A Sentence for an Embrace

You'll have to pardon me if this sucks; this is the first time I'm trying this single-sentence thinamagic, and so I don't know if you're supposed to be doing it a certain way, like using a fixed set of words. Instead I got my own collection of words, 50 each for my favorite two PokeSpe shippings, and 30 each for my three, er, supporting ones. So yeah, I hope you enjoy. R&R!

And obviously, I don't own Pokemon Adventures/Special. Though I'm drafting my own sequelish fanfic on it.

And First up, my No.1 fav, Specialshpping! This one has a complete set of 50 sentences. Enjoy!

Chapter 1. Special

1. Sky

To him, the it is an opening for him to go and seek new adventures; for her, it is the hope of being a part of it.

2. Motion

To an amazed Yellow, it looked as if the law of physics defies Red; the tougher the resistance, the stronger he will push on.

3. Emotion

Yellow's psychic power is the ability to sense emotions, but the other Dex Holders (except their de facto leader, of course) were totally lost on why she was so blind when it came to her own feelings for the abovementioned leader.

4. Rescue

She saved him by rescuing him - he saved her by being rescued.

5. Sun

Whenever Red visits it would usually be in early mornings, the reason why Yellow now worships the morining sun.

6. Strength

He had more than enough strength to put the entire Pokemon League under his feet (except Green and several others, maybe), but he doubted he would have the guts to live for three days if Yellow wasn't there for him all the time.

7. Weakness

It sounded absurd to Yellow that Red possessed any weakness at all, bur the fact that she was by far the largest one was downright flabbergasting.

8. Army

Red knew that he would lead an army against the world to protect Yellow, but who would have known that he would be actually pushed into it?

9. Purchase

Destiny Knots were rare in the market these days, but Yellow decided that the price was worth it when Red tenderly wove it around their fingers that night.

10. Gratitude

Yellow never used a Repel on any Pokemon; in return, the began telling her about Red's whereabouts.

11. Size

Red noticed that while Yellow was awfully small in physical stature (I mean, she is shorter than White, who is five years younger than her!), her heart was more than big enough to him to rest in whenever he grows weary from the weights of life.

12. Light

Yellow would say that her light was as weak as a candle against a wildfire, but Red knows that he would still take that candle over the sun.

13. Carrier

As Red carried a sleeping Yellow up to her room, he had a strange sensation that it was she that held him in her arms.

14. Iris

His flaming eyes held the heat of the sun; her soft amber ones bore its light.

15. Fear

Yellow wanted to strangle herself in shame for being too afraid to tell Red that she loved him: coward, coward, coward...

16. Scenic

As Red faced another sunrise on Mt. Silver with his back straight and arms crossed, the sight was so dazzling that Yellow actually swooned for a moment.

17. Dry

Yellow felt all moisture abandon her lips as Blue looked mischievously at her and whispered theatrically: "So, what part of Red are you so attracted to?"

18. Onward

Yellow would never stop running forward, as long as there was Red in front of her to keep up with.

19. Home

Red has three homes; his current residence on Mt. Silver, his literal house in Pallet Town, and his heart's home at a little house in Viridian City.

20. Pleasure

To Red, all of life's pleasantries seemed obsolete as he sat on the hillside, watching Yellow's soft smile as the slept with her head restin on his lap.

21. Target

Red possesses many things on his target of interest; Yellow would like nothing more than to be its bull's-eye.

22. Vigil

There exists many who covets the kind of power that Yellow possesses, so every night Red is vigilant as he looks to the East from Mt. Silver.

23. Evidence

Ratty and Chuchu would always be her precious ones; not because she had a thing for mice, but since they were like living proof for her bond to him.

24. Oblivion

Even as darkness crept over her and her sight began to blur, his face was still clear in her mind as she weakly reached out for his outstretched fingers...

25. Mirror

Yellow wasn't the kind of girl who spent half her lifetime in front of a mirror, but the one that Red gave her as a gift (Blue's suggestion, without a doubt) she just felt oblieged to use daily.

26. Door

Every Sunday, when Red descends from his training, the door of Yellow's home would always be open and waiting for him.

27. Evolution

Yellow knows too well the concept of evolving emotions: Gratitude into respect, then into admiration, and still after that love, love, love...

28. Tangle

Yellow's most prized fishing line is in fact her shortest one; the one that got tied around Red's finger years ago.

29. West

Though the sun always rises from the East, it is the West that Yellow always looks to every morning, to Mount Silver where Red would be watching the sunrise.

30. Name

"I'm sure she'll be a beautiful baby. Did you name her?" "I'm considering Amber... what do you think?" "It's very deserving, to say the least."

31. Present

Yellow nearly fell off the bed in shock to see Red sleeping under her bed, her Christmas sock draped over one foot.

32. Welcome

Every single time Red returns to Kanto after another new adventure, Yellow would always be the first to greet him on the harbor.

33. Duty

At first Yellow was reluctant to give Chuchu's egg to someone else (even if it was Gold), because she felt it her responsibility to keep Pika's child and raise it well.

34. Roots

Yellow's home would forever be the Viridian Forest, where she first gained her body and - nine years later - her heart.

35. Mystery

Yellow sometimes feels as if she is following Red through a thick fog; he keeps fading in and out of her life, and the wonder of it fascinates her so.

36. Moon

Darkrai smirked in amusement from the shadows as Red read the story 'Lunar Eclipse' for Yellow's bedtime story before departing silently, lest he face the wrath of the Fighter (or Cresselia) for disturbing his angel's peaceful slumber.

37. Fuel

Red would tell her that she illuminates his world, but Yellow knows that it is only his flames that sustains her little glow.

38. Diagnosis

After a very long, thorough and embarassing questionaire, Blue gleefully diagnosed Yellow with a 'Heart Heart Heartbreak Syndrome'.

39. Comfort

She could never understand how his hand, tough enough to shatter a Heavy Ball in its grasp, could manage to feel so soft whenever he ruffles her hair affectionately.

40. Front

Yellow never looks back; she doesn't need to, because Red is always running right in front of her.

41. Return

Yellow imagines that if she was a Pokemon, she'd have Red capture her and teach her Return; then she'd be one of the strongest Pokemon in existence.

42. Heal

Yellow is capable of healing everyone except herself, but Red can heal no one else but her.

43. Strip

Red doesn't mind the cold to the extent that he is perfectly fine with training on top of Mt. Silver topless, but he doesn't do that anymore because the stunt proved critically hazardous to Yellow's nasal (and unknown to him, mental) health.

44. Shadow

The shadow he cast sends his enemies quailing in fear, but for her it is the best kind of shade to rest her tired body under.

45. Safety

To him she seemed so fragile, it felt as if keeping her safe would be the most difficult - and important - thing to do.

46. Fairytale

Yellow knows that their story is not a fairytale; she is anything but a princess, and he is much more than a mere prince.

47. Fire

If the flames within Red were to suddenly materialize, Yellow would gladly enter it and burn under its heated embrace.

48. Spark

Red vowed, as he sat in front of Yellow's hospital bed, that his fire will revive her little spark of life and keep it going.

49. Intuition

Her mind told her that he was far above the likes of her. Her heart told her that she didn't care.

50. Blossom

It was under the shower of falling cherry blossoms that they were wed, but they knew that their love was only just blooming.

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