty stare seemed so like his Lord.

It stayed there like a caged bird, the words.

The female companion of the youth, walked on oblivious to the charge of tension flickering like a life-line, an echo of the past between them.

Maybe he was the only one who felt it.

Hazel eyes, their pinpricks of potent green sharp, slid past him, looking away.

The whisper of a sigh hovered in his chest.

One of reprieve and the other of faded regret.

He hated-

The youth's voice called out.

Shoulders tensed. stiffening for the blow that would never come.

His soul had been dealt it in place of the mortal blow so long ago.

Expression sedate, passionless, he turned to confront his own Demon.



The youth savored him a hostile expression, yet spoke no more.

The breeze gusted through the bordering trees, yet he found it to be cold.

Like a coldness stealing inside his body.

Their gazes locked.

An eon could've passed.

It was only a moment.

Then, it was irretrievably gone.

He left.


He gripped the steering wheel, jaw taut.

Their paths would cross again.


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