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Blaine walked into the school café and walked to his usual table in the back. Wes and David were already there. They each had a cup of coffee in front of them, and Blaine saw an extra cup in front of the empty chair that was clearly there for him. He sat down and thanked them for getting him coffee.

"So what did you want to talk to us about?" David asked after Blaine took his first sip.

"And where's Kurt?" Wes asked. "You two have been practically attached at the hip since you got together."

"You two aren't fighting or anything, are you?" David asked. He had noticed that Blaine seemed a little sad lately.

"No, nothing like that," Blaine reassured them. "Kurt and I were talking the other day. He told me he was transferring to McKinley."

"What? Why?" David asked.

"I thought he was being bullied at his old school?" Wes added.

"He was," Blaine answered with a small frown. "That's one of the reasons that I don't want him to go back. It got pretty bad."

"But…?" David pressed.

"But," Blaine sighed. "He doesn't belong here at Dalton."

"I thought he was fitting in just fine," Wes said with a frown.

"He was," Blaine said after a few more sips of his drink. "But, Kurt is about standing out, not fitting in. Sure, he blended in with everyone here, but he was born to stand out. You remember how he was when he first got here."

Wes and David both smiled at the memory. Although he had been in uniform, Kurt had always gone out of his way to make his just a little bit different with accessories and stuff. He was more subdued now, though, and didn't do that as much.

"So he's just going to go back to his bullies?" Wes asked, not fully understanding why Kurt would do that.

"He said a slushy in the face was a small price to pay. And besides, his friends are going to be there now that they know about the bullying. They promised to protect him."

"What's going to happen to you guys though?" David couldn't help but ask.

"We're staying together," Blaine answered hurriedly. "Lima is only two hours away. We could still see each other on the weekends and even after classes if we really wanted to."

"So what's with the somberness lately?" Wes asked.

"I've been giving it a lot of thought," Blaine looked up at his two best friends. "I think I want to go with Kurt."

"Are you serious?" Wes and David exclaimed in unison.

"I know what you guys are thinking," Blaine hurried to explain himself. "And yes, am I going to follow my boyfriend, but that wasn't what really pushed me to go."

"What did?"

"One of my biggest regrets was running away," Blaine said slowly. Wes and David nodded, having heard this before. "I hated myself for not being able to stand up to those guys who picked on me. I'm confident in who I am and proud of my sexuality, but that wasn't what it looked like when I ran. I can't exactly go back to my old school because we moved cities after I transferred, but I can go to Lima. This can give me a chance to prove to myself that I really am the proud confident kid I let everyone see. It's easy to be that way in this school where no one can say a word to me because of a no bullying policy, but at McKinley, I'll finally be able to stand up for myself."

"We understand," Wes said after a while. "We're going to miss you."

"And Kurt," David added. Wes nodded.

"When are you guys transferring?"

"Kurt's going back in two weeks," Blaine answered. "But I'm going to finish the year. I talked to my parents about it and though they weren't happy with it, they agreed. Their only condition was that I have to complete the year here."

"Is that why you wanted to see us?" David asked.

"Oh, no," Blaine shook his head and put down his coffee cup. "I actually needed your help with something."

"Oh?"Wes raised an eyebrow at his friend.

"I want to sing a song to Kurt."

"Again?" David asked. "It didn't work out the first time, remember?"

"And after what happened at that one meeting, I don't think we're going to find a song that New Directions hasn't already done," Wes added sourly.

"Guys," Blaine rolled his eyes. "They can't have done everything. There's millions of songs out there. I'm sure between the three of us, we can find something."

"I doubt it, but sure." Wes and David finally agreed.

"This has to be the perfect song. I want to get my feelings across to him, I mean, he already knows, but I want to show it to him through song."

"Why is it so important that you sing it to him?" Wes asked curiously.

"He once told me that when he was in New Directions, every time someone had something they wanted to say to someone else in the club, they sang it to them. He's seen almost all the girls in the club get serenaded—some of the guys even had songs sung to them—and he's always wanted someone to do that for him."

"Awww," David cooed. "You're such a good boyfriend."

"Shut up," Blaine rolled his eyes again. "So are you guys going to help me?"

"Of course," Wes and David answered.


"So how did My Life Would Suck Without You go?" Wes asked when Blaine returned to their room that night. David was also in there doing his homework with Wes.

"I casually mentioned it to him," Blaine sighed and plopped down on his bed. "But, apparently, they sang it to their glee director last year."

"Why?" David asked in confusion.

"Because something happened last year—I wasn't paying too much attention to that part—but then they had to work on their set list for sectionals and go through the competition without him because of some complication. After they won, he was allowed to be their director again, so they sang that to him."

"What about Lean On Me?" David looked up from his iPod.

"Isn't that a friendship thing?" Blaine asked.

"It can be taken differently," Wes shrugged. "And besides, you guys are both friends and boyfriends, right? The message is a good one, too. It pretty much tells him that no matter what, you'll always be there for him."

"That's a good idea," Blaine thanked his friends.


"The song didn't work out?" David whispered to Blaine when he walked into their first period class room.

"Who sang it to whom?" Wes, who was sitting behind Blaine, added. After all their attempts to find songs to sing, he figured out that each song New Directions sang always had a particular reason.

