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Chapter 1 – The Ancient Pokémon?

"Damn it, I'm so late!"

A raven-haired boy could be seen bolting from his house towards the town Pokémon lab.

"Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle. Anyone's fine but just save one for me!"

Ash Ketchum was breathing heavily, as he ran; still clad in his bright green pajamas. He panted as he stopped to catch his breath; his destination finally, in front of him. A large crowd was gathered around the entrance gate to the lab, busy surrounding a teen about the age of Ash. Ash pushed through the dense crowd with obvious effort; his face contorting into one of obvious surprise, when he saw just who the center of attention really was.


The brown-haired boy merely smirked in response to the timid question.

"That's Mister Gary to you, show some respect!" He paused for dramatic effect, before pulling out a Poké-ball and spinning it on his finger, tauntingly. "Well Ash; seems like your lucks all run out, I got a Pokémon and you don't!"

"You mean you got your first Pokémon?"

"No, that's not what I mean... OF COURSE IT IS!"

Ash pouted at the response, the answer seeming that much more obvious by the second. Stretching his arms out in front of him he yelled out at the older boy, his face contorted in annoyance.

"Well excuseeeeee me, princesssss!"


*ahem* "Well uh… see ya around Ashy-boy!"

Gary then stepped into a red-car with a whole crowd of fans following right behind him.

"Grrr... That Gary..."

"Is something the matter Ash?"

The raven-haired boy jumped in surprise when he heard the professor's voice, falling onto the ground in an unruly heap as he did so. Dusting himself off, he coughed into his hand awkwardly, before quickly running up to the older man, speaking as fast as he possibly could.

"Professor Oak, where's my Pokémon? Pleaseeeee tell me you have it!"

"You're Pokémon…?"

"No, that definitely ISN'T what I just said."

"Oh… good! So then anyway-"


Professor Oak at least had the decency to laugh awkwardly at the strange teen, before coughing into his fist and ushering the other person into his lab.

After walking down the straight hall-ways for what seemed like minutes but was actually… well no it was actually just minutes, they finally reached a room: which looked to be the same as all the other rooms in the building – a room for researching Pokémon. How original.

The good professor then walked on over to a machine located to his left, which seemed to have three small circular trap-doors in it. He turned to the young boy, and cleared his throat before speaking.

"This machine here has the ability to dispense three different Poké-balls. Sadly, since there aren't any Pokémon in them, you won't be able to have one for your journey."

At this, Ash suddenly gained an evil a glow in his eye, as he pulled a large mallet out of seemingly nowhere. The old man quickly took in his current situation in stride, before waving his hands repeatedly in front of him, in an attempt to appease the crazed maniac that he had, for some reason that escaped him at that moment, brought to his lab.

"Bu-but *cough* ummm… I do have one more Pokémon that I didn't give away…" 'For obvious reasons…' He paused as he began snickering. 'It's so hard to control… he'll end up fried by the end of the day.'

Ash had long since put down his mallet to look at the old professor strangely who had just entered a crazed laughing, fit. He was about to speak up just as another Poké-ball in the center of the machine rose to meet the other ones – putting it in the center of the three. Professor Oak gave him the ball, followed by a Pokédex and some Poké-balls.

"Now Ash, I must warn you, that that is a Pikachu, a Pokémon who is notoriously difficult to control and- you aren't listening are you?"

Ash nodded in wonder at the Poké-ball containing his new Pokémon partner, barely taking in anything the old professor was saying.

Looking up in gratitude, he spoke.

"Thank you very much professor! Is there anything else that I should do, now?"

The old professor nodded before picking up the mallet that Ash had (conveniently), put down.


Soon After – Near the end of Route 1:

Ash stretched his arms out as he looked both ways, forests as far as the eye could see meeting his sight. He nodded at the lack of other people before opening his Poké-ball, thereby releasing the creature currently inside of it. The yellow mouse soon took shape looking around its surroundings in obvious alarm. Upon spotting Ash, it flexed its arms in an attempt to look threatening sparking its cheeks as it did so. Ash's reflexes took over preparing to stop, drop and f*ckin' roll if things got too intense… that is, before he looked closer, and actually saw his Pokémon's facial expression. He cocked his head to the side, wondering if he saw right… was it crying?

