"That fucking bastard!" I hissed to myself, gingerly making my way to the locker room.

I hadn't decided if I was talking about Mike or Lawler yet, but the sentiment applied to both.

Lawler had put me through a table (which fucking hurts, by the way) after which Mike had just left me at ringside in favour of carting his ill-gotten championship backstage.


I stopped short in surprise at the voice before looking up into my favourite pair of green eyes.

"Stephen. Hi," I managed, knowing I probably sounded like an idiot.

The Irishman was still in his King of the Ring get-up, foil crown and scepter momentarily forgotten as he frowned.

"You're hurt," he said.

"I'm fine," I assured. "Just a few bumps and bruises. Congrats on your win earlier."

Stephen nodded his thanks, but still looked concerned.


I whirled around at the much less friendly voice, not surprised to see a fuming Mike approaching me.

"What the fuck was that? Why did Michael Cole have to interfere for me to keep my championship?"

I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths to control my anger.

Where did he get off accusing me of being lazy when I was half-conscious on the floor?

"Ye will not speak to him like that."

Mike looked startled at the interruption. Apparently he hadn't noticed Stephen when he stormed over.

"I'll speak to him however I want. He works for me," he hissed, muscles tensing.

Stephen stepped in front of me, fully blocking me from Mike's view.

"Leave now, or I'll make ye," he said, voice dangerously low.

Mike hesitated. He seemed to be considering his chances against the much bigger, stronger man.

"This isn't over, Kiley," he hissed. "You won't always have your guard dog with you."

I waited until his footsteps had completely faded before letting out the breath I didn't realize I'd been holding.

"Thank you," I said softly to Stephen, who turned to face me.

I was starting to feel very light-headed, but I brushed it off as a reaction to the almost-fight.

"Ye can't let him get to-"

He stopped short, eyes wide.

"Kevin, you're bleeding," he said.

I looked down at myself, seeing a growing crimson stain on my white button-up.

"Oh," was all I could manage before everything went black.