Dear Readers,

I am a terrible terrible person. I have literally not uploaded for the past year, and I am so very deeply sorry :( This past year has been my final year of school and I have been trying to work hard to get good grades for uni/college next year, so whenever I have ahd a spare moment, I haven't been able to muster up the flow for fic writing :p

I have written drabbles of these two fics but they just haven't been right. :( It's frustrating I know, really lol.

But, come the end of November, my exams are all over. I'm pretty sure Uni doesn't start until February... so that means a whloe lot of free wind-down time. Then is when I plan on doing some writing. So keep holding on, I haven't abadonned you yet :)

It's actually been pretty touching to see how many people have been missing these updates. Thank you. The next update on these two fics will be a brand new chappy. That I promise.

xx Shadow