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Hi guys, here's my first spinoff to The Hunt, this details what Spider-man is getting up to, along with my OC Azure Eagle. Peter has a happier life now that may shatter, not only must he protect his family from the remnants of the Kravinoff clan but he must also protect his rogue's gallery from Deathblade, while Azure Eagle faces off against the American Son and stuck between killing an insane criminal and keeping a promise he made.

Featuring practically every member of the "Spider-man family" I present this spinoff and my first Spider-man fic

Azure Eagle and Spider-man: The Hunt

Chapter 1: Changes

I feel as if I've woken up from a dream, or more like a nightmare, no marriage, no child and everybody knowing who I was. Jeez I shudder when I think about it.

He swung downwards, the criminals yelling out his name.


That's me; guy in the blue and red, classic look for a heroic age! My real name is Peter Parker, the luckiest man alive.

Spider-man dived into the middle of the gang, punching and kicking his way through them. One tried to fire his gun, but Spider-man clogged the barrel with a shot of webbing. He then delivered a swift uppercut to the man's jaw and began shooting webs at the other criminals. With a final web shot at the lamppost above him, Spider-man jumped upwards, pulling the six men off the ground and leaving them dangling by their legs on the lamppost.

Thank god for the aliens, I mean sure Osborn would have been brought down quicker but I never thought it would be from trying to commit genocide on the aliens invading us. But we, as in myself and a load of other heroes kick Osborn's ass and showed the world for what he really is. And the best part of it is that I can now enjoy the reopened New York City with my wife, my aunt, a bundle of new and old friends and the most incredible thing of all, my daughter!

Spider-man swung into one of the many alleyways of New York City, using the shadows to slip out of his costume and into his civilian clothes. Peter Parker walked out of the alleyway into his new apartment like a man without a care in the world. When he got to the sixth floor of the building the sight of his many friends helping to unpack his things welcomed him.

"About time you got here Parker, what took you so long?" Felicia Hardy asked, holding a box labelled photo lab.

Felicia had suppressed a wink, knowing exactly what Peter had been up to. She was after all the Black Cat, an old girlfriend of Spider-man. But now she was a single woman looking for some prospects, Peter's cop friend Vincent was out because he hated Spider-man and he was eying Carlie Cooper.

"I put the socks in the drawer like you asked Mrs Parker," Carlie said to May, tilting her glasses.

"Thank you Carlie and please call me May," The old but strong woman said.

"Hey Pete, could you give us a hand with this?" Robbie Robertson asked, carrying a sofa up the stairs with his son Randy.

"Sure thing Robbie!" Peter said, feigning weakness as he grabbed the bottom of the sofa.

"Hey Tiger!" a voice said at the doorway to Peter's bedroom.

Peter dropped the sofa and turned to smile at his wife.

Mary Jane Watson-Parker, the most incredible woman I know. She's known about my other life for ages, she's the love of my life and the woman I intend to spend the rest of my life with.

Mary Jane ran a hand through her red hair, walking to her husband's side. They gently kissed one another, slow dancing around the living area.

"Where's our little Spider-Girl?" Peter asked, his voice as low as a whisper.

"With her "big brother Pat" on the roof," Mary Jane said.

"Hey love birds, do you intend on enjoying your bedroom already or are you going to help us out?" A familiar voice asked from the entrance.

Harry Osborn, my best friend and a guy who was once my sworn enemy. He's worked so hard to get out of his father's shadow, got his own coffee shop. Too bad about Lily his girlfriend though, he was going to marry that girl. But Norman got his disgusting hands on her. Yet Harry's still got his friends, it's good that he's talking to his ex Liz Allen again.

Harry lifted a box onto his shoulder, carrying it into the kitchen. Peter patted his friend on the back, both men grinning at one another as they put the cutlery into the drawers.

"Any news on your father?" Peter asked.

"Nope, and I've got no problem with that you know why?" Harry asked.

"Because you already told him where to shove it after kicking his ass in his own armour," Peter said.

