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Chapter 2 Honeymoon Disaster part 1

11h June

I never consider having another baby. I always think one is enough. One seems to be a good number doesn't it?

One Steve is enough for me.

Do you want to know about my cute little Steve? Do you? Let me tell you ^-^

My baby is seven month old now. He's so funny and quite fat. He is trying to stand nowadays. Just imagine how cute his face when he tries to stand up with his little feet….

Steve shares my blonde hair and my cold appearance. However, most of his behaviors similar like Lee's. He can be so strong minded while I reject his demands. Sometimes Steve can be annoying for he always cries in the morning, asking his father to play with him.

This is because of Lee!

That reminds me something.

Yeah, whatever….

His first word is Daddy.


Can you believe that?

Steve that little traitor...

Hey! It's not because of I'm not a good mother but….

That stupid Chaolan always spoils that little brat and gives whatever Steve wants. I knew it is Lee's miserable childhood that makes him treating his only son as a little prince.

"Lee you shouldn't treat Steve that much! He will be a rascal later on!" I protested. Lee only smiled and kept giving Steve all the things he wants.

"I said I'll give the best for two of you."

"Your love will make him suffer," I snarled angrily.

"He's just a baby, honey. You overact everything," he told me. "I like giving him everything—Steve likes that too."

"Yeah, include spanking him when he does something bad."

Lee kept silence.

I was waiting for his answer.

"Fine, fine…. You win." He finally said. "Perhaps he's our only child so I only focus my mind on him. I think if you gave me another…. I wouldn't spoil Steve that much…."

"You fucking damn swine!"

I ran away outside and Lee followed me with half mocking smile on his mouth. We ran for several minutes before he caught me and pushed me down on the grass.

"Touchdown!" he shouted happily when he tackled me. As he looked at my eyes, he began kissing me. He kissed me and I couldn't resist him. He whispered, "where is my reward for scoring a winning touchdown?"

"You're such a naughty athlete ever…." I said and kissed his mouth softly.

"I believe if there were athletes for fucking I'd be the winner for having longest streaks."

"Yeah, yeah…" I said nonchalantly at him. I was so horny and didn't want to think of any competition then. "Please Lee, just…"

"Wait a minute darling, do you want a proof?" Lee stated, his dark eyes terrified me. "Do you think I'm not competent to be an athlete…?"

"Honey, I don't care whether you're a great athlete or whatever, for I always adore you whatever you are…" I cut his words.

Well, I had to.

How if he decided to prove his longest streaks? I can't only fucking for months! I mean, if Lee and I recorded something in Guinness Book of Record, it must be something better than LONGEST STREAKS IN SEX.

I was so happy when I successfully distracted Lee from his abnormal thought.

"You adore me for whatever I am, seriously?" he stared at me with those amazing eyes. Man, do you believe that Lee Chaolan still craves for love and attention?

I couldn't help smiling, "seriously..."

I groaned when Lee opened my dress forcefully, giving me wild kisses. Blast him, why should he always reckless like that? He made me wet in no time. Apparently the night was warm in the summer days and the grass was so soft. Lee and I rolled many times on the grass, half naked and wet. The stars beautifully shone above us, sparkled and glimmered like gold. Lee's face never looked that handsome when he buried himself in me, taking me into unending pleasure.

That was so good and we did it several times until I almost collapsed.

"Come on, darling… Give me another baby…" He whispered softly besides my ear when he carried me to the house, both naked.

That bastard! I worked so hard to gain my figure back and he wants me to carry his child again? Kiss my ass! Not in this world sucker!

"Lee…" I warned him. "I don't want to…."

Lee laughed and kissed me again, preventing me to warn him.

Well, that asshole is in another part of world right now. He's so busy lately….

Sometimes I want to kill him. Doesn't he realize how much I miss him?

13th June

This morning Julia called me, telling that she wouldn't use her tickets. That's fucking stupid decision, I said to her. Well, that lucky woman won a trip to Venetia for two persons, including return ticket, first class hotel—first class dinner of course— and so much more for stupid lottery! Dammit!

First class thing for FREE!

There is a new Italian restaurant near her house, having a grand opening last week. Julia asked me to go with her to try it. She said she want to find a good restaurant for her next date with Marshall. So I came along with her and my baby Steve. It was a long journey, but it was a worth trying restaurant. We ate dinner there, enjoying the time a lot.

Lee was nowhere, really busy with his project. I know I shouldn't complain about it. He tries his best to afford our family. ^_^

Back to the Italian restaurant I suppose? Fine!

Then, they gave lucky ball for each guest, and the first winner would get free trip to Venetia.

It left me baffled, so jealous. Well, the food was fantastic, the service was even better, but I guess my luck ran out that night. Toilet tissue everyone!

Toilet tissue can't be compared with free trip to Venetia for 2 days. It is a shame. Julia made a loser out of me that night!

And guess what? She said she won't use those tickets and…


Holy shit!

Thanks for your bad luck Marshall!

