Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Chapter 2: The More Important Things

Misaki's eyes widened so wide that her eyeballs are almost coming out of their sockets. Her mouth opened in great surprise.

There was Kanou standing almost with the same reaction as Misaki.

The sight he just saw shocked his being. Both Usui and their president were sitting on the floor. Usui almost half naked as his upper body was revealed with his unbuttoned shirt and there was their Student Council President, the Evil President… doing wonders on Usui's body.

Strong dark and dangerous aura immediately surrounded Misaki's body. She was trembling hard, her face red hot.

Kanou regretted coming back. He should have just ignored the thud he heard and killed his curiosity, because now, his curiosity might just kill him. He knew he is in real grave danger.

When Misaki opened her mouth to speak, Kanou bucketed along the stairs and went off of the rooftop. He decided he still want to live his life, graduate high school, find a girl to marry and live happily ever after. Just because he is a man doesn't mean he is not dreaming of a perfect ending. But that's one secret he'll never tell anybody.

"Kanou wait!"

Misaki stood and decided to follow Kanou but Usui captured her hand.

"Let me go! I need to explain to him or else… or else…" Misaki's face turned a little redder than it already is.

He will think that we we're doing something… something… hideous!

Misaki's jaw dropped at the realization.

He saw me… he saw me in that ghastly incident. I was… I was ki-kissing Usui's…

She quivered. "Eeeeeh!" she uttered a shrill cry of shame, steam coming out of her ears and nose. She was glowing red already.

What will Kanou think of me? I am the Student Council President and I was just caught in a compromising situation! This is an outrage! This will be such a disgrace to my honour!

"Let go of me!" She continued to extract her hand from Usui's tight grasp. "I have to tell him that… that,"

There was a long moment of silence as Misaki thought of the right words to explain to Kanou what really happened.

"What are you going to tell him?" asked Usui.

"Don't pressure me! I'm thinking!" she was loosing her sanity, she can't think of anything!

This is not good! I have to come up with an excuse!

"Kanou's not that kind of guy." Usui rose to his feet and tardily buttoned his uniform.

Misaki noticed Usui's face devoid of any emotion. He was acting as if nothing happened!

"How can you act so cool about this? This will destroy me! I can't let this happen! If you're not worried about what others will think then be it! That's you! I have a reputation to take care of!" she exclaimed.

Pissed, Misaki left Usui at the rooftop.

The Next Day:

Kanou took perhaps the deepest breath he has ever taken. Before he entered the gate, he looked around cautiously.

He vigilantly went inside the campus.

He knew he was a little late. He planned this, because he knows that their Student Council President comes early and she usually roves around the school first thing in the morning to scold violators.

And now that the classes have already started he is confident that she is already in her class.

When he heard a certain voice that sounded like their Evil President's Kanou immediately fled to the nearest classroom and hid behind the door. He peeked outside.

"Oh… I need to change my nail color, and I want to dye my hair like that actress from last night's drama." Said the voice that Kanou mistook as the president's.

"Come on! The teacher would suspect what took us so long to come back from the bathroom." Said another girl's voice and then they were running.

Ah, definitely not the president.

Kanou expelled a thankful sigh.

"Uh, excuse me? Are you from this class?" asked another voice from behind him. When Kanou turned around, he just realized that he was disturbing a class.

He scratched his head, everybody was looking at him.

"Kanou-kun?" said that familiar voice.

And to his surprise it was Sakura's voice. She was comfortably siting along with the others.

Kanou was stupefied.

If Sakura is in this class, then…

Shoot! Of all the places!

The very person he was keeping away from was inside the classroom!

He was actually in her class!

God what have I done?

Misaki's piercing eyes scared the hell out of Kanou. He felt goose bumps all over his body.

Rattled, Kanou bowed again and again at everybody and spoke in a choppy way, "Ah I-eh oh! I am so so-sorry!" He firmly shuts his eyes and continued, "I promise I won't tell anyone!"

It was too late for Kanou to realize what he just randomly blurted out due to being too agitated with the presence of the Evil President.