"Yep, cant say I miss the American Son suit though, god damn maniac tried to turn me into his sidekick."

"Yeah you would have been "Iron Patriot's" Bucky!" Peter grinned.

"Better than being Stark's "Iron Spider"" Harry whispered.

Peter and Harry laughed while Mary and May shook their heads.

"All right Peter, we've got to get back on duty, I hope you settle in well," Carlie said, kissing Peter's cheek while Vincent shook his hand.

"No problem, the two of you should come over for dinner some time, thanks for the help."

"See you Peter, MJ!" Vincent said, nodding at the couple before he and Carlie left.

"I've got to get back to Jonah Peter, make sure he doesn't get overwhelmed by all the new tech at the rebuilt Bugle Building, you should come over too, give us some pictures of the reopening parade," Robbie said.

"Bye Robbie, bye Randy!" Peter said, shaking the two men's hands before they left.

He waited a moment, making sure that the guests were gone before he began walking up to the roof. When he got there he smiled at his daughter. Mayday Parker was six years old and full of energy that she spent screaming and laughing.

"Higher, higher Big Brother Pat!" The brown haired girl said, sitting on the shoulders of an eighteen-year-old boy wearing combat fatigues and a red shirt.

"Okay May, but don't say I didn't warn you," Patrick said, jumping up and down on the spot.

Patrick, one of the few clones I like. He's no clone of me though, it's a long story so I'll give a short version, the Initiative makes three clones of one of their best cadets and gives them modified versions of the spider suit that Stark once made me. Two of them die, leaving Patrick as the soul surviving Scarlet Spider, Ben would be proud!

"DADDY!" Little May yelled, jumping off Patrick's back and hugging Peter's leg.

"How's my little Spider-girl huh?" Peter asked, picking his daughter up and hugging her.

"Hungry Daddy" May said.

"Then lets go see if our microwave works, your welcome to come with us Patrick" Peter said.

"Thanks Mr Parker but I'd better get on patrol, time for the world to at least get a glimpse of the new Scarlet Spider" Patrick said.

"Please its Peter to you, or you could call me Senpai if you wanted" Peter grinned.

"No chance Peter, bye May!" Patrick said, before he ran to the edge of the building.


As soon as Patrick jumped his civilian clothes shifted into the red and gold Stark Spider suit, built with an assortment of spider related gadgets. He spread his arms out, swooping between buildings as he utilised the built in glide system. Then he switched to the classis web shooters, swinging between buildings. Peter took May back down to the apartment, where she played with her mother and Aunt.

Call me a sissy if you want, but seeing them like this always makes me cry. I feel as if I've woken up from a nightmare to find that no matter what gets into my life everything will be all right. I've got my aunt, my friends, my wife and my daughter, yep it's a good day, a brand new day! God that sounded better in my head!

There has to be a reason why I'm alive. Between the Civil War, the Skrull infiltration and Osborn's reign it didn't seem like anything could get worse for the world. Then this alien invasion happens, a lot of people get killed and I'm left fighting for my survival again. But then everything seems to get better, the Avengers reveal Osborn for the scumbag that he is and they defeat not only the invaders but according to Aeon a group of Avengers from the future. People are calling this the start of something great, but I know better. Nothings just fixed, the problems are still here, something's waiting round the corner.

Sweat dripped off of the side of his face as the men watching yelled and cursed at him. He was shirtless; a collection of scars and burn marks decorated his relatively well-toned chest. Surrounding him were spectators, watching a much buffer man punch him across the face. They screamed and swore, giving the smaller brown haired man no encouragement as he got up off the floor. Wiping the blood on his mouth with a firm and still wrist, he ran back into the fight.

I had a name once, Kyle; nowadays people I used to call friends call me Azure. Azure Eagle is my codename; I am a fugitive from the Initiative. He whom I trusted the most, a friend I would have given my life for, betrayed me. Now I barely smile, I can no longer be considered a good man and I don't really care what the people say, I know that I'm not a good man anymore. Blood is on my hands, the blood of those I felt don't deserve second chances. I'm done being the nice guy; you need to be cruel in order to do what needs to be done. And I'll do what I need to do.

