Chapter 5

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"The right thing to guide us
Is right here, inside us
No one can divide us
When the light is leading on
But just like a heartbeat
The drumbeat carries on

We must stand together
There's no getting even
Hand in hand forever
That's when we all win
That's, that's, that's when we all win"

All the staff of Hogwart's school had come together the next morning after settling into the chambers the day before. Every single professor except Narcissa now sat in casual clothes at a large circled table in the middle of the great hall drinking coffee and pumpkin juice and catching up with their colleagues.

Hermione sat in her combat trousers and green tank top, completely comfortable between Minerva and Ana Vector – the arithmancy professor, talking animatedly with the later about a new all-witch band that had recently released several hits. She was anxiously awaiting Narcissa's arrival, the blonde hadn't slept much and so Hermione had let her sleep a bit longer, but her body burned to be close to hers again.

Soon enough the delicious witch made her way through the gold doors into the great hall, Hermione however was so engrossed in her conversation with Ana that she didn't even notice until Narcissa's delicate, perfectly manicured hand landed on her shoulder and slid gently down her arm. Hermione's head lifted, her eyes still on Ana, 'mmm-ing' and the Dark haired witch's comment. When she turned her eyes to Narcissa they instantly started glowing, completely forgetting where they were and who they were with she reached a hand up to Narcissa's face, cupping her cheek and brought Narcissa's lips down to her own in a sweet kiss.

"Morning" she said, smiling brightly.

"Mmm- Morning" Narcissa answered, her eyes still closed briefly.

Hermione turned back to Ana, only to discover all of the staff had caught their greetings and were staring open mouthed at the pair of them. She felt Narcissa shift uncomfortably next to her, so she moved up and gestured for Cissy to sit next her, who gratefully took the seat and smiled shyly at everyone.

Hermione took a deep breath, rolled her eyes and said very straight forwardly: " Yes, Cissy and I are a couple, No it's not going to influence our ability to teach, No it's not going to interfere with our work, and Yes signs of affection will be kept behind closed doors. Any questions?"

Minerva burst out laughing, a proud look in her eyes: "You sound just like me, a true ballsy Gryffindor if ever there was one." She said warmly to Hermione. "I have no quarry with it, I wish you both happiness!"

"You best be good to her Narcissa." said Ana firmly, giving the blonde a steely look.

Narcissa looked at Ana with a serious tone to her voice she answered the witch: " Don't worry, I will be."

Ana seemed to size her up for a few seconds, then she smiled brightly and nodded: "That's alright then, welcome to the team, coffee?"

But before anything else could be said, Snape piped up, after having survived the attack by the snake during the battle, he was now a much more free soul and spirit.

"And you, Professor Granger, best treat Cissy well. Or you shall have me to deal with." Severus gave Hermione a harsh glare, though it held a certain fondness.

Hermione simply nodded, smiling gently while Narcissa chuckled and gave Severus a raised eyebrow: "Really Severus, there is no need to defend me, Mione' treats me perfectly." As she said this, Hermione felt the older witch's hand on grasp her own.

"Are you happy dear?" Rolanda Hooch, the flying instructor asked, her eagle like eyes piercing Hermione's own honey gold orbs.

Hermione had never really spoken to Rolanda, having never really mastered the art of flying. Now, with their eyes connected, she felt a surge of fondness. "Yes, thank you Rolanda, I am very happy."

The flying mistress seemed to x-ray Hermione's eyes to search for any hint that she was not telling the truth. Apparently satisfied with her answer Rolanda dropped her piercing gaze, and nodded: "well that's all that matters. Be warned however, when the students get wind that you two are together there will be hell to pay. When they found out that Poppy and I were a couple the rumours and questions did not stop for months. And I mean months. With the two of you both being head of house for rival houses, it will be a nightmare."

"On the contrary Rolanda, the name Black still demands respect with the Slytherin's, even if I did switch alliances. I am hoping that it will bring the houses closer together. Though I'm sure the Slytherin's will enjoy beating Gryffindor at quidditch. That competition and rivalry I will allow." Narcissa said cheerfully.

"Oh no, you did not just say that!" Hermione rounded on Narcissa, "Slytherin is never going to win! My house is going to kick your ass."

Everybody around the table began to laugh at the two of them. And soon enough everybody was chatting again, Narcissa being fully included. Several hours later people started stirring and the talk died.

"Time to get offices and classrooms ready." Minerva said.

"Poker at 7, usual rules, bring your own alcohol." Rolanda said as she stood, Poppy following suit, looking at Hermione and explaining that the staff have a lot of poker nights and as this was the first one of the year everybody was expected to be there, including Hermione and Narcissa!

Both women nodded assuring her that they would be there, without fail.

Hermione and Ana vector sat out in the grounds catching the last of the rays of hot summer sun for the year. They had both finished their offices and class prep yesterday and so were now just relaxing to some music that Narcissa had introduced Hermione to in bikini tops and shorts, with reflective aviator glasses on the faces to shield their eyes from the sun. The music playing was a band called Maroon 5; Ana was enjoying it almost as much as the blonde did, jiggling her head about to the beat.

