"Can you believe it, Sam?" Quinn asked her boyfriend, excitedly. "Our first Christmas together!" She beamed, leaning over to hug him, her long blonde hair swinging.

Sam hugged Quinn close.

"It's perfect, Quinn," He placed a kiss on her nose.

Sam and Quinn strolled lazily through the snowy park. The crescent moon hung above them, and the stars seemed especially bright against the dark backdrop of the sky. Icicles hung like diamonds off the trees, and their breath fogged dreamily in front of them.

Sam stopped and spun so that he was planted right in front of Quinn. "I want to give you your big Christmas present now,".

Quinn smiled.

"Okay," she agreed.

Over the past month she had dropped hints about a necklace she had seen while shopping, and she hoped for all the world that Sam had gotten it for her.

"Quinn, you know I love you, right?" Sam asked.

Quinn was confused, but she nodded. Sam knelt, placing one knee in the snow, and opening a black box. A small gold ring with a sparkling diamond was settled in its interior.

"This Christmas, will you give me the gift of being my wife?" Sam asked.

Quinn tackled him, sending them both flying into the snow.

"Of course," She was crying tears of joy. Sam slid the ring on her finger as they kissed.

"Best Christmas ever," They agreed.