Tokyo, Japan 22B Beika Street

It was like every other summer for Shinichi Kudo (besides being 7 and all) he had finished all his summer homework the first day of break, and Ran finished hers shortly afterwards. Needless to say they were both fairly board. To top it off Sonako had left with her family to tour Europe, and the detective boys were all at summer camp; so not only were they both fairly board, but they were REALLY board. As they were both sitting in front of the TV watching a re-run; the phone started to ring, so then Kogoro, who hadn't had a job in weeks, ran to pick it up hoping for quick cash.

Once he started talking Conan and Ran turned their heads to listen in, and then Mouri said with his hand over the receiver "Ran, Conan, pack your bags were going to America"

Washington D.C. NCIS Headcounters

"We got another" was called from down the hall. Gibbs walked into his cubical after proclaiming that there was a new found body in their case, soon later a folder down slammed down onto a table and then Gibbs said "Private Jessica White, age 26, lives alone, found her at Rock Creek… another bullet to the head and used the same gun"

As he was continuing to the elevator he said, "Well what are you waiting for lets go".

When they were riding over it was completely silent after all this case had been going on for one month with five dead and no leads. As they arrived on the scene and Ducky was already there and said, "Same as the other ones instant death, and a bullet to the center of the forehead" then he continued his work as the team looked around the scene.

"Have you found any new insight on this matter?" questioned Ducky

"Afraid not Duck" Gibbs called back as the others continued searching,

Then Ducky said "Well it might be best if we get a fresh mind on this case"

"And who might that be Duck"

Then Ducky continued "I have a friend from Japan he is mostly know as an author but he does make a great sleuth"

Then Ziva inquired "And who might this mystery man be"

"His name is Booker Kudo and he wrote …"

"Booker Kudo, you know him, he has always been an idol of mine, I read every book in his series" burst out McGee in a second flat.

"…the Night Baron series"

"Whoa…slow down McGeek, I didn't know you were a fangirl"

London, United Kingdom; National Airport

"Hello, Yusaku Kudo speaking"

"Why, hello, Booker it is nice to hear your well, but could you use that English I am so very fond of" replied Ducky

"Hello, Ducky it's good to see you up and running; but what is your business with me?"

"Well to be blunt, it seems that my team and I have come across a block in case and were wondering if someone can come along to bring new insight… That is off course if that someone isn't too busy hiding from their editors"

"Ah, Ducky you know me all too well, but I am afraid I am very tight with my schedule so I can't come up to help" then he started to ponder about Shinichi and the need for payback from 'The attack of the editors' as Booker called it. "Thought I do know of another detective who is almost as good as me I sure he would love to come up and help you"

"Are you sure about this, I mean our entire team hasn't got a clue, so are you sure he is good enough"

"I'm sure he is and if he isn't I will come up there myself, after all I love a good challenge"

"Well if you are sure, when may we be expecting this person?"

"Soon I will give you all the details once I contact him. Oh I hope you don't mind, but he will bring along his teenage daughter and a young boy"

"The daughter is fine, but the boy, is he well behaved"

"I assure you he will be the most well behaved boy you have ever met, and I think you might take a peculiar liking to him"

"Well if you're sure I shall inform my team, good-bye and good luck"

"Same to you Ducky, good-bye"

"Honey, who were you talking to" came from Booker's wife

"An old friend from America it seems that the Mouri family is going to be working there for a little while" replayedBooker

"This back and forth between you and Shin-chan needs to stop but, anyways let's go, I'm driving"

"No you aren't, I plan to live through this vacation"

"Fine, stingy, but I'm driving on the way back to the airport"

"Ok, at least I will live one more day" was the last thing said in that conversation

Tokyo, Japan; Mouri residence

"Hello, the great Mouri Kogoro speaking how may I be of service"

"Hello Kogoro-san it is good to see you are as self-congratulatory as ever" replied Yusaku

"Oh, Hello Yusaku-san it is good to hear from you; but how is your son doing Ran hasn't heard from him in the longest time, so she wants to know"

"He is fine, but how about we get to business shall we, you see I have an old friend in America who could use help in a case with five dead and barely any evidence. Do you think you could go up and shed some light on the case for me?"

"I would, but I don't think that I should leave for another country without bringing Ran and Conan along."

"It's fine if they come along as long as they behave"

"Well I guess I am up for it when should we leave"

"As soon as you can get ready to leave and I will do all the preparations for you, so just be ready to go when I tell you"

"Ok, I will do just that, good-bye"


"Ran, Conan, pack your bags were going to America"

"What, Why?" questioned Ran

"Yusaku Kudo gave us a case and it happens to be in America"

"Where in America are we going and for how long" asked Conan

"I'm not sure just pack your bags and be ready to leave" answered Kogoro

God Conan thought I am going to have to kill him for this and it will be an impossible murder that no one could solve.

Somewhere in London one Yusaku Kudo snickered to himself at his son's new dilemma

Hours off Boring Planning and Packing Later

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro were at the airport getting ready for departure and the long flight ahead. Conan was reading a mystery book, Ran was talking to Sonako about the trip to D.C. over the phone and Sonako joked that Ran may meet her 'husband' over there, and Kogoro was basking in glory of his admirers (big surprise there). Then when that departure of flight A11 to Chicago and then Washington D.C. was announced they boarded the plane, loaded their items, and flew off to the US of A

One Really Long Flight Later

They were finally out of the plane and able to move their legs and then celebrated by going to Starbucks and buying random food. After finishing their snack they went to go get there luggage. As they walked down Ran and Kogoro looked around at everything in amazement, while Conan had seen all this before so he headed straight for the luggage. Once they got to baggage claim and got all their all their items, Ran asked "So what do we do now"

Then her dad responded "Yusaku-san told us to wait out front and that someone from some place called NCIS will show up and pick us up. So let's go."

They got their things together and walked up to the entrance in an odd silence of anticipation.

Once they got to the front of the gate a young man with an annoyed look and young woman who Conan thought looked Israeli walked up to them and the woman asked "You must be the Kogoro family we will be taking you to your hotel and then to NCIS"

"Yes we are it is a pleasure to meet you, I am Mouri Kogoro, this is my daughter Ran, and the freeloader is Edogawa Conan."

"Nice to meet you" came from Conan who sounded a lot more excited then he really was, his inner thoughts were 'stop calling me freeloader idiot'

Then the woman said "Pleased to make your acquaintance I am David Ziva, and this is DiNozzo Anthony"