Misaki instantaneously sat straight. She panicked for a while.

"I won't tell anyone?" repeated their teacher, curious of what Kanou had accidentally said. "What do you mean? What's your name boy?"

This can't be happening! Misaki thought. She bit her lower lip.

Misaki stood, she had to interfere. "Ugg… You!" she pointed Kanou whose eyes enlarged at her finger aimed on his face even though they were more or less five meters apart. "You can't just barge in and disturb classes! Y-you may leave now!"

Nodding and saying sorry once more, Kanou opened the door to leave when Misaki called him.


He was shaking; he felt his heart palpitating harshly. Kanou gulped and waited for the Evil President's judgment; as what he feels like he was waiting for.

"I-I'll see you in the Student Council Room after-hours. I-I'll have you read the student's manual in front of me! You have to be reminded of this school's rules and regulations!" Misaki said.

There were susurrations. Some, Kanou could actually hear or they really wanted him to hear them.

"Poor guy!"

"He's a first year right?"

"Are you serious? He ran for presidency last election!"

Kanou knows that the president wanted him at the Student Council Room not only because of this incident, but mainly because of what he witnessed yesterday.

The bell rang; it means the day's class had just ended.

For Kanou, it's the start of his personal woe.

This has to end.

He will just let her talk and defend herself and everything will get back to normal. Like he cares about what Usui and the president do together when they're alone!

Although he had long been suspecting that there is really something going on between the two already, it is not in his type to be making a lovers lovey-dovey moment such a huge deal!

It just happens that he accidentally caught them in the act.

He also kind of understood why the president reacted that much. She's a girl, that's why.

So, this is it! I'll just let her talk, I'll stay quite and over and out!

"Kanou-kun!" Yukimura cornered him just as he was about to enter the Student Council Room. "Kanou-kun!" he cried out while pulling his shirt.

"What is it, Yukimura?"

Yukimura's face looked so scared. "Kanou-kun, don't go inside!"

"Why not? The president wants to talk to me…"

The more Yukimura's face exposed fright, he pulled Kanou's shirt once more.

"The Student Council Room… it's not the same anymore…" Yukimura said, "It has become a torture chamber."

Kanou's throat dried. "To-torture ch-ch-chamber?"

His body quivered when he remembered macabre torture scenes from some violent movies he had seen. If those could happen to him in real life, he's over.

Kanou peeked through the small keyhole to see for himself if Yukimura's description was just exaggerated. Only to find that Yukimura was not exaggerating at all! It was the room that was exaggeratedly depicting a real torture chamber!

She is going to torture him while interrogating him about what he saw!

The long tables and chairs were all piled up on both sides of the room, a swaying light bulb inside was the only one strongly illuminating the entire place since all the windows are closed and then there's a chair in the middle right under the swaying light and there was their Student Council President, anxiously pacing. Waiting… for him.

Her dark and murderous aura is surrounding her body.

Kanou can't be mistaken; he could see her smiling while murmuring indistinctly as if she was loosing herself. No! It was as if she was being controlled by a powerful force, a demonic force that is!

He pulled away from the door. Kanou could not stand it anymore.

Their president might me a girl, her body may look so fragile but it's only a betraying look since she is as strong as ten normal boys combined! Or maybe more!

"Kanou-kun, what have you done to the president?" Yukimura asked.

Misaki on the other hand was planning carefully what she would tell Kanou. She can't help but smile. She has finally picked out the best words to tell him.

Kanou, I accidentally punched Usui on the chest and it was bruised… So, I kissed it! The bruise I mean! Because Usui said it was the best cure!

Misaki mirthfully giggled. She decided to just tell him what really happened so she would not have to lie… until she heard Kanou's reply on her mind.

'Since when did a kiss become the best cure for a bruise?' Misaki could even imagine Kanou laughing at her face.

Heat crept to Misaki's face.

Come to think of it, how can she tell something like that to Kanou? Logically, it's impossible! Bruise are blood that escaped the veins, it can only heal on it's own in time. Though there are quicker ways to heal it like putting ointment and ice, still there is no way a kiss can be the best cure!

