Puck walked down the halls of McKinley High School.

"Why doesn't Lauren see that I like her? I wish that she understood..."

Since he was so absorbed in his thoughts he didn't even watch where he was and ran right in to Lauren.

"Oh Puckerman, Just the person I was looking for!" Lauren said.

"L-looking for me? What is it Lauren?" He stuttered.

A nervous grin appeared on Lauren's face.

"Well I need a date to the park tonight for the fireworks...I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come?" Lauren asked.

"I-i would love to come!"Puck said and smiled. "I'll pick you up later!".

"I'll see you later!" She added walking in the direction of the choir room.

Puck jumped up and punched the air. "Hot damn! I gotta date!"He yelled.

Later that night Puck knocked on the door of Lauren's house, hiding a flower behind his back as Lauren answered the door.

"This is for you..."He said smiled.

"Thank you!" She said.

"You look kick-ass!" Puck nodded.

"Kick-ass? Wow! He really likes me!" Lauren thought as they walked to the park.

When they got to the park the fireworks were almost ready. They stood side by side and watched the dazzling colours.

When the fireworks were nearly over, Puck without warning leaned over and kissed Lauren. Her eyes widened.

"So how good of a kisser am I eh?" Puck asked.

Lauren thought a minute before beginning to twiddle her fingers.

"I forget...You'll have to remind me!"She said pulling Puck closer.