His fists flew into the bigger man's chest whilst his feet shifted from side to side. Like a bird he almost flew around his opponent, dodging a crushing punch and countering with a cross to the side of the man's neck. Then he thrust his palm forward, striking the man's nose. Dazed, the brute attempted a haymaker, but the smaller man blocked with his elbow. With a grunt, the shorter man struck the man's cheek with his elbow, and then slammed his fist into the opposite cheek.

I've been living off wild animals in deserts. Now I'm in a bar, the owner's been running illegal brawls, gambling and bribing police officers to turn a blind eye. I remember this street, it used to be peaceful, but then the Civil War started. Heroes against heroes, Jesus, people actually let themselves be controlled by the government. They spoke of freedom and independence from the problems of the government, but when things went to shit because of some bitch that couldn't keep her mouth shut everybody does a one eighty and signs up to be controlled by the government. Even a man who I called my best friend agreed that you couldn't do the right thing unless you had signed a damn piece of paper. The world has gotten worse, and I got tired of being the nice guy. I'm not a good man anymore, but that doesn't matter.

He slammed his fist into the side of his opponent's face. Toppling the man to the ground. The young man breathed heavily, walking out of the ring and through the crowds of people. He shoved one of the men that bet against him out of the way, walking over to the bookie.

I have one fight for the money just so I can pay for a room and some food for the night. Quite a lot of people bet against me, I guess I proved them wrong. The bookie gets the biggest cut, but I still get enough for a cheap hotel room, a subway sandwich and a bottle of Kronem.

Azure sat in his room, tilting the contents of the beer down into his throat. Leaning back into his chair, he watched the Bugle's coverage of the latest events going on in the world.

"Good afternoon America, I'm Betty Brant and this is the Daily Bugle, several months after the invasion from the Warlord known as Karabai New York City is being reopened today with a parade dedicated to all public service workers that helped to repair our city. The president himself dedicated a speech at the White House to all the men and women that had died during the invasion three months ago. Famed Avenger Tony Stark also had a small monument built in Stamford's Camp Hammond while temporary commander of the Initiative defence forces Victoria Hand assures us that all villains and deserters that had been working for former Hammer commander Osborn are being kept in Prison 42."

Prison 42, I remember that place and the month I spent in it. Then when I manage to escape its Stark's influence everywhere. A super hero team in every state, the idea is organised and good but stupid because those teams were all under the control of someone else. The Skrulls infiltrated every Avenger team on the planet, hell even the X-men ended up having a Skrull on their team, although he only got found out a few months after the full-scale invasion. I was alone during the invasion, though that was no surprise. Things changed for the worst when Osborn took over and once again I was forced to go on the run. But this time it was worse, much worse.

He closed his eyes, drifting into a sleep, one that was far from peaceful. Not even his dreams offered him comfort as numerous figures moved through the mist of his dream world.

Osborn formed his little team of Dark Avengers and then sent his personal hit squad after me. The Thunderbolts!

Nuke fired his machine guns, hitting Azure's shoulders. Luckily Azure managed to armour into his eagle form. Blue armoured covered his body with steel wings bursting out of his back and a beak shaped helmet accompanying his black mask. He blocked a hail of gunfire with his wings, throwing a volley of bladed feathers at Headsman and the Black Widow. Mr X ran towards Azure Eagle, twirling Katana blades in his hands. The psychopathic psychic slashed at Azure Eagle's arm, tearing off a piece of his armour.

The world pretended to have no idea that Osborn had his own evil intentions when he took the job. I'm betting his bitch of an assistant Hand thought he had the potential to make the world a better place. America is a country of idiots, at least that's the image they established when they put Osborn in power.

Paladin fired his blasters at Azure Eagle as the armoured vigilante flew in midair. Azure Eagle drew his gun blades, diving towards Ant Man and Grizzly. The former shrunk and hid while Grizzly jumped straight towards his opponent. He ducked under the swing of Azure Eagle's sword, and then slashed at his waist. Azure Eagle flew back, switching his blades to gun mode and firing straight at grizzly. The Feral hit man dodged the bullets, giving Nuke the opening to fire a rocket into Azure Eagle's side.

