"..Liar…" I said. "Sebastian Michealis lived over two hundred years ago. How could he have a sixteen year old son in the 21st century?"

Mihae chuckled again. "You're not that creative are you?"

"Gee… thanks a lot."

"…Now..have you ever considered that Sebastian Michealis is immortal?" he asked suddenly. I stared at him. How did he know?

"..That's ridiculous.." I lied.

"So you realized it."

"And so what if he is?" I snapped. "What the hell are you trying to tell me exactly?"

He inhaled and began his crap.

"You see… two hundred years ago when Ciel Phantomhive was alive, my father served him with loyalty so great, it surpasses that of any human …or demon. As we've learnt in our books, Lord Ciel was kidnapped at the tender age of ten and was forced into slavery and countless forms of abuse were inflicted upon him. He prayed to God ever so often; begging Him to save him, save him from his hell." Mihae paused before musing aloud;

"…But did God ever answer his prayer?"

Just then, my head throbbed. Memories that didn't belong to me flashed at the back of my mind; memories of pain, torture… and despair. Everything was from my point of view. I helplessly watched fellow enslaved children being used as sacrifices at an altar, unable to do anything but wait for my own turn.

"..No…" I blurted out, though I had no idea where that came from.

"Of course not." Mihae confirmed it. "God ignored him. He didn't even bother to send one of His angels down to help. He brushed the child's case aside like it wasn't even worth his time. And who do you think came to help instead?"

My mouth worked by itself again.

"..Sebastian.. Michealis…"

Mihae nodded. "My father was attracted to his interesting soul; pure as snow despite being surrounded by nothing but hatred and darkness. When they first met, Lord Ciel offered to sell him his soul in return for revenge. But Father rejected it. He was willing to serve him without a price of any kind."

My head throbbed even more as more unknown memories flooded in.

"But Lord Ciel wouldn't let it go just like that. Despite his young age, he was very mature. He knew his days were coming to an end at the age of thirteen. And he started writing his will."

At that moment, I found myself holding my breath and hoping it hasn't got anything to do with me.

"He wrote that once he depart from this world, all his possessions shall be inherited by his butler – who, of course, was my very own father." Mihae looked at me with such an entertained smirk it actually made me feel uncomfortable.

"…And finally, he wrote that if he was ever reincarnated, the one with his soul will be the person to serve his butler or any of his descendants."

Mixed emotions stirred within me; confusion, anger… and (I never thought I would admit this) fear.

"I'm not Ciel Phantomhive's reincarnation." I tried hard to keep my voice from shaking.

"Oh, but you are, my little Akira-chan…"

I flinched at the way he said my name.

"Have you ever thought that why on earth are you, a Japanese, born with such special features? How many people in Japan have you seen that owns sapphire eyes and hair so darkly gray that it's almost blue?"

Many, I thought. But I didn't say a word.

True, wearing contacts and dying your hair isn't a big issue at this era. People nowadays tend to change their appearances artificially, making some of them look freakishly unnatural. But then again, I was born with the features I have now – and I never did anything to change them. Once I thought about it, it did seem strange.

"..I dyed my hair.. and these are contacts.." I said.

Mihae really laughed this time. If my head wasn't hurting that much, I would've punched him long ago.

"You getting contacts and dying your hair?" he mused. "From what I heard, you would rather skip a meal to save just enough money to buy an expired bento from the nearest convenience store."

I bit my lip. Is there really no way I could get myself out of this?

The pain in my head got worst. Images of a smiling couple I don't know flashed in my mind. Then images of a mansion engulfed in fire. At the last one, not only my head ached, but my heart too. God… what the hell's going on?

"You heard wrong…" I denied as I held the side of my aching head with a heavy hand.

"Don't worry.." he said in a tone that made me plenty worried. "I won't force you to work for me. But you do need a summer job, don't you?"

My eyelids refused to stay open for long and my freaking head only made matters worse.

"We offer you hospitality, food, money, shelter..or perhaps even.." he inched closer so his face was just centimeters from mine and lifted my chin. "..love.."

I slapped his hand away.

"What proof do you have.. that you're Sebastian's son..?" I croaked in a voice that barely sounded like it belonged to me.

He looked at me with a wide smirk plastered on his face… and I got my answer. For a split second when I thought my eyes were playing tricks, I saw it. Mihae's once crimson brown eyes glowed in the most unnatural colour – pink. Don't laugh. Just looking at them could send shivers down your very spine.

For those were eyes of a demon.

"..Just think about it.." he whispered and his eyes returned to how they were before.

And I passed out again for no due reason.


I woke to find myself in yet another room. It was simpler than the living room I was in God knows how long ago. Light blue wallpapers covered the wall and the floor was carpeted. A huge window facing east hung on the wall next to the bed I was occupying.

I sat upright. Strangely, the pain in my head was gone. I glanced around the spacious room. I wasn't even sure if I'm still in the same house I woke up in. I jumped off the bed and headed to the window. I looked out and heaved a relieved sigh. Good. I'm still in Japan.