Ash reached out a tentative hand, as he bit down the pain that he felt when a few shocks travel up his arm. While he continued patting the now shocked (no pun intended) Pokémon, he smiled at it reassuringly. (Damn… he's sure being nice all of a sudden, ain't he? 0.o)

"It's going to be ok now little one... I promise that I will never hurt you, ok?" He paused to let the words sink in, before lowering himself down to become eye-level with the emotional Pokémon. "Do you want to be friends, then maybe?"

Tiny droplets of moisture suddenly appeared in the corners of the yellow mouse's tear ducts; as it dove into the crook of its trainers' neck, crying freely. Ash was completely shocked at the Pokémon's behavior as this wasn't anything like what the professor had said that the Pokémon would act like.

They stayed that way for a few seconds longer, before the yellow mouse stopped its crying. Standing up on its own two feet, it smiled at its new trainer before a bright white light suddenly enveloped it. Ash sat there frozen.

'Is Pikachu evolving already? That's impossible isn't it...? Unless…' He watched as the light suddenly morphed into a shape, that was unlike any Raichu he had ever seen before. '… he isn't evolving at all.'

Ash stopped his musings when the light died down, and he was able to see examine his new Pokémon, in all of its glory.

It was pink not yellow...

It was psychic not electric...

It was floating not walking...

It was...


The psychic Pokémon giggled at its trainers antics before running (floating?) up and giving Ash a kiss on the nose. That surprising action, knocked him out of his shocked stare long enough for him to actually grasp the situation:

He had a Mew.


He quickly took out his Pokédex, and without actually having any idea of how to use it; scanned the floating Pokémon in front of him. (Truly, one of life's greatest mysteries)


Age: Unknown

Level: 5

Gender: Female

Ability: Synchronize: Allows the user to pass on any and all status effects that may be affecting them, onto an opposing Pokémon.

Skills learned:

Tackle (PP: 40)

Psychic (PP: 10)

Confusion (PP: 25)

A few seconds of buzzing passed, as Ash waited patiently for the device to read more data to him about the legendary species. It spoke up, not a moment later.

"No other data is available at this moment."

Ash fell forward in exasperation sighing in depression as he lay there – dead to the world. Looking up at the strange Pokémon that he had received, he smiled widely and quickly brought the legendary close to him, hugging her tightly.

"Alright! Welcome to the team, Mew!"


Not Long After – Foliage in Route 1:

"Mew, use your Psychic attack again on that tree – let's go!"


An invisible force quickly knocked the trees routes out of the hole that they had dug sending them flying far out of sight. Ash smiled widely at the explosive result before turning towards his Pokémon.

"Great job Mew-"


The psychic-type Pokémon tackled her trainer affectionately, knocking the two of them to the ground. Looking around he sighed in relief at the convenient lack of any other person, within a large-mile radius of them. He honestly had no idea how he would explain this to anyone.

Ash smiled before petting the Pokémon that was currently buried with the crook of his neck.

"Come on Mew I'm not going anywhere. So do you think that you could let me go please? If we don't hurry our pace up, then we won't be able to reach Vermillion city on time."

Mew, (reluctantly), got off its trainer and settled for floating as close to him, as humanely possible.

Ash just sighed.

Looking up to the slightly darkening sky, he thought about how close he and his Pokémon had already gotten with each other in such a short time. He couldn't help the smirk that broke out onto his face. From all the training that they had done in the past couple of hours Mew had already reached level 8 and was starting to learn the move Psybeam. Ash couldn't have been more proud. His Pokémon was going to be the most kickass Mew that has ever existed… not that there was actually, many other Mews' to compare her to. He frowned at that thought, realizing something that he really hadn't given too much of thought into before this point.

Ash sighed deeply, before picking up the psychic-type's Poké-ball off of his belt. Turning towards the Pokémon in question, he told her the problem he was thinking of.

"Mew I know that you don't like to go in there but... You're a really rare Pokémon and some people may try to take you if you're out in the open like you are right now."

Mew's face instantly turned to horror as the thought of having to leave Ash crossed its mind. Still it shook its head and resumed to flying around its trainer, not a care in the world. Ash sighed dejectedly, before looking up a surprisingly competent idea popping into his head. (I for one, am shocked)

"I thought of something, if you really would rather stay on my shoulder, instead of going back into your Poké-ball." He paused, making sure that the psychic-type was paying attention. Seeing its cocked head, he smiled before continuing. "Well… than how about you transform back into Pikachu again? It could be what you look like whenever it's not just the two of us. That way no one will ever actually think that you're really a Mew!"