"So how long have the two of you been together?" Ana asked.

"Erm, we have been living together for several months, but nothing physical really happened, just looks, small grazes of the skin, long nights with lots of wine. We would lean into each other, and we did the classic thing of nearly kissing when Ginny or Harry would walk in and we would spring apart. I can't really explain it, it was like we were together but without actually being together. She kissed me for the first time yesterday morning, but it feels like we have been together for a long time?"

"That's so romantic! But wait - So have you actually done the deed yet?"

Hermione laughed, "No, she has always been very careful with me after Ronald. She doesn't want to push me into anything, which is probably why it took us so long to initiate the physical aspect of our relationship. "

"But you want to right? I mean, you love her?" Ana quizzed her.

"Yes! Of course. I love her more than anything in the world, I feel connected to her on a soul deep level, it is incredible how much she means to me. For months I have been in love with her, I've just been too apprehensive to start something new. If I am totally honest, I have never pleasured a woman, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm scared I'm going to let her down."

Ana turned on her stomach and Hermione followed suit so that they could tan their backs.

"Hermione I have been with you through your entire school years, I was by your side during the battle, we have fought together, drank together, shared secrets for years, I've been your support through your entire marriage, just like you were mine when Artem died. You are my best friend despite the 6 year age difference, so I know you will not be offended by my question, but how many sexual partners have you actually had?"

"Well, I slept with Victor Krum in my 4th year, but that wasn't love making, that was teenage fumbling in the dark sex. And then there was Ronald and although- to start off with we had good sex, it died very quickly and soon turned to … well, painful experiences. So I don't think I have ever really made love to anybody, not in a special – I love you – kind of way? let alone making love to a woman!"

"So in a way, you are giving her your innocence. Because rape does not count Hermione, which is all Mr Weasley really ever did. And your only other experience is at the age of 15, which I'm sure only lasted half an hour. So that doesn't count! That in itself means it's going to special."

Hermione ran a dainty hand through her short spiky hair: "I know, but it's Narcissa Black! She is the very essence of class and beauty and I just … arrgghh. I want it to be perfect for her. You know?"

Ana looked at the younger brunette with fondness radiating from her eyes, she was just about to speak when a voice spoke from behind her that made both of them jump.

Hermione, already wound up due to the frustration of the conversation, sprang up quicker than seemed humanly possible with her wand brandished at the stranger's chest before she had even registered who it was. Rolanda had not flinched at all as Hermione poised ready to attack, she saw the fear and panic in the young professor's eyes, cleverly trying to be masked by her readiness to attack. Despite the fear clearly visible, her wand did not flicker once, she held it steady. The glimmer of panic only stayed mere seconds, and Hermione's wand was only raised at Rolanda for a fraction of a second longer before she seemed to register who it was, and dropped her poise.

"I'm so sorry Rolanda, you startled me." Hermione looking horrified, dropped her gaze to the floor where she had lost her sun glasses, a slight blush was now in her cheeks at the realisation she had just threatened a fellow teacher.

"No matter my dear, I understand you are liable to be jumpy after your … trials."

Hermione looked back up at the flying instructor and understood she was referring to Ronald.

"May I sit with you?" she asked.

"Of course!" Hermione and Ana both said at once and sure enough the flying instructor dropped herself next to Ana, and Hermione followed suit.

"Forgive me, but I caught the tail end of your conversation. I have been in exactly the same position." Rolanda spoke.

"Really?" Hermione asked sceptically.

"Yes, I went from having a husband to being Gay and falling in love with a female matron. My husband was a well respected man, a chaser of the winged warlock's international quidditch team, I was the seeker with them until I had my injury. We were married for 6 years until I had to retire and more to Hogwarts and teach. We stayed together during my first year as a teacher, but I rarely saw him, and poppy had become a best friend. Before I knew it I had fallen in love with her and found myself wanting a divorce. It was a scandal, the prophet went mad for the story, and I mean, who wouldn't? An international quidditch marriage made in heaven, down the drain because I wanted to marry another colleague, a female one at that! It was headline news for weeks."

"Oh my. And you had never been with a woman?" Hermione asked, gobsmacked at the story of Rolanda's past. Ana was hanging onto the flying teachers every word, mouth open in astonishment.

"Merlin no! I had never even looked at a woman in that way all my life. So I had no idea how to make love to a woman, and I felt exactly the same, I wanted it to be perfect. But I had not even considered that all Poppy wanted was to be connected to me. You will find that it comes naturally, if you understand Narcissa as well as I think you do, you will know what she is enjoying. All she will want is to feel you against her, knowing that you are giving her all your trust, your innocence and your entire self, will be so pure and exquisite that you need not worry about your skill at actually making love to her, the dominant part of making love is just that – giving her your love."

Rolanda finished her sentence and looked across to find Ana looking very misty eyed, "That's so romantic! If being gay is this romantic can I jump on the bandwagon?" She announced before flopping down on the floor and closing her eyes with a massive grin on her face.

Both Rolanda and Hermione laughed merrily.

"Oh no don't do that!" Came Narcissa's voice from behind them, "if you join the bandwagon I may have competition!" she laughed.

