A/N: I know the last time I updated this; it was with an author's note, however… Do you guys really want me to finish this? Update it? Write more? Compared to my latest works (which you can read and see for yourself) the way I've written this is absolutely terrible. I can't even re-read what I've previously written for this fic because it makes me cringe. I updated each chapter once before, but that was over a YEAR ago (Updated: 2-4-12 is what this said before I posted this, to be exact). So what would you prefer I do?

If I am going to continue this fic, I'm going to start over. Re-do each chapter and do the 'replace chapter' option as I did last time. I'll write it all in my new style, but that would most definitely take some time. However, if you want, I could do a new Aizen/Ichigo fanfics instead (because I was actually planning to do so sometime soon in the first place).

But… Tell me what you guys want. Do you want me to finish this? Edit it and update it and make it better? If so, I will. I do have a few plans written out as to how to do more with it, but I wouldn't continue until I edited each chapter first, anyways. So… Message me.

If the votes have it, I'll continue. However it will take me a little while. If not, I'll leave this as it is – 'incomplete and discontinued' and write an entirely new fanfic. It's up to you.