Mew looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding slowly taking the form of a Pikachu again, and jumping back onto Ash's shoulder soon after. And not a moment too soon either, as they soon found themselves, walking through the gates into Vermillion City.

Ash and 'Pikachu' looked around themselves in wonder; taken in by the tall buildings and city life that seemed to surround them. Looking just up ahead they saw the red 'P' that they had been searching for. Walking towards it at a moderate pace just before an explosion rocked the area, sending the both of them covered in dirt. As they coughed out some of the excess debris that had found its way down their throats they forced their way back up, onto their feet.

It was in that moment that they spotted a pink-haired nurse and an orange-haired girl failing to fight off a couple of stupid-looking crooks, whose weapons of choice appeared to be two purple-colored, poison-type Pokémon. Ash smirked before turning to his pal who nodded back before smiling and jumping off her trainers' shoulder.

"Pikachu use Thunderbolt!"


A large bolt of lightning rocked the building, the size of well… a really large bolt of lightning. It struck the criminals in question blasting them, as well as a sizable chunk of the building, soaring high into the sky, and into oblivion. Ash, ignoring the damage or just not noticing it, turned towards his Pokémon, incredibly happy with the results of her strength.

"That was great Pikachu!"


Ash laughed at the oblivious psychic-type, before petting it on its head comfortingly.

"What did your Pokémon just say?"

He did not notice them there. Gulping to himself weakly he quickly attempted to BS his way out of the situation, deciding to use reverse psychology on the 'nosy nurse'.

"She said Pikachu of course. What else could she say?"

The nurse and orange-haired trainer both nodded in slow agreement, neither one truly believing the boy's opaque story one bit. Ash sighed in relief at having dodged a bullet, before looking up at the pink-haired woman in front of him and clearing his throat, as he did so.

"Ummm… *looks at conveniently placed nametag* Nurse Joy… I was wondering, if Pikachu and I could stay here for the night?"

The nurse just gave him a look that was a mixture of both annoyance and amazement.

"The place is in ruins and yet, you are actually asking if you can sleep here? Not to mention the fact that you aren't offering to help with the reconstruction of the building, that the both of you…" She paused to point at the boy and his Pokémon in turn. "… Destroyed?"

Ash and Pikachu both shook their heads in unison, causing the poor Nurse to sigh in exasperation. Lowering her head in annoyance she pointed down one of the only halls that were still intact, which contained four habitable rooms in the back.

Nodding his head in thanks, he walked towards the rooms, stopping as he felt someone tap his shoulder.

Turning towards the orange-haired girl that he had seen before, she smiled at him.

"I just wanted to thank you for, saving me back there."

Ash grinned happily at the friendly girl, before answering.

"It was no problem at all!"

He paused awkwardly for a second, causing her to cock her head to the side slightly.

Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, he spoke up again.

"Uh, not to sound rude or anything, but uh… what's your name?"

The orange-haired trainer blinked in surprise at the question, before smiling.

"Oh my name is Misty Kasumi! What's yours'?

The fifteen year old male grinned before speaking up, his Pokémon in-tow.

"My name's Ash Ketchum and this is my best friend Pikachu!"


Realizing her mistake quickly, Mew quickly corrected herself so as to get rid of any suspicion.

Misty nodded at the introductions, happily before walking towards the room that she had designated for herself. Ash waved towards her in a friendly farewell.

"Well… maybe I'll see you some time?"

Misty smiled at him, before nodding back happily.


The two trainers said their goodnights to each other before heading off to their assigned rooms.

The moment Ash got into his room he locked the door and turned towards his only Pokémon.

"Alright you can stop the transformation now."

Pikachu nodded happily before turning back into her true form-Mew.

Ash then trudged towards the bathroom with his night-wear before yelling out that he would just be a minute. Mew nodded at this, and, (surprisingly), stayed quiet while Ash finished cleaning himself.

A little while later, the raven-haired boy walked out of the shower with his towel draped around his lower area.

Changing back into the pair of pajamas that he had worn to the lab that same morning, he got under the covers.

Smiling at how exciting of a day it had been, he turned towards his newest companion.

"Goodnight Mew..."

"Mew-Mew Mew..."

The two then peacefully drifted off to sleep, dreams of new adventures, filling their minds…

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