Okay, so due to a lot of people asking for it, I have decided to write the alternate ending to this story. I wasn't originally going to, but I decided to. I warn you though; it's only going to be a fraction happier. So you will probably end up needing tissues.

This is going to pick up the morning after Kurt and Blaine made love, except Kurt never got up and left. There is still a character death warning.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

When Blaine woke up the next morning, Kurt was staring up at him. Blaine smiled at him softly and stroked his hair back. "Good morning…" he whispered, pressing a kiss to Kurt's forehead.

"I'm sick, Blaine…" Kurt whispered. Blaine barely heard it, even in the silence of the room.

"What do you mean?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

"That's why I can't marry you… I'm dying, Blaine. I have what killed my mom… I'm withering away and there isn't anything anyone can do about it," Kurt responded, his eyes shining with unshed tears.

"No… No, Kurt, there's always hope. We can make you better, I can get you help," Blaine said, his tone becoming frantic. Kurt sat up slightly and cupped Blaine's face gently.

"No, Blaine. There is nothing anyone can do. There is nothing anyone can do… It's terminal…"

Tears started flowing from Blaine's eyes at a rapid pace. He buried his face in Kurt's chest. "No, Kurt, no…" he whispered, repeating it over and over. It felt like his entire world was crashing down. He just got Kurt back… He couldn't lose him again.

Kurt hugged him tightly, sliding his fingers through Blaine's curls. "Blaine, I was going to leave. I was going to leave when you were sleeping… I didn't want to tell you. But I couldn't leave. My whole life… Everything has come back to you and… I need you. I just need you with me… until the end…" he explained softly. Blaine sat up and cupped Kurt's face. He leaned in until their lips met in a soft kiss.

"I love you, Kurt. I love you so much. I've always loved you," he whispered. Kurt smiled sadly, tears now sliding down his face to match Kurt's.

"I know."

Kurt moved in with Blaine. He didn't really have belongings, so Blaine game him clothes to wear until they could go shopping. Kurt hadn't wanted Blaine to spend any money on him, saying that buying him nice clothes was really just a waste of time, but he gave in when the words Marc Jacobs came up.

Blaine spent as much time as he could making Kurt feel loved and cherished. Kurt had been hurt, hurt badly, and Blaine wanted to make up for any of the time they lost.

He relearned Kurt's body easily. On the days where Kurt felt stronger, Blaine would stay home and they would pass the hours in bed, making love, whispering about old times. Blaine would worship Kurt, pressing soft, feather-light kisses all over his body. Kurt would make soft appreciative noises and smile.

Blaine had always been his happy place.

"You're perfect, Kurt," Blaine would whisper. Kurt would shake his head, insisting that he was far from perfect. Blaine would move up and kiss his lips. "You are the most perfect man I have ever seen… Don't even think for a moment that you're not, Kurt Hummel."

There were days when it was really bad. Blaine would wake up to Kurt getting sick or having seizures. Blaine didn't know what to do at first. But as these episodes became more frequent, he learned.

He would always make sure there were washcloths and buckets waiting for if Kurt got sick. And when he had a seizure, he'd time them, making sure they didn't last too long. And once they were over, he'd get Kurt into a comfortable position, give him some water, and hold him until he'd fully wake up.

Kurt was embarrassed at first. He didn't like Blaine seeing him like this. He never wanted Blaine to ever see him like this. But then Blaine would whisper about how perfect he was and he would refute it, only to have Blaine tell him otherwise once again.

"Blaine, I don't deserve you… I never did," he whispered one night, nuzzling his face into Blaine's neck.

"Kurt, I never deserved you," Blaine whispered, pressing a kiss to his head.

Kurt was getting worse, to the point where he could barely walk. He asked Blaine to take him to Ohio. Blaine dropped everything and did just that. He would do anything for Kurt.

They stayed with Burt and Carole. Burt was happy to have his son back, even if there was a chance it wouldn't be for much longer. Blaine tapped into his trust fund to help pay for any and all of Kurt's medical care.

They were laying in Kurt's bed one night, huddled closely. Blaine had just told him about how he was paying for his medical bills. Kurt hadn't argued. He was too tired to. He just wanted Blaine to hold him.

"I want you to have something," Kurt whispered, before sliding over and reaching into the bedside table drawer. He pulled out a small ring box and turned back over to look at Blaine. "This was my mother's. She gave it to me before she died. I want you to have it." Kurt opened the box to reveal a beautiful white gold band with beautiful diamond engraved into it. In the first light, it looked blue, but then when the box tilted, the stone looked green. It was just like Kurt's eyes.