Then, why did I do that? Why did I kiss it?

She knows the answer fairly well, though. It was because she owes it to him for being the one who caused the bruise. She was guilty that is why even though it sounded absurd, she did it.

Oh no! I'm back to zero!

If she tells Kanou that anyway, it's going to be like telling him that they are already a couple. Which is another issue because; the school can't know about this yet. She is not ready.

Misaki felt like banging her head on the wall this time. But she paused.

'I don't want my Misa-chan to be hurt. I will never allow other people to hurt you; I will never even allow you to hurt yourself.'

No, not the wall, not the blackboard either.

"But I have to release this!" she cried out loud.

Kanou's ears bobbed. He heard her! She was going to release something! And she's going to release it to him!

I can't die just yet! I can't!

Kanou dashed through the corridor and out of the building.

"Kanou-kun!" called Yukimura.

When Misaki heard that name, she swiftly went out of the Student Council Room only to catch a glimpse of Kanou's back disappearing from her sight, leaving dusts on the corridor.

"That guy! Hey!" Misaki wanted to follow him but a hand captured hers. When she looked back it was Usui.

His face… expressionless, again.

"Let go of me you idiot! I have to talk to him!" she yelled.

"Prez, I don't have a hearing impairment. I can hear you just fine even if you whisper." A meaningful smile twisted on Usui's lips. "Your soft whispers are much much pleasing to my ears, especially when your warm and sweet breath touches my-,"

Misaki's hand flew to Usui's face.

"Shut up!"

It was because Yukimura was listening and the perverted outer-space human was mortifying her again by saying those perverted words in front of another person.

Yukimura was stunned at the scene. Their president just slapped Usui!

Wee, Usui-kun must have said something that angered president. What did he say? Didn't he just murmur after he said he doesn't have a hearing impairment? President sure has admirable sense of hearing!

"Ano… you two. Usui-kun are you okay?" Yukimura asked.

Misaki noticed Usui gritting his teeth. He looked away.

"I'm fine, Yukimura. Prez is just troubled." Usui turned his back on her, "I just hope she gets to do what she wants fast since her dilemma is consuming all of her. I wish she won't forget the more important things."

Then he was gone.

"Thank you for coming today, master!"

Misaki turned to the three idiots who were drooling over the table already. They were sharing a single glass of juice. And as per usual, they slowly consume it so they could stay until closing time.

"You three… we're closing." She reminded.

"Wah, time is really very fast in here. I think you should replace your clock's battery, it might be overcharged or something. Or maybe there's something wrong with your clock." Shiroya suggested.

Kurotatsu clasped his hands and with twinkling eyes looked at Misaki, "Yes! We will customize the clock so every second is five seconds equivalent in the real time. That would mean we could stare longer at our Misa-chan without having to worry about time flying so fast!"

"Weeehee! That is a good idea Kurotatsu! Then I can have different angles of our Misa-chan sketched on my notebook!" Ikuto's eyes started watering, "That is my greatest dream!"

The three idiots hugged each other, happy about their ideas and plans.


"Nice one!"

"You think so?"

Misaki counted the time the three idiots mentioned, "Every second is five seconds in the real time…" she repeated and calculated. If they are going to customize the clock and if she has four hours minimum of working hour multiplied to five…

I will be working for twenty hours!

Misaki freaked out, "What are you talking about customizing our clock? Our clock is fine! Are you going to get us killed for overworking?"

Ikuto pointed at Kurotatsu with blame, "It was Kurotatsu's idea Misa-chan!"

Surprised, Kurotatsu's face contorted and pointed at Shiroya, "What? I wouldn't have come out of that idea if Shiroya did not say that there's something wrong with the café's clock!"

Shiroya arbitrarily pointed at Misaki, "I just thought about that because Misa-chan said it's already closing time and I think eeee-,"

The three finally noticed Misaki's serious irritated aura escalating.

"So you're saying this is my entire fault?"

Horrified by their favorite maid's expression, the three idiots broke away.

