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Warning: OCs, slight AU, familiar plot ideas.

Set in a world where Ciel and Sebastian were not bound by contract, but by will. Ciel died and well... you gotta read to find out more.

After this, you will be born again

The blue shackles fall off and I talk to you

Today is your new Birthday.


They called me the reincarnation of Ciel Phantomhive. But I've never believed them.

Before I go on with my meaningless blabber, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Akira Yurei and I'm fourteen. Until now, elderly people would immediately break into whispers among themselves as soon as they see me; and the name Ciel Phantomhive is always mentioned.

I could never understand the reason behind it. To start things off, he was from England in the 19th century. I'm a bloody Japanese in the 21th century for hell's sake! Aside from our similar appearances (or so I heard) which are dark grayish-blue hair and eyes bluer than those of sapphire, we were nothing alike. He was an Earl. A gentleman. I am a delinquent. A nobody. He was the CEO of the world famous Funtom Toy and Sweets Company. I am poorer than a church mouse. If he ever went to school, he would've been a straight A student for he was a genius. Me? I've never gotten grades higher than a C in my life.

And last of all, he was a guy. I am a girl.

Yes, there's nothing wrong with your eyes. I (unfortunately) am a female.

Life was never easy for me. My parents were long dead and I've taken care of myself since then. Unlike Ciel who lives in a freaking mansion with servants, I live in a run-down apartment with no one but myself. Unlike him, I had no butler to be my babysitter.

I got into fights on a daily basis. Sometimes I win. Sometimes… well…. I just get beaten to a pulp. They had gangs. I only had myself.

"Don't let them get to your nerves to easily, young man. Breathe ten times and walk away," the school counselor would always tell me.

Oh, and did I mention I dress as a guy in school?

I know, I know. Its weird. But hey! I would rather go as a boy anytime. To me, crossdressing helps hide those vulnerability and feminineness in me. I feel braver and bolder as a boy more than I've ever felt as a girl. Besides, I gotta make use of my conveniently flat chest and boyish voice, don't I?

It was that one day when Fate decided to try out her stupid sense of humour.

I woke up in the morning and got ready for school like I always did. It wasn't like I loved going to school or anything. Its just… well.. the school sponsors my fees after finding out about my life. I just feel like there's a need to repay them or something.

Anyway, I picked up my bag and headed outside. It was a breezy spring day. My hair rippled in the wind even when I was standing at my doorstep, locking my apartment door. Hearing the lock click into place, I proceeded with my long walk to school.

The scenery along the way was priceless. Everyday I would see senior citizens sweeping their lawns or talking to each other while heading to the market. Sometimes, I would see children chasing each other or racing to their respective schools. It was too early for the adults to start work so the place wasn't jammed with vehicles. Everything was so peaceful, it made my miserable life actually look worthwhile.

I made it to school approximately 3o minutes later. Without anticipation, I went to the lockers to get my stuff before heading to class.

I slid the door open and stepped in. Most of my classmates were already there. Some were chattering loudly among themselves, minding their own businesses, while some were scribbling the blackboard. As I walked towards my seat, I caught a good glimpse of the crap written by those buffoons.

Words like "demon", "ghost', "freak", devil's spawn" etc were randomly written all over the board. It was obvious who this was meant for: me. Those fools knew I wouldn't pick a fight in class.

There was an explanation for that though. My name is Akira Yurei. In Kanji, Yurei means ghost. Phantom. And just like that, they found a way to annoy me, trying to pick a fight. And when I do hit them, they put on pitiful faces and tell the teachers that I started it.

"Stop it you bastards!"

I turned around. A boy my age shoved the students at the whiteboard aside and started erasing the things written there like an idiot.

"You guys want me to set your asses on fire and send you flying to America?" he threatened. I smiled. The guy standing there yelling at the buffoons was no other than my only friend, Koji Tokutaro.

