A Sentence for an Embrace

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Well, here we are, at the end of the long run. Yes, Frantic's gonna be the last chapter. Kinda fitting to finish with the official couple, eh? *gets mobbed by Commoner/Haughtyshippers* why not the DP shippings? Well for one thing, Dia, Pearl and Platina are so close together as THREE friends that it almost feels criminal to hook Platina up specially with one of them. And... oh, I'll just write about this after this is done. Let's go!

1. Angles

Ruby realized, to his utmost shame, that looking at Sapphire from certain angles often gave him a burst of inexplicable nosebleeds.

2. Tree

While watching Sapphire scaling trees was rather amusing, convincing her to come back down was... less so.

3. Map

As Red watched Ruby teaching Sapphire how to read a map, he noted in amusement that the girl's eyes was too busy studying the boy's face to pay any attention to the sheet below.

4. Worry

Gold couldn't help but laugh as he watched Ruby rushing back and forth under the tree with a blanket draped over his arm, fretting that Sapphire might fall out of it any time.

5. Death

What was worse, Ruby wondered, dying early enough to see Sapphire crying over him or loving long enough to see her name on a gravestone?

6. Fight

Whenever Emerald tells Crystal that Ruby and Sapphire had fought yet again, Gold would laugh from beside her and say "Love bites again, huh?"

7. Vocabulary

According to Emerald's Sapphirish Dictionary, the word 'sissy', when applied to Ruby, in fact means 'sweetheart'.

8. Falling

Down, down, down he fell, and it felt as if Pilo would never fly fast enough as she desperately reached out for his hand.

9. Sound

Sapphire silently cursed her exemplary hearing when the sound of Ruby's beating heart at once sent her blushing and - according to Gold - salivating.

10. Shock

When he saw her crying that first time the shock must have collapsed his ribs; it continues to crush his heart to this day.

11. Crater

Ruby would at times joke that the craters in the Meteor Falls were created by Sapphire's fists; then he'd quickly flee before one appears on his face.

12. Earth

Sapphire loves this planet: its oceans, its lands, its sky, its one gift for her who always stands beside her with a soft smile.

13. Arrangement

Sapphire is a surprisingly dilligent reader, but the way she organizes her books has Ruby shaking his head in exasperation.

14. Waking

If Winnie-the-Pooh's waking phrase is "What's for breakfast?". Ruby's is "Had a good night, Sapph?"

15. Time

Dialga used to enjoy pulling pranks on Ruby by acclerating his time whenever he's spending it with Sapphire, but he immediately quit the habit after Kyogre came whining about a black eye Sapphire gave her.

16. Cold

Although they both dislike the cold, they appreciate it because it is one excuse to cling to each other without receiving snickers or knowing smiles from their fellow Dex Holders.

17. Breath

At night Ruby would often open the window and breathe in deeply, wondering how many air molecules that he had just inhaled originated from the girl next door.

18. Meadow

Whenever he sees her sleeping on the grassy field just outside Littleroot Town he has to resist the urge to go and lie down beside her; on most occasions he fails miserably.

19. Venom

Having Zuzu toss the pulverized Seviper aside Ruby rushed over to see Sapphire convulsing madly on the ground, her eyes rolling behind her skull and her breath making hitching noises that threatened to shred his heart into pieces.

20. Weight

Her protests were wild enough to literally give him bruises as he picked her up, but she was so light that he felt it bearable even as she virtually throttled him.

21. Trade

When he thinks that he traded the ruinous scar on his forhead for the safety of the love of his life, he thinks that the scar was actually worth it.

22. Mouth

Three years ago, when their mouths were open together it meant they were arguing; now, it means they were put together.

23. Craft

He taught her how to make clothes, make accessories, make dolls (not that she showed much interest in this)... make love.

24. Infinity

When talking about his love to Sapphire, Ruby would first get a number eight and knock it over to its side.

25. Opposite

They discovered that not only opposites attract, but they can still after those 'opposites' are reversed.

26. Flower

He probably has no idea that all the flowers he had ever given her are either kept in a single vase or used as her bookmarks.

