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Kami, the almighty god, watched over the world, as was his duty once every 4 years. This was for safety measures should the world be in danger. On this particular night though, the fury of a divine being such as himself was barely contained as he inspected Konohagakure.

Everything seemed all right in the village but Kami knew better as he watched the scene unfold.

There was a group of drunken mobsters with pitchforks and torches. Not that the sight was unusual as he has seen it thousands of times but the person who they were chasing angered him. A small boy, no older than 4 years old, was running for his life as it appeared. After a few minutes of senseless beating, the mob of people had walked off, seemingly satisfied with what they had just done. Kami could not believe what these mere mortals just did.

With a new stern face and a confident look, Kami arose from where he was seated and summoned a book from thin air. The title read "Recently Deceased." Kami flipped through the book, stopping at two names that poked interest to him.

Minato Namikaze

Kushina Uzumaki

A look of interest washed over Kami's face as he took the names from the book and opened up a family history for the both of them.

Going through the many generations that had come and gone, he stopped at the final and current member of said family tree:

Naruto Uzumaki

A smile was placed on his face as he closed the book and had it disappear from sight. Closing his eyes, a faint white light began to glow all around him as two balls of light erupted from his hands and were placed in front of him. Opening his eyes, which were shining an intense white light, he began to reform the bodies of the Yellow Flash and Bloody Habanero.

The twin balls of light began to take shape. One was of a man and the other of a woman, both the same basic bipedal shape. Next came the distinct features that set them apart.

Long red hair glowed and grew from the head of the female body as yellow spiky hair grew from the counterpart. The bodies then started to form into their respective genders as they came into view. Next came the important details. A face. From top to bottom the eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes, nose and mouth were all sculpted into what would be considered a masterpiece if it were art and Kami was very competent with it. Then the color returned to their bodies as the final touches were placed on the bodies, including the last known clothes they both wore before they died.

Kami observed his work, examining every detail to make sure no imperfections remained.

There were none to be seen.

Content with how they looked, Kami pulled two souls from his sleeves and they were just the right ones he needed. Exactly how Kami gained Minato's soul from Shinigami was to be told for another time.

With one final act of power, the two souls were placed into their respective bodies.

The moment was tense as Kami waited for the signs of life.

It took a few minutes but finally there was movement. Slow and steady breathing could be heard from both mortals as their chests ascended up and descended down with every new breath of life.

Minato was the first to awake. He instantly noticed the white plane of nothingness that surrounded him. He sat up and put his palm to his head as a wave of dizziness crashed into him.

"What is this place?" Minato asked himself but before he could receive any answer, Kushina was stirring as well.

Minato glanced over to his right and, fearing an enemy had snuck up on the famous Yellow Flash, hastily reached for a kunai. But he froze when his mind registered who was next to him. He could not believe his eyes.

"Kushina..." Minato staggered breathlessly and tried not to cry as he held back the tears that threatened to overtake him.

Kushina groaned and sat up, repeating the actions Minato had done merely a minute before but before she could start asking questions Minato enveloped her in a bear hug.

"Kushina..." Minato repeated like before but this time a lone tear stroke down his sharpened face. Kushina relaxed after she recognized his voice and hugged him back with an equal amount of force.

"Minato..." Kushina could not find the words to speak. It seemed only moments ago she was in the hospital feeling death at her doorstep and now she was here with Minato.

Kami cleared his throat to gain their attention. Both Minato and Kushina turned to face the mysterious stranger who accompanied them in the seemingly endless white void.

"A very touching reunion, but I do believe that we have something to discuss and I am sure you have a million questions running through your head," Kami said

Minato stood up. He offered his hand to Kushina, which she gladly took, and stood up next to him.

Minato was the first to speak. "Who are you and where are we?"

Kami smiled. "I am the one which you mortals refer to as Kami. As for where you two are, can you take a guess?"

Minato, however, was not convinced so easily. "How do I know this not some simple trick? This looks very much like a Genjutsu," he replied.

"Then why have you not tried to dispel it if it is such a thing?" Kami asked curiously. Minato looked to Kushina and both nodded as they both made the necessary handsign.

"Release!" they both shouted, but nothing changed as they both opened their eyes.

Minato's eyes widened. "You...You're Kami?"

"Yes," Kami replied.

"I see…" Minato responded, trailing away the conversation and looking at the ground beneath his and Kushina's feet.

This time it was Kushina's turn to speak up. "Where is Naruto? Isn't he supposed to be here? I was told he died in the sealing"

Minato, shocked, turned to his wife. "Died?" Minato shuddered.

Kushina looked at Minato.

"That's what the council told me," Kushina said as she looked at the ground. "After I heard I lost the will to live…" A few tears escaped from her eyes but were stopped almost instantly when a hand was placed on her shoulder. She looked up at Minato.

"Kushina, I don't blame you. I would have felt the same way," Minato said.

Kushina nodded.

"As for your question about Naruto, he is not dead, he is alive."

At this both parents turned their heads almost instantaneously to Kami.

"He's alive..." Kushina said with the type of face only a loved one could create when they're worried about someone close to them.