"'Sup man?" he greeted after taking care of the whiteboard scribblers. We high-fived.

"Nothing much," I said. "Just the usual."

Before I describe our conversation any further, let me tell you something about Koji. He and I had been friends since forever and he was one of the only humans in the world that knew I was a girl. Koji had blonde hair and ashen blue eyes; which, he claimed to have inherited from one of his grandparents who was English. And to sum up on how close we are to each other, Koji fights for me indoors. I fight in the outdoors. We make a pretty good team, actually.

Koji sat down hard on his seat next to me and grumbled about bastards making fun of people's names. Well, as you can see, his parents had some crazy sense of naming. Koji means little or child. Heck, he's anything but little or a child when he's in a fight (his name's what usually gets him in one anyway).

The bell rang some time later and lessons started. Students stumbled back to their seats like a stampede when the one on watch warned them about the teacher.

We had history as our first lesson that day. Normally, I would just sleep through the whole thing. But this time, I found out we were studying an interesting topic: The Life of Ciel Phantomhive.

"Ciel Phatomhive was born on December 14, 1875. His lost everything including his family and home on his tenth birthday. Ciel was then kidnapped and forced into slavery. He was abused sexually and physically. He was starved, beat, and a mark of slavery was branded on his back."

Hmm.. .interesting…

"But then, he returned approximately a year later along with a butler dressed completely in black. How he returned was still a mystery."

I glanced at the picture of him and his butler in my text book. It must've been taken right after Ciel returned because his eyes – strike that - his single visible eye (the other was covered with an eyepatch) looked lifeless, as if he'd given up on life. I was surprised how much I resembled him. Though it was a black and white picture, I somehow knew what the elders said about me was right. We both had the same sapphire eyes and dark grayish blue hair. Only my hair was longer by a bit.

His butler, on the other hand, was standing behind him, smiling pleasantly. I couldn't explain why, but the butler had some kind of immortal look on him. Damn. My imagination's getting out of control.

Anyway, history lessons ended just like that when the bell rang.

"Ooookay.." I thought to myself. "Time to get some sleep."

I only woke up when the recess bell rang. I sat up and stretched my aching back muscles. Koji was doing the same in his seat.

"I think.." I mused out loud after unsuccessfully stifling a yawn. "I'll go buy some milk to drink.."

That's all I have for lunch. A packet of milk. What? Didn't I tell you that I could hardly afford my life expenses? They only pay my school fees. I pay for my own food.

I went to the cafeteria, got my milk, and proceeded to head back to class. I passed the high school division on the way (I wasn't going the wrong way, in case you're wondering).

I sipped my milk while walking. I was almost at the separating point when I heard a large commotion. I looked around. It wasn't hard to find the source of it.

A large group of girls were surrounding him, chattering and squealing like mindless buffoons.

You're wondering who 'he' is?

The one surrounded was Takeshi Mihae. He's sixteen and is currently in the second year of high school. From what I heard (girls in my class blabber like they're the only occupants there), he was a genius. The fact that he was still staying in this shit of a school is still weirding me out.

Mihae saw me and flashed a smile. I ignored him. If that bastard ever thought he could charm me with that insincere smile just because the other girls are idiots, he thought wrong. I'm nowhere near similar to that kind of species.

One of the girls saw me and squeaked excitedly.


I ran off. Don't' ask me why. That's an unrelated topic. So shut up about it.

I spent the rest of the day either sleeping or daydreaming. The last bell rang and immediately, my classmates stood up and cheered. That was the last school day for the semester. Summer break starts tomorrow.

"Whatcha' gonna do during the summer?" Koji asked as we exited the school together. I shrugged. Ever since my parents died, I go on doing odd jobs for everyone through the summer. Summer is the only time for me to earn some money for my expenses.