Marshall fell from her roof when he fixed Julia's antennae. That poor lad broke his leg and arm, real bad. Julia felt so guilty she couldn't make the trip. Now I think she is in the hospital, accompanying her love.

I'm not clear about her relationship development, but last month I found Marshall's favorite t-shirt in Julia's bedroom. Well, she wouldn't go without Marshall right? If she didn't want to fuck herself she shouldn't go.

Hey, Nina, stop being cynical, please!

Perhaps Lee would be stunned as I gave these tickets to him. He would….


Aw, sucks! Fuck him! He's still somewhere in South America now with his assistants… He said there was a new chance for building another Casino.

Talking about the assistant…. He's got a new one in his team, freaky woman with glasses. She remains me Betty La Fea, a soap opera from Colombia. Let's say, I'm a bit jealous. I'm afraid he will return to his favorite hobby, seducing women.

God, I'm being possessive nowadays! GET RID OF THAT NEGATIVE MIND NINA!

If he refused my will, I would go with Steve.



I believe Lee one hundred percent! Is that okay?

Now that's positive! ^-^

Yeah, the expiry date is 18th June.

I'm running out time.

14th June

I hate Lee. I really hate him.

We fought a bit yesterday—A bit much I supposed.

He said I shouldn't force myself to go and he could afford any tickets but….

I really hate the part when he worships his money and wealth! Lee, you fucking businessman!

"Of course I can go anywhere with or without your money! However this is the only chance to go together after these months…. Is it too hard to understand?" I yelled on the phone, slamming it.

He called me many times before I decided to answer it.

"Honey, that's not what I mean…. Nina, darling…."

Sometimes, I hate hearing that fucking sweet talks. I kept silent.

"If that what you want, I have no choice, do I? I'll go with you."

Who do you think you are, Chaolan? I'm not your boss! I'm not your gaoler!


What the? He had to go with me? He forced himself to go with me?

"No, you don't have to go anywhere!" Guess what? I slammed the phone, again.

I cried. I sobbed.

I hardly meet my own husband lately. Within three months I only met him about 15 or 17 days.


I knew exactly what he's doing. He's trying to afford his family.

Our family.

But I miss him this much.

I'm a bad person, am I?

Fuck it. I don't give a damn. I don't give a damn. It's my right to ask my husband to stay with me!

Maybe I should back to work again—after Steve quite big enough. That's why I think woman go to work is a very excellent idea for it making them busy. Actually I hate interfering with someone's business. I hate disturbing Lee's business.

Right now I'm packing my stuffs. I also pack some stuff for my baby too.

Damn, I hear his footsteps.

I think I shouldn't have slammed the phone twice.

"NINAAA!" he roars furiously. SHIT.

16th June

It's pathetic, really. I still hate Lee. I hated him. I hate him. I hate that silver haired bastard. Why he is always able to make me forget all of his mistakes? Why just because his smile I can forget my anger? It's not good. I don't want him controlling my life.

Don't you think I'm sooo in love with him?

Okay, I'll tell you what had happened when Lee, out of nowhere, suddenly appeared to our house. ^-^


That's so romantic, though…

Lee found me crying last time in the bed. Suddenly he forgot everything—his anger, his almost 7 hours goddamn flying, and his fucking business.

"Darling… I'm so sorry…" he dropped himself besides me, holding me closely. "I knew I've been too busy…"

"Of course…. I think you should marry your fucking business."

He sighed deeply. "It's also hard for me, darling. Leaving you and Steve that way… Come on, please cheer up, okay?"

I was still crying. I hated him.

"Nina, I want you to understand this. I do all of this business because it's my job, and I love it very much. It's my job that makes our living, right? However, however, if you want me to be unemployed, staying with you all the time, I will do it. I will do anything to make you happy. Is everything clear now?"


"Nina, I love you… I love you with all my soul. I love you…." Lee whispered softly, cupping my face and licking all my tears. He kissed me—in a way I couldn't imagine. "I love you it makes me hurt to see you cry…"

Damn, Chaolan that bastard is so romantic!


Okay, as all of us know, we did sort of things to satisfy our lusts. Well, Lee is always as strong as wild horses, asking more and more. He treated me nicely, loving and tender. Nevertheless, as we were in bed, Lee threatened me, "never slam the phone again or I'll spank your beautiful ass."

It made me laughed.

"What's so funny? I'm not joking," he said, combing his long hair. "Oh, I'm so tired darling…"

"So, will you join me to Venetia?"

"As long as I'm with you, I'll accompany you anywhere…"

"Is it including hell?" I joked.

"Heaven tastes hell without you… so yes babe, I'm joining you anywhere, including hell."

So here I am, in the room of Venetia hotel!


Nina, stop being Venetia publicist! No, I'm not a travel agent from Venetia!

Steve keeps sleeping after long journey, so it's only between me and fucking Chaolan. He has been gone for one hour, looking for something he said.


I thing I want to memorize this beautiful moment perfectly…. Hey, it reminds me something fun! I'll ask Lee to make something special tonight!


I'll ask him to make our own personal sex tape in Venetia….

Yeah, that will be a perfect idea!

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