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"Where could that man be…!" came the shriek of a very , VERY pissed off blonde. 'Why?', you'd ask.


The One-Winged-Angel disappeared.

Without a flipping blip on the damned Planet's surface.

No phonecalls. No message on door of the fridge. No alien writings on wall- okay, you get the picture.

He vanished.

And Cloud is practically pulling all his hair out of his head in fury, annoyance and trepidation. . . . . .

Where could the bloody man went? He called the café where he frequents, not there. He called the old man's dojo, no trace. Hell, he called even Genesis' place but the man can't be found ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY ANYWHERE…!

He sank on the comfortable sofa in the silverette's condo, burying his face in his hands. The man still have to appear on the live broadcast of the Midgar T.. AND HE IS NOT FUCKING AROUND…..!

The ringing of the phone nearly made him jump out of his skin. Calming himself quickly, he picked up the receiver and held it to his ear.

"Jenova Residence, this is the secretary-"


And he quickly froze.

"Cloud, are you still there?"

And unfroze-

"Dammit, where in the name of the eleven hells are you?" Glaring at the wall, he completely forgot his composure as panic, fury and elation combined into one and exploded inside him.

"You're not ANYWHERE…! I called nearly every person in your personal notes, even called your cousin and nobody, NOBODY bloody knows where the hell you are….!"

-and let's hope the one on the other side still have his hearing intact.

Hearing the sudden stillness on the other line, Sephiroth has enough sense to move the receiver far from his ear-

-and promptly thanked his memory regarding his little blonde's temper. He could only sigh as the blonde ranted - if the ten-second loud screeching can be called that - at him and grimaced in remembering about the said tv appearance not that he'll tell Cloud that he forgot.

But still, he has more important things to do that doesn't include the media or his fans. And it is all centered around the blonde still trying to eliminate his sense of hearing.

Okay- enough.

"Cloud," he gently called, "you're ranting."

And is quickly gifted with the silence on the other line. He sighed before giving his 'reason'. Seconds after he said it all, he's wondering if the blonde will turn homicidal towards him. He may look adorable and may seem like he can't hurt a fly but, well- Sephiroth knew, through Zack's experience, that his little, very cute and very blonde secretary, has a cruel streak bigger and larger than Meteor.

"So, would you do that for me Cloud.?"

He patiently waited for the response and rewarded with a tiny-


Inside his mind, a mini-Sephiroth danced a happy jig. No, he didn't.

Looking at the receiver, he gently put it back to it's cradle and slowly sank to the floor. Blinking in total confusion, Cloud could only mentally ask himself why he agreed in Sephiroth's idea.

Though strangely, he liked it and for a little while, thought that maybe, Sephiroth is really serious about him, the eavesdropping he did, not withstanding.

Who knows till when his 'affection'- as he dubbed it- would last. Artists notoriously have ever changing minds.

Then, reality hit in and it hit, HARD- as he remembered Reno. He groaned and mentally cursed the planet for all the trouble he seems to be getting in this past few days.

Sephiroth better make up for all the trouble he's been causing him or else-

Sephiroth swears that somebody just walked on his grave.

Waiting was never this nerve-wrecking. Cloud walked through and fro inside the silverette's apartment, even cleaned up the pristine place, sat and watch tv, only to turn it off and - dialing the Midgar T- he made up excuses about Sephiroth's whereabouts.

He sighed. Gaia, won't he ever have a break?

Well, considering that he's working for the famous Angel, he doubts so. Besides- at this, he grinned, he knows something the public doesn't and he can gloat it. Secretly, of course.

The phone rang, again, making Cloud jump, again, and he quickly picked it up.

"Sir, this the reception area. There five people here saying they have to come up and see a certain Mr. Cloud Strife-"

"Knock it off, Huer." he calmly said.

Really, the brown haired receptionist knows him and is friends with him. And he knows that Sephiroth went out, and didn't bother telling him, probably because Sephiroth gave him the 'STARE'- Oh, you get the pic. He loves his job and annoying Cloud is just an added bonus. Ah, the downsides of friendliness.

"Let them in." he grumbled while the man on other line laughed.

"Oh, alright."

"I am wondering, though, Shelke, who do you think Sephiroth-san wanted to makeover?"

"I have no clue, Shellua, but knowing Sephiroth-san, it's probably another bitch who we have to cater to."

The twins sighed and as they wait for the elevator. Turning to the three people with them, who are nearly falling over with makeover materials or 'Prissy-ness Attires' as Shellua calls it- they groaned.

"But, it's the first time Sephiroth-san told us to home service his 'muse'." Shelke said as she stood in front of the group, wondering hard why the One-Winged-Angel doesn't want this 'MUSE' to be seen, -and promptly snapped her fingers in what she thought was the reason why, and she's not far off the guess, is she?

"Could it be because this one is The One?" she asked the air.

Shellua paused in her thoughts when she heard her sister's monologue, and instantly wondered the same thing. Slowly, her eyes widened.

"Yeah, it could be. I mean- it's the only time he made us come, for he usually just calls saying Reno-san is coming, cater to him, etcetera- etcetera. " she finished the sentence with an animated wave in the air, nearly hitting the eye of one of their assistants.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Could be. But how I wish I could get my hands on Cloud-san though." Shellua sighed dreamily. "Now, that's the one I really want to dress-up. He's soooo cute~!"

Shelke nodded as they both dreamed on how to make-up and dress-up the said blonde secretary of the Angel, when the elevator came and opened with a righteous 'ding!', jostling them out of their daydream.

Not that the secretary dresses up as a slob. It's just both women are itching to simply dress him up, for his androgenous appearance is simply begging to be catered to and spiced up. Cloud dresses primly, in the twins own modest opinion. Neatly pressed slacks, and long sleeves are his daily wear, and though he looks neat and tidy, the two wanted a chance to 'Barbie' him up.

Both pouted at the same time as the elevator 'ding-ed' open and they went out towards the long hallway where the last door is the silver's condo unit, the three assistants scrambling in haste to follow.

'Ding-dong~! Ding-dong~!'

Cloud glared at the door and wondered if he should open the said thing. He groaned as it rang still, in spite of his nasty look to it- and mentally bopped his own head-

'Knock it off, Strife. You agreed to it, you do it.'

Suspiciously, though, that voice sounded like V.V. A lot.

Walking towards it, he took a look at the peephole and saw two women with their very fashionable dresses and hair-do's, accompanied by three nearly haggard-looking assistants.

He shook his head, and wondered instantly if his neck is probably near to drop off with all the shaking it does, and quickly shook away the notion. See what he meant?

Taking a deep breathe of air, he steadied himself and opened the door-


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