"Dunno.." I said. "Maybe I'm going to find some decent jobs or something…"

"Wanna hang out at my place some time?" he asked. I might've forgotten to mention, but Koji's family is rich. Stickin' rich, to be exact. His family owned one of the largest companies ever existed. But then, Koji's parent's hated my guts. They had planned to send him to some kind of prestigious school but Koji insisted on going to a commoners' school, just to be with me. And let me tell you what; that made his parents real mad.

I shook my head. "Nah.. I don't want to disturb you during your holidays."

Koji regarded me for awhile before speaking again.

"If you feel like it, just give me a call, kay?"


We hit each other's fists and went different directions. Koji had a chauffeur to drive him home. I walked by myself towards the direction of my apartment.

I wasn't in a hurry, but I used some shortcuts that day. I slipped into some quiet lanes just to shorten my journey. Unfortunately, it wasn't my lucky day.

In no time, I was surrounded by a gang of high-school students.

"So you're the famous Phantom…" The leader of the gang stepped out.

"What do you want?" I asked, though my tone sounded like I could care less.

"You the one who beat up Hiraku the other day?"

Hiraku was probably the guy I pwned a few days ago after trying to pick a fight with me so I nodded.

"Got a problem with it?"

The dude cracked his knuckles.

"You've got nerve for beating down one of my gang members, punk.."

The first person lunged at me. I dropped my bag and dodged. The second one made his move. I dodged again and spun around, kicking him in the abdomen. More and more came at me. I dodged, punched kicked (hitting some jackpots along the way) and basically moved around like a monkey.

But then, it was one five and a half feet tall skinny middleschooler against a gang of bulked up, six feet tall highschoolers. I didn't stand a chance.

All six of them came at me at once and I had nowhere to run. I was shoved to a wall and beaten continuously. My head hurt. My vision blurred. My limbs felt like lead. My eyes threatened to close and stay like that forever.

The gang leader raised a metal pipe and I knew it was all over. I was going to die.

Out of nowhere, I heard one of the dudes groan in pain. I couldn't make out who hit him, but I was sure he was insanely strong or something. One by one they were taken down. The gang leader turned but was promptly shoved away from my sight.

My eyelids began to close. I couldn't hold on any longer. The last thing I saw before blacking out was his eyes. Those warm, crimson eyes.


I woke up feeling half dead. It wasn't surprising though. I was almost beaten to death.

I glanced around my environment. I was in someone's luxurious living room and I was occupying a posh sofa.

"Ah… you're finally awake.."

I averted my gaze to the source of the voice. There he was, sitting by my side, smirking like no tomorrow as if my condition amused him. It was Takeshi Mihae.

"What…" I tried to sit up but winced. I must've been beaten up pretty badly.

"Don't' move around yet.." he said, pushing me back onto the sofa. I didn't struggle.

"..What happened? Why am I..?" I asked.

Mihae chuckled. "You were pretty amazing over there.." he said. "You managed to put up a fight with them…even when you're a girl."

"I'm a guy." I said bluntly.

"A boy does not wear a camisole."

It took me five seconds to realize that I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and not my school uniform. It took me another half a second to realize that he'd seen my inner garments.

"..Perverted ass.." I hoped my face wasn't as red as I thought it would be.

He flashed me a mocking smile. God… I want to punch him so badly…

It was then I noticed something. He had the same crimson eyes and raven-coloured hair as the person I'd seen in my history text book.

He looked exactly like the younger version of Sebastian Michealis, Ciel Phantomhive's butler.

My face must've been showing it badly because his smirk grew wider.

"So you noticed it.." he said.

"Noticed what?" I asked.

"That I resemble Sebastian Michealis."

"It's kinda obvious, actually."

"Well… is it obvious that I'm his son?"

I stared at him like he was crazy; which, at that moment, he didn't seem all sane to me.


Mihae smiled and stood up, lifting his right hand over his left chest and bowed slightly.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he said. "I am Takeshi Michealis. Sebastian Michealis' one and only.." he made a pause and looked me straight into the eyes. "..son."