Tony lazily got up for another day at work and turned off his alarm. He did the usual brushed his teeth, combed his hair, made breakfast, and then left for work. He went on his usual root, and was thinking about nothing in particular, and before he knew it himself he got to NCIS. The only other person in his team who was in the room was McGee, working on his tech. stuff as usual. Tony started on his work, rereading the details of the current case and trying to find out more. Then the elevator dinged and Ziva walked straight to Tony.

"Is there anything you need Ziva"

"Tony, yesterday you said that if I could find anything odd about Conan you would listen"

"So what, you found something"

"Yes I did here look" Then she threw the freshly printed newspaper article at him.

"So what am I looking at, his school paper"

"No, don't be silly, this is the front page of one of the most important Newspapers in Japan"

"… So what does it say that is important enough to make you think he is odd?"

"Have you heard of that thief Kid?"

"Yeah, he steals jewels in Japan, not even the police can stop him fully prepared. What does he got to do with Conan?"

"Conan is only one capable of stopping Kid"

"Well maybe Kid is just going easy on him"

"Well then explain the murder cases and burglaries that he has solved. Are you telling me that the murders are going easy on him too?"

"Maybe he just is lucky and really smart; he's just a kid calm down"

"I am still keeping an eye on him" Ziva walked madly back to her desk as Tony sighed, then McGee walked towards Tony.

"What was that about?" McGee questioned

"She thinks the kid of the detective we got from Japan is 'suspicious'?"

"What's he like, is there anything odd about him"

"He's seven, and all kids that age are odd anyways"

"Wonder what he did to get her suspicious"

"Well whatever it was I feel sorry for him, we better get back to work or else boss will walk in with is usual face of 'going to kill'"

"What did you say DiNozzo" then McGee scrambled back to his seat; and Tony looked up to his boss Gibbs.

"Nothing at all, Boss"

"Have you found out anything about the case?"

"Well, boss we went over all the evidence again…" McGee offered


"We came up with nothing"

"Well, look again" So with that Tony, McGee, and Ziva went through the evidence again; so far the evidence had lead them nowhere, most professional killers weren't as clean as who or whatever this was.

Then after a few hours of discussing theories about the case and connections between victims, Gibbs got a call.

"Pack you things a sixth victim has been found"


"The Hyatt"


"AHHH" came from the next room over, and Conan rushed to the door. He opened the door and saw a man sprawled on the floor with blood falling down his head. Right above Conan was a man wearing black and had a gun trained at Conan's head. On instinct Conan ran away, and then heard a shot and saw a bullet land a few feet away from him. He went down the stairs to the floor below and then hid in a storage closet drawer; and heard the man run down the stairs and then continue down. Once out of sight of the shooter he ran back up to the man who was shot. He was dead, so Conan called 911 and reported the crime. The police came up to the crime scene which was now surrounded by a few guests, employees, and one child.

"Hey kid you shouldn't be here, this is a place for adults" said a police man to the child

"But I was the one who called you and saw the murderer" Conan said in an all too innocent tone.

After the police got over the initial shock and disbelief that the calm and in control caller they heard was seven years olds, they took him to another room with a sketch artist. Then once Conan started describing the killer to the sketch artist footsteps came rushing down the hallway. A voice stated "This is now under NCIS designation, you are free to go home."

The inspector who looked slightly offended just sighed and said "Ok, there is a boy in the other room; he is about seven and a witness. That is all we have so you are free to take over. Pack up your things guys."

With the news about a witness the NCIS team thought that they could finally get somewhere in the case; and then a thought came to the lone female member. So she asked Tony "You know how that family with the detective is staying here, do you think that the boy could be…"

"There's no way right" Tony responded trying to convince her as well as himself.

To confirm or deny their doubts they ran to the room which the witness was in, and were greeted with a "Hi" by Conan.

The rest of the team and the new arrivers aka the medical examiners walked into the room following Ziva and Tony. Seeing there surprised looks McGee asked "Do you know him?"

"Yeah he is the kid of that detective that came to help with the case" answered Tony still not over the initial shock

"Hi my names Conan nice to meet you all" piped the cheerful boy. Imediaty the whole team doubted that this boy saw a dead body, and Tony was now starting to agree with Ziva on that Conan was a little off.

"Conan where are you" came a voice from down the hall.

"Ran-neechan I'm here" called Conan