It doesn't seem that long ago that the peoples of Mobius celebrated the Freedom Fighters' victory over Robotnik. But in retrospect, we true historians recognise the folly of condoning, let alone celebrating such an event. The success of counter-revolutionaries against the greatest leader Mobius has ever seen is the greatest tragedy of our time. What makes it even more tragic is that no-one seems to realize this.

At first, there was King Maximilian of the House of Acorn. A monarchy. A system where power was in the hands of a single mobian. Under his reign, Mobotropolis remained underdeveloped-all part of "respect for the natural world," but was really a ploy to keep his people weak and hungry. To keep them under control. But then there was Robotnik, or "Julian" as he was originally known. He saved the kingdom from external threats in the Great War. But he went beyond. His vision was greater than that of the narrow minded king.

In a single blow, Julian, christening himself as Robotnik, delivered the people from oppression. He banished the king to the Void and rechristened the city as Robotropolis-symbolic of granting its people the gift of robotization. No more disease, no more hunger, no more suffering...All part of the new technology Robotnik brought to the fold, to change the world for the better.

Unfortunately, there were dissidents-supporters of the oppressive monarchy. 'Freedom Fighters,' led by the king's daughter no less. To make matters worse, there was this hedgehog named Sonic, an individual who had "no master but the wind that blows free." In other words, he was an anarchist, and he'd thrown in his lot with a bunch of monarchists.

For years these rebels struck against Robotnik and his factories, showing themselves to be eco-terrorists. For years, the doctor stood firm. But against such depravity, assailed from both without and within, he fell. And all true historians mourn him.