"The entire club sang it to Finn and Quinn," Blaine explained quietly. He looked up to make sure that the teacher still hasn't started the class. "Apparently they told Quinn's parents and they flipped and kicked her out."

"Don't you sometimes feel like you're missing out on all these interesting things because you don't go to public school?" David asked. "Nothing interesting like that ever happens here."

"It's not like anyone here can get pregnant," Wes managed to get in before their teacher turned around and began her lesson.

Ten minutes into class, Blaine's phone vibrated. He discreetly pulled it out of his pocket and opened the message.

From David: Paramore's 'The Only Exception'.


David received a message later that day. Wes leaned closer to him to read the message over his shoulder.

From Blaine: Didn't work out. Rachel sang it to Finn after their Britney Spears phase.

"Can we just say that they've covered every possible love song known to man and he's going to have to write an original one if he wants to sing him a song his old group hasn't done before?" Wes asked when he finished reading the message.

"It's only been three songs. I'm sure he can think of something." David turned to the person closest to him and Wes.

"Hey Jeff, can you think of a song you'd sing to someone you really cared about?"

"Like a duet or something?" The blonde Warbler asked.

"Can be, if you want." Wes answered.

"Hmm," The blonde stopped and thought about it for a while. "No Air?"

David thanked the boy and texted the song to Blaine.


"Didn't work," Blaine said before Wes and David could ask him later that night. "Last year, the crazy cheer coach was a co-director in glee and separated the club and they sort of had to compete against each other. The group that Kurt wasn't in did No Air."

"But technically, no one sang it to anyone," David pointed out. "They used it in a competitive setting so there were no feelings involved. So, you could use thatI d, right?"

"I could," Blaine frowned. "But I rather not because even though no one sang it to anyone, he's already heard it and might associate it with them; I want a song that he has no connection to whatsoever."

"I'm starting to think Kurt has some sort of connection to every possible song known to man." Wes sighed.

"What did you tell Kurt?" David asked. "I mean, he must be asking why you're coming up to him with all these songs."

"I told him that I'm looking for an audition piece for our annual spring concert."

"Hello, I Love You?" Wes suggested.

Blaine pulled out his phone and sent a message Kurt. After a minute, his phone rang, signaling that Kurt had replied.

"He says it's a good song," Blaine read the message. "He never heard the original though; he only heard it when Finn sang it."

"What I Did For Love?" Wes suggested. He had his phone out and was reading something off of it. He had apparently gone and asked someone for a suggestion.


"I wonder if the song went well," David commented to Wes.

"It better have," Wes replied. "Kurt only came today to get some papers. He's going back to McKinley today."

As if on cue, Blaine walked into the room. He saw his two friends giving him a questioning look and shook his head sadly.

"Well, you'll have time to think of more songs and just sing it to him when you guys go on a date or something," David said comfortingly.


"Are you sure this is going to work?" David asked as Blaine led the Warblers through the halls of William McKinley High School. There were little students in the halls because it was lunch time, but the few that were there were giving the group strange looks.

"Yeah," Wes added. "If this song doesn't work out, then you not only have to find a new song, but the Warblers are going to look like idiots in front of this school."

"It would be less embarrassing if you did it when he was in glee club so at least its only his friends who see us." David added.

"Didn't he say that glee club wasn't that popular here?" Thad, who had been listening to them, added. "I don't think the students here will appreciate it as much as the students of Dalton would."

"I've always wondered what a slushy facial felt like ever since Kurt mentioned it," Jeff, who had been walking nearby, spoke up. "But I really rather not spend my day off from school finding out. It doesn't sound too fun."

"It'll be fine guys," Blaine reassured the group of boys. He found the door that took them out to the courtyard. "I arranged it with the administration here and no one will give us a hard time about it. A few of the teachers are actually out there to see what we're going to do."

"Who did you talk to?" Wes asked curiously.

"The cheer coach, Ms. Sylvester." Blaine responded. He spotted Kurt near the bottom of the steps. Luckily, the boy had his back turned to them. "She's a bit crazy, but all the students are afraid of her, so they won't mess with us."

"You better be right, Blaine."


Blaine smiled brightly at Kurt as he sang the last note of Somewhere Only We Know. The small boy had tears in his eyes and he was clearly touched by what Blaine had done. Blaine glanced around him and saw various expressions on the faces around them. The boys in letterman jackets were giving him and Kurt strange, angry looks. The members of New Directions all had grins of varying degrees on their faces. And the students of the school were either shocked, looking at Blaine in disbelief, or looking at Kurt in what Blaine assumed was jealousy. But, all that mattered was Kurt's expression.

Blaine walked up to the boy and smiled shyly at him. "What did you think?"

Instead of answering, Kurt stepped forward and placed a kiss on his lips. Blaine smiled into the kiss and responded eagerly. He heard clapping and a few catcalls from the Warblers and what sounded like New Directions. He heard a few hurtful remarks thrown their way, but they were silenced by someone who sounded like Ms. Sylvester.

When Blaine and Kurt finally pulled away, the students of McKinley minus the New Directions were gaping at the two boys. But, Blaine paid no attention to any of that. All that mattered was the large grin on Kurt's face and how his eyes shone with what was clearly happiness and love.


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