Misaki sighed. She took the glass from the trio's vacated table and out of the blue, her eyes traveled to thatspecial table on the corner.

She felt guilty again.

She had already promised to him that she will take control of her aggressiveness, but she still can't. When it comes to Usui, she just can't control herself. Sometimes she can be so bold, sometimes she can be so soft, then so violent then so sensitive and so lost.

Misaki felt the corners of her eyes starting to get hot.

"You can't be an earthling." She was talking to Usui's imaginary presence that was sitting on his favorite table, grinning. She could imagine his beautiful green eyes staring back at her. "That's right, you are a perverted outer-space human. I think I've gone crazy… it's all your fault."

"Misa-chan… who are you talking to?" Satsuki asked, she followed Misaki's eyes and realized something.

"Agh! Haha, no one! I-I was just talking to myself! That's zero weirdness right? Everybody talks to themselves once in a while. Haha!"

Satsuki nodded, "That's true… I do it sometimes. But Honoka does it all the time." She said and realized that Misaki has already left to the kitchen. "Hee, just like now. I'm talking to myself."

Before Satsuki followed Misaki to the kitchen, she glanced at the table where Usui usually sits.

He did not come today, and Misaki's all troubled.

Must be a lovers quarrel! Hihihi

Satsuki once again filled up the entire Maid Latte with moe flowers.

"Tell me what really happened Kanou-kun." Yukimura said.

Kanou sent a text message to Yukimura that they will meet at the back of the school building that morning.

"I have to tell you something, Yukimura." He was very serious.

"What is it Kanou-kun? You look seriously bothered."

"Right you are, Yukimura. This is about the president, I think…"

A heavy hand landed on Kanou's right shoulder, and then followed by the voice that haunted him in his dreams and gave him a sleepless night.

"You think?" asked the voice.

Kanou's body started to tremble again. He knows that behind him is the Evil President.

Sh-she's here to send me to hell! Help!

"Y-y-you think what, Kanou?"

"I-I-I… t-think…" Kanou's got an idea. He turned around, "Oh look another girl confessing to Usui-kun!" he pointed behind the president.

As expected, Misaki immediately followed where his finger is pointing.

A successful smile appeared on Kanou's lips as he once again ran away.

It was too late for Misaki to realize that she was just being fooled.

"I'm going to catch you Kanou… hahahahahaha!"

How dare you use that escape idea to me? And to think I even bit it!

Yukimura shivered upon the dangerous determination that Misaki was emitting.

Misaki arranged her things.

She had reviewed loads of reports by the other council members today and she was a little tired.

She stretched the moment she stood and then the door swung open.

Came in the guy she has not seen since this morning.

They remained staring at each other for a while.

"I caught him for you." He said.

Lines formed on Misaki's forehead.

"What do yo-,"

Before she was able to finish her words, Kanou appeared from behind Usui. She got what he meant.

Misaki opened her mouth to confront Kanou about this morning "You! Why di-," but Usui had to interrupt her.

He raised his palm in front of her face.

"Listen to him first." He told.

His voice has this commanding tone that she just could not break, knowing that upon saying that he was looking so serious. The same serious face as yesterday after she slapped him in front of Yukimura.

'I just hope she gets to do what she wants fast since her dilemma is consuming all of her. I wish she won't forget the more important things.'

So this is what he means that is consuming all of her. But still, she could not get about the 'more important things' part.

Oh but that she can ask him later.

"Kaichou… about what I saw the other day." Kanou started. "You don't really have to worry about it. I won't expose you two. Spreading gossip is not something that I do. I'm not that kind of person." Kanou's face soured.

Kanou was a little disappointed that the president thinks that he would bother to spread malicious rumors about them. It is totally not in his character and for her to think that he can actually do such thing is unfair.

'Kanou's not that kind of guy.' Was what Usui told Misaki that time.

Now Misaki understands why Usui was not very much affected about being seen by Kanou.

It's because he trusts him.

Misaki clenched her fists.

I'm the worst.

"And about this morning with Yukimura, I wasn't going to tell him about-,"

"I believe you!"

Kanou looked up at the now uneasy Misaki.