27. Deputy

At times Sapphire would drag Ruby along her father's field work as deputy assistant; usually they'd end up filming a love comedy under disguise of a documentary.

28. Filth

Ruby is almost obssessive when it comes to hygeine, but everyone knows that he would dive headfirst into a mudhole within a second if they were to dump Sapphire inside - and then, of course, run for their lives.

29. Silence

He quickly discovered that total silence is the key to loosen her defense during an argument, making an opening for him to kiss her.

30. Basis

Whenever he sees her, he sways slightly from the sensation of his very foundation being overturned.

31. Courage

It is when Sapphire is right next to him that Ruby is the bravest man in the world - and also the most cowardly.

32. Smoke

Ruby couldn't laugh at Sapphire's fear for smoke anymore after hearing from her father that she lost many of her Pokemon friends during a wildfire, only a year after they first met.

33. Ambush

He is always on guard whenever he walks through a forest, as she may leap out of any bush and tackle him.

34. Scatter

It became a routine activity for the other Dex Holders to tease the young couple relentlessly, and run for cover when Sapphire's tendons begin to flex.

35. Mining

When he first came to Hoenn he felt he had entered a dusty mine, until he found a huge - if unpolished - blue jewel inside.

36. Confession

When Ruby pretended not to remember Sapphire's confession he wasn't exactly lying; after all, no one remembers the day when their life began.

37. Warning

Ruby was perfectly aware that people would someday try a sex talk on him and Sapphire, but he had never expected HIM to be the first.

38. Spin

Everytime they touch, let alone kiss, her head just wouldn't stop spinning until she'd no longer be able to tell up from down.

39. Symmetry

How would she react if she knows that he had already lost all sense of direction ever since she confessed to him?

40. Intrusion

Diamond had never ran faster than that occasion when he walked into a room and saw Ruby and Sapphire kissing a little too passionately on the sofa.

41. Jealousy

Ruby truly respects Red as his senior, their leader and in all a skilled trainer, but he just can't help but be on red alert whenever Sapphire so much as talks to him.

42. Division

Just as you divide the timeline into B.C. and A.D., Ruby summarizes his life into B.S. and A.S.

43. Clothes

Although, admittedly, Sapphire is still more comfortable in leaves, the idea of wearing something with Ruby's efforts put into it rather pleases her.

44. Chance

For them, every little moment was a chance to lock eyes -or lips.

45. Clay

Now everytime she walks into the house she has to look (and blush) at his little gift for her - a small clay model of them embracing on the staircase.

46. Skating

Blue decided that while Ruby was a good skater, having Sapphire crash into him on the ice would make an excellent picture for her little album.

47. Practical

Ruby realized that one good thing about having a barbarian girlfriend was the easy access to a camping partner, if he ever needed one.

48. Childish

Noticing Ruby covered in feathers and Sapphire giggling while plucking them out one by one, Emerald explained to a confused Crystal that they just went through a major pillow fight.

49. Gamble

After staring at Sapphire's engagement ring for a long time, Gold let out a bittersweet sigh before pulling a bill out of his wallet and handing it over to a smiling Platina.

50. Legend

Ruby suggested that if Sapphire was ever a legendary figure in her past life she might have been an Amazon, and expectedly got floored by a single pillow.

When I come across a certain shipping for the first time, there's this... sort of a FEELING, a kind of a voice whispering in my head. And there are some shippings that prompts that voice to say "OMG, this is SO right". Special was like that for me, as well as Frantic. It was like, on the spot. For Mangaquest it did came, a little later. For Chosen and Oldrival, I'm... torn. Both have their goods and flaws, and I just don't know which one to let go. So I decided neither, hence this little piece of crap. That was what I wanted to say about Commomer and Haughty; the feeling hadn't come yet. But I'm not disappointed yet; it might come any day, perhaps after I get to look into the DPPt arc a little deeper.

Well, that was enough rambling. For those who have read the whole thing through (or have just watched the last chapter?:) ), thank you deeply for reading this crappy fic. R&R!