"Damn straight, Cause I'm just so sexy!" Ana announced turning onto her back and posing, her lips pouting and breasts pushed into the air.

"Of course you are. Which is why you are a model for witch weekly and not a Hogwarts teacher!" came McGonagall's voice next to Narcissa.

The two new arrivals joined the gathering in the sun, Narcissa lying on her side next to Hermione, and Minerva sitting the other side of Rolanda. Hermione flicked her wand at Narcissa and transfigured her blue summer dress into combat patterned shorts – that were exactly that – short, and a black bikini top. Narcissa looked up at the brunette, with a cocked eyebrow and a coy smile at Hermione's satisfied look.

"I think we need some refreshments." Minerva announced, and almost instantly a house elf arrived.

"Headmistress." The elf said, whilst bowing low, "I am Ireth, what can I do for you today?"

Minerva bowed her head slightly to the elf, "We would like some butter beer please."

"Oh and some rosé please!" Added Narcissa, gaining herself a nod of agreement from Ana and a roll of the eyes from Rolanda.

"Oh! And some Pimms with lemonade … if you wouldn't mind." Hermione added kindly.

Ireth nodded at Hermione then turned to McGonagall and asked; "Anything else mistress?"

Minerva kindly told the elf that there was not anything else and dismissed her before turning to Hermione and raising an eyebrow: "What on earth is Pimms?"

Hermione grinned at the look of mutual confusion on Ana, Minerva and Rolanda's faces. "Well," She began, "It's a base mixer, muggles drink it in the summer with lemonade and fruit in the top. It's really very nice."

The three witches looked interested and all tried a glass when Ireth returned with several bottles and pitchers of everything. The only two not drinking Pimms after a few hours were Narcissa and Rolanda, the former having stuck to her Rosé and the later to her butter beer.

Before they knew it, the sky was turning purple and the wind was turning colder. Narcissa noticed Hermione's hip break into goose bumps underneath her hand so she flicked her wand and transfigured a bonfire next to the now, very merry group of professors. Hermione tried to turn herself just enough so that she could see the blonde lying behind her and thank her for the fire, but her balance and bodily controls were a little askew and she ended falling completely onto her back her body now partially underneath her partners. She looked up at Narcissa giggling, her eyes sparkling brightly. "Thank you, I was getting cold." She said, still smiling broadly.

Narcissa dropped her hand to Hermione's stomach that was now exceedingly toned , and began drawing patterns with her fingertips, A lazy yet graceful smile upon her features. Their deep connecting moment was disturbed however by Severus Snape who's face appeared upside down next to Narcissa's in Hermione's view, his dark eyebrows raised and a smirk on his face.

"Now, now Cissy, I don't think dear Hermione there is old enough to withstand such R rated actions!" He drawled, although Hermione was sure he sounded playful and not scornful.

Narcissa looked up at him and smiled what Hermione could only guess was a brilliant, winning smile, before she turn back to Hermione and kissed her deeply, a hand travelling slowly down the brunette's stomach and over her hips.

The group of professors next to them wolf whistled and made childish 'mmhmmm' noises , until Narcissa lifted her head again her eyes dark with lust, her lips pinker from the fever of the kiss and her eyebrow cocked in a very seductive manner: "I think she is more than old enough and experienced enough to handle quite a lot of R rated things Severus." She said in low, seductive, velvety tones, hissing the S's in Snape's name and biting her lip. She then dropped her lust filled eyes to Hermione and asked: "Don't you darling?"

Her voice, the look in her eyes and the biting of her lip practically melted Hermione like a hot flame melts chocolate. All she seemed to get out was hoarse a "hell yes."

The other women laughed merrily at Snape's defeat and Hermione's apparent horny-puddle-like-state. "Damn it's good to have another Slytherin to knock him down!" Ana said, pouring herself another glass of Pimms.

"I'll drink to that!" Minerva laughed, clinking her glass against Ana's.

"Be that as it may ladies, Poppy is growing somewhat irate, you are at least 45 minutes late for the poker game."

"Oh bollocks!" Rolanda said, attempting to stand up but, having wobbled too much to even make it to a crouch, she landed on her backside again almost instantly.

10 minutes later, all five women were laughing and swaying down the halls of Hogwarts after having been dragged to their feet by Snape, who was now half supporting half carrying Minerva up a flight of stairs. Listening to her drunken babble about how it was irresponsible of her to be drinking, after all she is the headmistress. Snape just assured her that it was perfectly allowed and that she had needed to let her hair down.

Entering the staff room, the drunken crowd were greeting by many other amused looking staff members, Professor sprout open laughed at the sight of all of them staggering around finding a place to sit. Hermione was sat between Narcissa and Severus , the former of which was practically falling asleep on Hermione's shoulder.

In a fleeting moment of realisation, Hermione announced to Snape that she didn't know how to play poker! She was distraught as she never really lost at anything and now, she was sure to lose as she didn't even know the rules!

Snape shook his head in defeat and turned to an amused Aurora Sinistria on his other side and murmured: "This is going to be a long evening."