"Alive as the day he was born, but I am afraid he has not been treated well these past four years," Kami said with a frown.

"Four years? We've already missed so much…" Minato looked down, sadness swelling in his heart.

"Yes, I am disgusted with how the people of your village treat him and through my kindness and sympathy, I have decided to give Naruto back what he has lost: a family"

Kushina's eyes widened. "You mean...we can be a family? Together?" It seemed unreal to Kushina – that this one god who oversaw life and death had decided to resurrect the two of them simply out of kindness was indescribable to her.

Minato couldn't believe this either but he had only one thing on his mind

"Where is Naruto? I am sorry to make demands of you Kami-sama, but I want to see my son and I am sure Kushina wants to as well," he said with a stern and protective face. Kushina followed soon after.

"Very well, I will take you to Naruto," and with a snap of his fingers they were gone only to reappear near Naruto's almost limp and tear face filled form. Kami looked down at the boy with sympathy.

They were located in an alleyway, seldom used by others because of the overwhelming grim that coated it.

Minato and Kushina both ran to their son, thoughts racing at a million miles a second as they knelt down near his body. They could see he was crying and, acting on instinct, Kushina grabbed her son and cuddled him, whispering calm words to him. Minato stood his ground and shed his own tears not out of sadness, but of rage and anger. How could people be this cruel? And to a four year old boy nonetheless? It was completely and utterly absurd for such a concept to even exist.

Oh… There will be a world of pain soon but right now the most important thing at hand was their son.

"Please... please don't... hurt me," Naruto sobbed, flinching weakly at Kushina's touch.

Kushina could feel tears building in her eyes again but she held them back, trying desperately to stay strong for Naruto.

"Naruto... I will not hurt you. I could never hurt you...ever," Kushina replied in a soothing voice that only a mother could make.

Naruto, using the only energy he had left, looked up at the person who was being so nice to him.

"Why...are you being nice to me? Everybody" Naruto returned to sobbing. Kushina held him closer.

"It's okay Naruto... We are here for you... We will take care of you," Kushina cooed to the little boy, which made him look back up.

"You want to..." A lone tear spilled down his face, "adopt me...?

Before Kushina could continue, Minato knelt down to Naruto's level. Naruto stared at this new person as it took a few seconds to register who this man really was. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Y...Yondaime!" he said in surprise almost not believing his very eyes. The Yondaime had died saving Konoha from the Kyuubi attack four years ago and here he was in all his might and glory. But there was just something about this man however that gave Naruto a comforting feeling. It was alien to him and, combined with this woman he had met, he really did not know how to react properly.

Minato smiled. "Naruto..."

"How do you know my name?" he asked curiously with only a hint of sadness.

"Well how could I forget what we named our son?" Minato replied back and smiled as he could really see where this is going. Naruto had finally come to a conclusion.

"'re my...parents?" he asked.

Kushina stepped in for Minato this time. "Yes...I'm your mother and he is your father..." Kushina started to shed tears, as did Naruto at that moment.

"M-Mommy... Daddy..." Naruto said softly as he cried and latched onto both and gave them the biggest hug a four year old could give. Minato and Kushina embraced him and shed silent tears of their own.

"We're so sorry Naruto that we weren't here for you all this time" Minato said through his unaccountable sobs as many things raced through his head. Happiness for being alive with Kushina and now Naruto, sadness for not being there for Naruto and being unable to protect Kushina, fear for losing both as if this were a crazy dream, anger for how the villagers did not respect his last wish.

Minato stood up with Kushina, who had Naruto wrapped around her. To say the sight was cute was the understatement of the millennium as it was absolutely adorable. Minato had to fight the urge to just leap onto the both of them and hug them to bits but more important matters were at hand.

"Kushina...we need to see the Hokage about you remember your henge disguise?" Minato asked Kushina.

"Yes, I remember," she replied back.

"Good, we don't need to arouse suspicion if people see us. We are dead as the villagers believe us to be and that is how I want it to stay until we reveal our presence" Minato explained and Kushina nodded as she moved her head to look at Naruto. "Naruto, sweetie, can you let go of mommy for a sec, she needs to do something important."

Naruto hesitated a little, not wanting to let go but did so. After the henge was complete Kushina held out her arms for Naruto who jumped at the opportunity without a seconds thought. Kushina knew Naruto was in need of love from a real parent and that was exactly what she was going to give so long as she lived and it would take the great beings above and even more for her to be taken away from Naruto ever again.


As Minato and Kushina made their way inside the Hokage Tower, they were sighted by the receptionist, who automatically shouted, "Get that demon filth away from this place, at once!"

Kushina held Naruto tight as he buried himself into her shoulder. Minato's killing intent spiked at the words. Faster than the human eye could track, the receptionist was suddenly pulled over the desk and choking from the vice grip around her throat.

"Listen here," Minato whispered darkly. "Either you get me a meeting with the god-damn Hokage right now or your head just might become my new punching bag, okay?"

"L-Lord Hokage...I have...two visitors with the de-" She was cut off by the man's glaring. "The... special kid," she amended with as much emphasis on the word special that she could muster.

"Send them up," the Hokage responded


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