Blaine smiled and took the ring from the box, looking at it closer, examining it. "It's so beautiful, Kurt."

"Will you take it?" Kurt asked. Blaine looked over at him and smiled.

"Of course. I'll keep it forever. I promise," he said.

"I know it won't fit, but I have a chain…" Kurt trailed off, before leaning back over towards the bedside table. He pulled a simple silver chain from the drawer and unclasped it. Blaine slid the ring onto it and then Kurt clasped it around Blaine's neck. Blaine touched it gently and teared up.

"Thank you," Blaine whispered. They kissed softly for a moment, then pressed their foreheads together, just holding each other.

The very last night, Blaine had asked Kurt if he wanted to be taken to the hospital. He wouldn't do it. Blaine wasn't going to force him. Kurt knew what was coming.

He said his goodbyes to every separately. Blaine stood outside his room, waiting, fighting off the tears unsuccessfully. Kurt was with Burt the longest so far. He knew how hard this was for them.

When Burt finally walked out of Kurt's room, he was crying harder than Blaine had ever seen him cry. Burt pulled Blaine into a tight hug.

"Thank you so much for coming back into his life…" Burt whispered. Blaine started crying harder.

"It's no problem, sir," he said. Burt let go of him and pat his shoulder.

"He wants you," he said. Blaine nodded. Burt ushered everyone that was still upstairs downstairs. Blaine took a deep breath and wiped his eyes, before walking into the bedroom.

It had been six months. That's all. The doctors told Blaine that it was a shock he'd lived that long. They said that Blaine had, in a lot of ways, made Kurt better, kept him alive longer.

But it was six months too soon. Blaine wanted more time. Blaine wanted all the time in the world.

Kurt smiled up at him from the bed. His eyes were red and teary. Blaine started shaking as he walked over to the bed. He laid down beside Kurt and held him tightly, kissing everywhere he could reach and whispering "I love you" over and over.

"I love you, too…" Kurt whispered, closing his eyes.

A week later, Blaine sits in his car, staring at the white roses in his hand. He can't get himself to move. He hasn't wanted to move since Kurt passed, but…

"I can do this…" Blaine whispered to himself, before getting out of the car. He smoothed his suit, and took a deep breath, before walking to the spot where Kurt was being buried. Right next to his mother.

The ceremony went by smoothly. The whole of New Directions showed up, as well as some of Kurt's old teachers and a few Warblers. All people Blaine recognized. He hadn't pried into Kurt's after high school life, but he felt that Kurt wouldn't have wanted any of those people there anyways.

Burt spoke, Carole spoke, Finn spoke, and several of Kurt's friends spoke as well. But when it came to Blaine. He just couldn't. Not then. Not in front of all of them. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Burt just clapped him on the shoulder and allowed him to slink back. They understood how hard it was.

But they honestly didn't know the half of it.

Blaine watched as they lowered the casket. Everyone was going back to the Hummel's for the reception. Burt hugged Blaine before he left and told him how he would always consider him a son. Blaine smiled and hugged him back just as tightly.

He didn't leave with the others. He couldn't. Blaine felt like he had to stay there for a little bit longer.

He looked around, noticing that everyone was gone, before sitting down on the grass beside Kurt's grave. He let out a shaky breath.

"I'm sorry I didn't say anything, Kurt… I just couldn't… I wanted to say something, but everything I have to say, I couldn't say in front of them. Well, I could, but… I didn't want them to hear it. You changed my life so much Kurt Hummel. I love you more than I've ever loved anything."

Blaine reached behind his neck and unclasped the chain, catching the ring in his hand. He slid the chain out from it and held it up, as if showing it to Kurt. "I had it fitted. And while I know you said you wouldn't marry me because you were dying… I understand that, but Kurt… You're it for me. So I'm going to wear this ring…" Blaine slid the ring onto his left ring finger, "To symbolize us. Maybe someday I will marry someone, but they will have to respect the fact that this is never coming off. You were my world, my everything, and yeah, you were taken from me now, but this isn't forever. So I'm not going to say goodbye. I didn't say goodbye to you the night you died and I'm not going to say it now. I'm going to say see you later, because someday we'll be together again. I love you."

Blaine stood and brushed off his pants, staring down into the grave, tears now flowing freely. He kissed his fingers and waved, taking one last look before turning and walking back to his car.

They would be together again, somewhere only they knew.

Yeah, so I'm sitting here crying. This turned out a lot longer than intended, especially since I hadn't intended on writing it. Anyways, I hope everyone found some joy in it. It's happier than the original ending in basically every aspect, except for Kurt dying. I can promise you one thing though, I am never writing a fic like this again. Reviews would be lovely and that's all.