All I can think is shit and fuck and oh my fucking god. My brain shuts down. All I can do is feel my body twitch and shake. Holy fuck.

When I open my eyes, my punk is smiling at me, still under the covers, so fucking proud of himself.

I smack his ass weakly and tell him that he did good work.

He looks down at me, and it's different. Kind of shy, kind of scared.

I don't think I can move. I'll never leave this bed.

My heart skips a beat when I realize I don't want to.


He looks about my age when he isn't frowning, and I kind of want to lick his pretty face.

But he's hottest when he's really angry and chases me like I'm not already his.

It's been the best fucking day for pursuit and for getting tied up. I know I've never met anyone as off the wall as me.

The very best part – the part that makes me breathless – was getting spanked for being naughty.

I'd love some more of that.

Snuggling, feeling sleepy, my head rests on his chest.

I whisper that I'm called Riley.

He mumbles that he's James.

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