Well here comes my first story concerning the Zeo rangers. But it won't be only them. An old friend will return and change the history of the rangers like we used to know.

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A strange feeling

Kim's POV:

She knew something was wrong. She's been having this strange feeling the whole day.

But what could it be?

Her ranger days were long over now and the only bad things that seemed to happen to her were things like: parking on the wrong spot and getting a ticket for that… or spilling juice on her most loved top. Just random things like that.

But since she had woken up this morning something was definitely wrong.

Shaking her head disbelievingly, she took her bag and got ready to work.

Since she had been at the pan global games and even winning a silver medal her life had changed. She had wanted to compete the following year, but one wrong step and everything had been over: she had torn her ligament.


The doctors had told her it wouldn't heal in time and that she would never be able to do the same like before her injury.

"Miss Heart, I'm afraid to tell you that it isn't just a sprained ankle," the doctor had told her in hospital.

"What exactly do you mean? How bad is it?" she had wanted to know and she had already feared his answer.

"You have torn your ligament. It will take its time to heal." The doctor had answered.

"Take its time? How long do you mean? I have to compete next month!"

"I mean that you won't be able to compete next month. In fact you would be glad if you could walk without help next month."

"But that means… no this can't be real. It just can't be!", she had whispered to herself. She had known what that meant. It was the worst nightmare that could happen to an athlete!

"I'm sorry Miss Heart. I've already consulted two of my colleagues. They are specialists like me and they have come to the same conclusion. I know, that your sports mean everything to you Miss Heart. But you will never be able to compete in competitions like you had after this injury. I will now leave you as you sure want to be alone by now. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call for me."

With that the doctor had left her room. He had left her alone in there.

And with leaving it was like he had taken all her dreams with him. All that had been important to her, all that she had wanted to reach – it had all become unreachable.

And so she had been sitting there alone in her bed, tears rolling down her cheeks, knowing, nothing would be as it had been before.

After his words the doctor had disappeared out of her life, taking everything with him and just leaving the only thing behind that no one had taken away: the pain.


But they hadn't known her. She had been a fighter and would always be. In one way or another. They all hadn't known that back there. But soon she had proofed it!

She had refused to believe it and had done everything the doctors had told her to do. She hadn't wanted to risk that the healing process might be affected.

But they had underestimated her. They all had.

She had had the strength and the will and after the OK from the doctors and therapists, she had restarted her training. Carefully and slowly.

But as everything went well she had improved her training lessons and gained her old strength and power.


Well, they had been right about the fact that it wouldn't heal in time.

But they had been wrong about one other thing: It had healed better than everybody could have hoped for. Now she could do everything she had done before her injury.

And the person who had disappointed her the most during that time had been her coach.

No – she had to correct herself. Her Ex-Coach.

After he had talked with the doctors himself, he had shown up one last time in her hospital room. Only to tell her that it was over. That he wouldn't coach her anymore.

She had to stop herself thinking about that.

Every thought about that person only caused more pain and wasn't worth another thought.

Well, after gaining her old strength, she had thought about competing one last time. But in the end she decided that she wouldn't do it. Her newlife was different from her old one before the injury. Sure she didn't compete any more, but she had found something more important and something she enjoyed even more.

She had started a small business on her own. That had always been her secret dream. Now she was teaching kids all she had learned. She was giving her knowledge to others. And that made her proud.

Sure the kids she taught didn't compete as world athletes. They didn't have scholarships or rich parents who could achieve such training. They just were kids that happened to live in the same city and took courses in "Heart's sports club – for everyone who has a heart for sport".

If they wanted, they could compete in small competitions between the citys from time to time.


So she was happy with her life and even if she missed the competitions from time to time she just had to look at the pictures hanging in her office, showing the kids she taught, and she felt better.

And that was the place she wanted to go to. She put her bag on the seat next to her and started the engine.

While driving, she couldn't shake this strange feeling away. Though having a happy life, she knew something was missing – something she would never get back. And now she had a feeling, it was even more far away than normal. But that wasn't possible she thought to herself.

But that was her fault. And each time she wished, she hadn't made this fault, she knew that she could never reverse it. Even if it hurt, it was ok and just reminded her to never be that naive again.

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