Old News

Journal of Eddie Michallat

November 2, 2375

Through ITX technology, courtesy of the isenj and Acheron, I and all others who are interested are able to see Earth as it is in real-time. Not that this matters much, given how little the planet has changed. Yes, there's been changes in governments, advances in technology and a dozen other small things, but on the larger scale...the scale that would keep a journalist like myself 25 light years from home...oh boy...

More wars in the Middle East, ranging from revolutionary causes to the FEU's 'peacekeeping' efforts to good ol' fashioned fundamentalism, seemingly not mitigated by reports of sapient life within our galaxy. Not that this is overshadowed by the more important Milk Wars of the Coles and Woolworths mega-corporations-which chain can sell milk for cheaper, benefitting consumers but not producers? The few independent farmers left in the world will no doubt be able to tell you.

And on another front, Christianity's battle against the 'evils' of gay marriage continues...even if most of the world has legalized it and the state is too snuggled up to the corporate sector to get back into bed with the church. Quite frankly, I think the colonists of Constantine has the right idea of re-inventing their religion. Shame it was on the wrong planet...

And while people on Earth are forgetting that the Enlightenment happened half a millennium ago, people are forgetting the good the Sinostates Consortium has done for its people, tensions with the Pacific Rim notwithstanding. Right now though, its ruling party is facing a vote of no confidence, despite its unemployment being the lowest of the world's power blocs. Just goes to show that democracy is an ungrateful bastard.

Oh, and Manchester United is still at the top of the ladder. Woot.


Quite franky, I think monotomy has already settled in for the 21st century, both on the international and national scale in regards to events. But hey, at least soccer will be around for the next 300+ years. :)