I'm not a good man anymore, so I had to do things that Aeon wouldn't have approved of. But I don't regret it, those people had their chances and they wasted them.

Grizzly smirked as he walked towards Azure Eagle. The feral man brandished his claws, raising his arms to finish his opponent off. Suddenly, Azure Eagle swung his swords upwards, cutting off Grizzly's arms.

I'm done being the nice guy in a world that seeks to hurt them. A good man isn't enough to get by in this world.

Azure Eagle thrust his sword into Grizzly's head, yelling as he fired a blast that separated the Thunderbolts. He flew away as fast as he could, clutching the cut on his forehead. Azure awoke from his slumber, breathing heavily as he rubbed his forehead. He looked at the TV, showing images of the parade. The president's car was rolling in the middle of balloons made for famous Avengers and services that had helped during the invasion. Azure leant forward, resting his head on his hands as he focused his eyes on the screen. The parade marched into Times Square and Azure screamed out as his eyes began to glow blue.

Oh god, I should be celebrating about this, but I can't bring myself to. Not because the man's dead but because this could be the beginning of something much worse for the city.

Peter photographed the scene at Times Square. Pinned against the sign were the bodies of not only Norman Osborn in his Iron Patriot armour but his lover Lily Hollister, the goblin based villainess named Menace. People panicked around Peter, shoving him and rushing past him as they considered the meaning of the words written in Osborn's blood.

You don't just write down the words "let the punishment fit the crime" because it sounds badass. This is a warning; something big is on the horizon.

Deathblade has returned, I wonder whether his presence will make the state of the world better or worse. Alls I know is that every bit of scum is about to get what they deserve. Good luck Cade Hunter, let the villains beware!

Harry Osborn looked up at the scene on the TV of the wall of his coffee shop. He saw a man he had despised crucified and a warning to every other scumbag written in his blood. Harry couldn't bring himself to celebrate or smile, unable to find any pleasure in his father's brutal murder.

"Harry Osborn!" A voice said behind him.

"I'm sorry we're closed!" Harry said, turning to the customer.

He widened his eyes as he looked at the barrel of a gun. Standing before him was a young brown haired man carrying a bag and a gun.

"Hello Harry, I'm your brother Gabriel!" He said.


"BLAM! BLAM!" May squealed as she wielded her toy gun.

Mary Jane shook her head as she picked May up off the floor. She hugged the girl tightly, giggling with her as May began slicing fillings for sandwiches. Everything was perfect; nothing would ruin the family's attitude today. Mary Jane didn't know why she was so happy, the past few months felt like they had been the greatest of her life. As if she had woken up from a nightmare.

"Careful Mary, you might squash little May!" Aunt May smiled.

"Mom, can we have Franklin and Valeria over for a sleepover?" May asked.

"I think they're a little busy helping their mom and dad fix their house May" Mary Jane said.

"But mooom, it'll take forever to fix the giant four!"

Mary Jane laughed as she tickled her daughter's tummy. May smiled at the moment, wiping a tear from her eye. She couldn't explain it but she'd also been quite emotional in the past few months. Honestly she felt that nothing could ruin this moment. Mary Jane stopped her little dance with May as a knock shook the door. Aunt May walked to the door, opening it and gasping at what she saw. Kneeling against the floor was a brown haired girl, wearing a more feminine version of Peter's costume. Sweat dripped off her face and her costume had been stained with blood and dirt. Then May recognised her, she was Jameson's niece Mattie Franklin. But what was she doing in a Spider-woman costume?

"Please…they…still have…Carpenter and Webb!"

Next Chapter 2: Other American Son

Hope everyone enjoyed the chapter, next time Gabriel Stacy/Osborn gets comfortable in the American Son armour, while Azure Eagle tries to save Harry, with unexpected help.