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The photographers crowded around as they spotted their quarry, and the air is soon filled with flashes of lights and noise of 'clicks'. Cloud Strife, following the bridegroom procession down the steps of the Midgar Register Office, thought at once,

'That is Zack's one big glimpse of the ultra-glamorous life because after this, Angeal is sure to keep him to himself.'

Lifting his left hand to hide the wide grin that came out without his permission, he looked only to have his gaze clash with his best-now-married-friend. Zack's right eyebrow rose in question but his attention was quickly pulled out of him, cause Angeal gently but firmly led him inside the waiting limo. Cloud breath out a sigh of relief. Zack wouldn't be able to torture information out of him, and of course about what subject? He can clearly imagine what he'll ask, "What are you smiling that whole time? Did I made a fool of myself? Or maybe I did something to embarrass Angeal?"

Poor Zack. He won't get that Cloud is smiling because he thought that Zack just look adorable when he looked up at Angeal, his smile shy and eyes had a glow of some whose obviously in love. Zack , being Zack'll think of the worst possible scenario, like there's a bomb threat at the place or that his tie twisted or. . . . Oh he doesn't want to think about it anymore. . . . At least, Zack has a good taste. Angeal is one of the very few in the film business that doesn't have a ego size of Nibelheim Muontains. And he treats Zack like his own self. Good ole' Pride-and-honor Angeal Hewley.

No sir, Cloud got no rancour in his thoughts. He had liked Angeal ever since he had first saw him on tube and that was what, fifteen years ago? He was eight please, give him a break. (Of course he kept that timeline to himself. Honestly, three-and-a-half years of working in this superficial business thought him a few *many*lessons. It didn't happen to him but it did happened to others idiot enough. And the price to pay in giving out an innocent info only for it to turn into a chimera ready to eat you and your means of living.)

So yeah, Cloud is very happy for Zack. Not that Cloud dislikes actors and actresses. By Gaia, he's a secretary of one, duh! But heck, every-god-damned-body knows about Angeal's first wife. And the reason why it is a big, BIG 'NO!' of yoking two people with colossal ego together in marriage (No, Angeal doesn't have the ego size of Nibelhiem Mountains, just 'colossal ego', there's the difference. Afterall, Cloud's boss got the largest ego rival of every actors and actresses egos combined). Nor could he blame Angeal for not choosing another 'limelighter' for a spouse. The spectacular death throes of marriage in this industry is hideously high that betting on it'll make you rich in a minute, without chips to use for betting.

Now, Cloud found himself crowding into a Rolls-Royce at the foot of the steps, ready to whisked away into the reception area. The woman next to him turned out to be Aerith Gainsborough, who (wo)man-handled Angeal's last publicity regarding his last film, and whose assistant Zack had been before Angeal managed to lure him away by promises of love and sunsets.*Author: Gags.*

"Another good man vanished," she said gloomily, "As fast as I train them to bacome good to what they do, here comes some well shoed Mr./Ms. So-and-So flashing their lifestyles, seducing them with dreams of champagne and partysuites."

"From I've heard, he seduced Zack with dreams of love , pride and honor, along with roses and happily ever after." Cloud protested.

"True, true. They'll have a baby in a year, and Angeal will be giving interviews about how he dashes from scene-to-scene, finishes early so he can bathe the baby."

"You old cynic." Cloud chuckled. "We both know that Angeal will be doing just that, because he love Zack, quote,'to bits and pieces'."

Both laughed as they know just how much Angeal loves his 'Puppy'. Though Zack protests about Angeal's dub to him, they know that deep inside, he's happy to have his Angy near to him and now, married to him.

"Ah, Romance. Thank Gaia it's not so dead yet. Since nothing makes the world go round except bullshit, Romance is the only thing worth going through it all."

"Now, whose the cynic?"

'Oops,' "Did I say that out loud?" Cloud asked as he scratched his nape.

"No Cloud. I heard it through mental telepathy."

And giggling, as the car stops at the curve where vivitors are let down, Cloud got out fast and offered his arm to Aerith, who covered her mouth to hide her humour. Nodding at each other, they walked through the arch of entrance and entered the restaurant, inwardly gasping at the good job the decorators did at the already magnificent place.

"A real memorable wedding."

Cloud nodded at Aerith's words. Then both turned around where they came from to look where the sounds and lights of cameras came.

"Angeal Hewley or not. That's why the reporters are here." Aerith mumbled lowly. "Those two are the real 'toppings'. Many are wondering if one wedding will have a dominoe effect and incite another one."

At the doorway, they saw Sephiroth Cresent-Jenova and Reno Hennick , the two superstars smiling in practised fashion for the greedy bunch of news crows. And Cloud inwardly flinched when he saw the expression on his Boss' face. Or rather, his 'blank-smile-expression' which, to his astonishment, fooled everyone, even Aerith.

"I thought I saw them quarreling. Maybe I just looked wrong. They're alright it seems." She murmured. Cloud just nodded.

'What did Reno did now?' He inwardly sighed. 'Probably about marriage again. Sephiroth asked him already but he declined, saying he still have many 'things-to-do'. And because Angeal got married, that sore subject will probably pop it's henious head, again.'

"Sir, sir…. We just want to know- when are you getting married?"

And the Cloud nearly smacked his head in frustration. 'Damned news reporters.' He thought savagely.


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