I do not own Red Hot Chili Samurai. Please Review and Thank You. Shikki's view (Called Turtle by Kokaku and some other characters in the manga). A short drabble.


By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

My name is Shikki and I'm from a high ranking family.

Kokaku calls himself a 'Hero' and has a belief that 'A Samurai's sword is a tool to protect people.' That is just a lofty ideal and also told me not to use the samurai sword 'Incorrectly'. Who is he to say such words to me? I'm taller than him and later on confirmed that he is also younger than me.

A Samurai's sword is a tool for killing and there is nothing wrong about killing vermin. Such as vermin that steal, rape, and other crimes. Death of the vermin that commit crimes is the only certain way to make sure that there will be no more victims. I have no problems with killing those who commit a crime and my resolve is strong. No one can break it.

It was a surprise that Kokaku turned out to be the Hanshu's son, but I didn't let it show too much on my face.

Kokaku is a strange creature for if he doesn't eat peppers then there is no strength in his body. Also I noticed that he is rather protective of his peppers and loves peppers to a point of addiction. He had sent me a basket of peppers as Thanks. Who would send peppers as a way of thanking someone? Plus the sheer amount of peppers was unbelievable for it was a whole basket of them.

I have accepted the fact he will always refer to me a Turtle and it is a waste of time to get annoyed at him for calling Turtle.

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