But it was sometime in the morning. I guessed I slept through the night, however I did it.

A knock sounded from the other side of the door and in came a girl in a maid uniform. She had dark black eyes and grayish hair even though she didn't look old – and I can bet she isn't.

Because… she was Misayo Fujiwara from the third year of the high school division.

Without a doubt, that was her. I've seen her several times before, always hanging around that bastard Mihae. Girls in my class loved to curse her for a rumour about her dating Mihae was spread around several months ago.

I stared, and how I really stared! I mean, I expected the rumours to be true or something, but I never thought she would be working for him (and as a maid, no less).

"Oh, good. You're awake.." she said with a smile. I nodded.

"Wash your face and come with me.." she ordered. "The Young Master wishes to see you."

I did as she said and followed her into the hallway.

All my life I'd been living in a cramped-up rundown apartment and to me, the biggest and most beautiful house I've ever seen was Koji's. But little did I know, this world big and all kinds of people as well as houses exist.

Takeshi Mihae's house was huge – even when compared to Koji's. Hallways stretched endlessly. There were so many rooms that I lost count even though I was still on the floor where I woke up in. Glass windows lined along the walls of the hallway, letting streams of morning sunlight in. Pictures and paintings hung opposite. Despite being a rich ass, I could tell that Mihae doesn't worry about the security of his mansion.

After countless twists and turns, we stopped in front of a room with a pair of huge expensive antique mahogany door. Fujiwara-san rapped the door and waited without once taking a glance at me. As I waited along, all kinds of thoughts floated in my mind. Does he abuse his servants? How does his office look like? Who is he really?

Minutes passed and there was still no reply. I thought Fujiwara-san got the wrong place and will find somewhere else instead. How wrong I was.

Instead of heading to another room, she sighed and turned the doorknob. The doors creaked open and she motioned me to go in.

The room which I expected as Mihae's office took my breath away at first glance. His office was almost as big as the local library; with racks and racks of filed documents and such. Sitting in the middle of it all was a polished cherry wood desk; papers splattered messily all over.

And seated behind the desk dozing off, was the 'Young Master' himself – Takeshi Mihae.

"Really…" Fujiwara-san shook her head and sighed. "How many times does he want me to repeat myself?"

I raised an eyebrow. He asks to speak with me but falls asleep while waiting? How impatient can he get?

Anyway, Fujiwara-san must've been releasing a lot of dark aura or something because not long after she sighed, Mihae stirred from his nap and let out a yawn.

"Ah.. good morning, Misayo.." he said, putting on one of his fake smiles. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you see it, Fujiwara-san seemed to be immune to it.

"How many times do I have to tell you, bocchan?" she nagged at once. "Sleep earlier if you intend to wake up early in the morning. You can leave the remaining work for the next day and not necessarily burn the midnight oil every night. You need your rest for we can't afford for you to fall sick again!"

Ignoring his maid, Mihae turned to my direction.

"Mornin', Akira-chan~" he beamed.

I clenched my teeth.

"..Don't call me that."

"Aww.. why not? It sounds cute on you."

I took deep breaths to control my temper.

"..What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Ah… that.." He turned to his maid. "Could you leave us for a while, Misayo?"

Fujiwara-san opened her mouth to argue but caught herself at the last moment. Nodding reluctantly, she left the room, leaving the two of us alone.

Smirking to himself, he averted his gaze back to me, studying whatever crap he could see.

I crossed my arms and waited.

"..Well?" Unfortunately, my patience abandoned me after the first few seconds.

".. Do you remember what I told you the night before?" he asked, leaning back on his chair. I tried to recall our conversation.

"Something about… you being Sebastian Michealis' son.. and Ciel Phantomhive's soul…" I muttered.

"The next person who owns Ciel Phantomhive's soul will serve any descendant of Sebastian Michealis," he corrected the last one. "How would you like to work here as my servant for the summer? You can even stay longer, if you wish."

"..And why the hell should I sacrifice my freedom of summer working under the likes of you?"

"I already told you my offers. You'll be under our care throughout the summer. Your meals will be provided. And lastly.."

My mouth hung open when he mentioned the payment. Holy shit. It was way more than the sum of money I've collected from past summers.

"..You pay that much just for being your servant?" I asked in bewilderment.

Mihae leaned forward and interlaced his fingers. "So? Are you interested or not?"

I hesitated to decide. If I worked there, I might just have enough money to buy something other than expired bentos or milk for my meals. My life could be better even by a little.

But.. serving Takeshi Michealis wasn't the top of my list of to-dos.

I shook my head and told myself to forget about it. I'll only need to endure this for the summer anyway. Then I'll be home free.

"I'll work as your servant…" I said. "But you'll have to tell me more about the memories flooding in my mind."

He didn't even look surprised about the memory thing.


Who would've thought that that one decision could change my life forever?

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