"S-s-sorry…" it wasn't almost a word but Misaki managed to say.

Truly, it is one of the most difficult words to say. It's hard to admit a mistake, but in order to correct not only that mistake but one's belief as well, it should be done.

"I-It's just that…"

"I understand, Kaichou." Kanou nodding. "But really I was more embarrassed than you are. That was my first time to see a live smooching." He laughed.

"Huh! Live smooching?... hahaha! Hah… W-what are you t-talking about?" Misaki felt abashed by the way Kanou described what he saw.

It was that filthy? Oh no!

"But it's only normal. You're already together, right?"

Misaki can't stop shaking. Her face was flaming hot. The words live smooching and filthy was flooding her mind, enough to make her head ache.

When Usui noticed that Misaki was affected by what Kanou just said, he knew he had to intervene.

"That's enough, Kanou." He said.

Kanou, finding that the president was already drowned on the floor, head swaying and face red; he understood.

"Whoa… I-I didn't mean it like…"

Usui tapped his shoulder.

"You may go now."

"Tch…" a meaningful smile flashed on Kanou's face after had shut the door of the Student Council Room.

For someone as stubborn and their president, there's only Usui who can handle her much perfectly.

Misaki felt a tender hand caressing her head. Usui sat beside her on the floor.

"You regret giving me the best cure Misa-chan?" he asked, pouting.

The best cure… How can she regret it?

"Of course not!" she yelped.

"Then don't think of it as filthy."

Misaki's breathing suspended, this man… the only one who can easily read her mind.

"Y-you're terrible…"

He just smiled.

"You're really a perverted outer-space human! That's why you're always ahead everything!" Misaki faced the floor. "You're not superman you know! So don't always try to save the day."

Usui wrapped his arms around her stomach and pulled her close to his body.

"I'm no superman… because I am biased."

"What are you saying?"

"Superman saves the day, while I only save your day. Only if it concerns my Misa-chan will I try to save the day. I guess you can call me your personal Superman."

Usui buried his face on Misaki's hair on her neck.

"You idiot!"

"Yes, Prez?"

"I'm s-sorry."

Geez! How many times do I have to say sorry today?

"I'm hurt Misa-chan…" he said so suddenly.


"Your slap…"

She remembered.

"Y-yeah! About that… I'm sorry about that t-too."

"The best cure… I need it."

Just when the redness from her cheek had already died down, it just coloured again.

"Oh no… you think that it's filthy."

Misaki broke free from his embrace from the face Usui, she knelt.

"I'll give you that best cure if you tell me about what you said yesterday. That you wish I won't forget the more important things. What are those things?"

He smiled. "It's because Misa-chan is too occupied, about what other people will say, about other people's feelings. I'm jealous."


"You need to sort out the more important things, Misa-chan."


"Family… I can't take that away. Work… you're my maid and you're the cutest maid, so can't take that either…" he started thinking out loud.

"What are you talking about?" she yelled.

"Aww!" Usui covered both his ears. "Misa-chan I already told you… Whispering to my ears is better."

"Stop it!"

Before Misaki was able to hit him again, he pulled her to another tight embrace.

"So as I was saying… being President, can't take that away too…" he continued.

"What are you talking…." That was loud, but then she realized she should not be shouting at him. "…about?" that last word was a whisper.

A wider smile was drawn on Usui's lips.

"Those were the more important things you should only be focusing on Misa-chan, concerning other people's unnecessary thoughts and rumors about you are going to fill you up." Usui ran his fingers through Misaki's hair. "Then there'd be no more space for Misa-chan to think about… us."

Usui was right; she got too consumed just by thinking about what happened the other day. And she even slapped Usui on the face because she was thinking about what Yukimura will say if he heard him.

For sure Usui only said those words to distract her.

"Stupid idiot perverted outer-space human!" She pushed him a bit, "Here's your medicine!" she placed her hands behind his head and kissed him on the cheek.

But since Usui was perverted, he moved his face so that their lips would meet and he hungrily claimed her lips.

Misaki responded trying her best to fill his hunger.

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