I See Through You

Hello everyone! Here's my second Naruto fanfic; Hope you like it!

The Hyuga clan has been full of hatred, mainly between the Main and Branch families...And so, unable to take any more of the hatred, Neji convinces Hinata to leave the village with him.

What will happen when a team is sent after them? Will they return peacefully, or fight to continue their journey?

NejixHinata, technically incest, since they're cousins. :L But...Oh wellz!

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Chapter One – Come With Me

Hinata was crying in the corner of her dark room, her face buried down into her knees, not sure what to do...

Ever since the Chuunin exams two years ago, Neji has been her closest friend. He had gotten rid of his selfish ways, and she could finally talk to him...

But now, her father, as the head of the Main Family, is trying to push the Branch Family even farther away, by making them leave the Hidden Leaf, and find a new home.

"B-But, father-!" Hinata had started to object, but the look he had given her was one full of hatred, and one that made her legs start to shake. A look that seemed to go right through her.

"Do not waste your breath," he told her, "The Branch Family is disgraceful, and they are lucky that I do not have them all killed immediately."...

That was when Hinata had first broken down,in front of her father...She also started to feel light-headed, and started to sway...

And Neji was there, catching her in his arms.

"Lady Hinata, are you okay?" he asked, and she looked up at him.

"Neji...kun?" she said in a weak voice.

Hinata's father glared at Neji. "Take your hands off my daughter!" he suddenly shouted.

Neji took a deep breath to calm himself, and then walked over to the nearby wall and gently set Hinata down.

"Hiashi, you shouldn't be so rash." Neji said, turning towards the family head.

Hiashi continued to glare at the Jounin in front of him. "Neji Hyuga...You have seen what pain I have afflicted upon your father. Do you wish the same upon yourself?"

Hinata opened her eyes slowly and looked up at the scene, her head still feeling dizzy.

"If you need to take out your anger on somebody, I will take the full of it upon myself." Neji said, keeping a stern gaze with Hiashi.

"Very well then..." he said, holding up a hand seal in front of him...

And a pain shot through Neji's head. "Agh!" Neji shouted, falling to his knees and holding onto his head.

He removed his headband and dropped it to the floor, trying to relieve some of the pain...But it continued. The green seal on his head began to glow, and it felt like his head was on fire.

Hiashi grinned. "You see, I can bring this pain upon you and the rest of the Branch Family," he stated, and Neji opened his eyes and gazed up at the family head, wincing at the pain, "So there is no hope for you, unless you leave."

N-Neji! Hinata thought, tears coming to her eyes. She couldn't just sit there and watch all of this happen...

So she quickly jumped up, and ran at her father, who was taken by surprise...

And palmed him in the stomach, sending a jolt of pain shooting up his body. He dropped his hand, and the pain in Neji's head was relinquished.

"H-Hinata!" he said, glaring down at his daughter.

Realizing what she had done, Hinata took a few steps back, looking up at her father with scared eyes.

Hiashi coughed, and a little bit of blood came out of his mouth. He raised a hand, and backhanded Hinata hard, sending her to the ground.

"You...dare hit me?" he said, "My daughter...You...You..." Hiashi didn't know what to say. He raised his hand again, and was about to bring it down upon her once more...

But Neji quickly intervened, and ran forward to Hinata's defense, grabbing Hiashi's arm and stopping him.

"Lady Hinata...please go." he said, struggling to keep Hiashi back. Then, bringing up his other hand, he forcefully pushed Hiashi back, sending him sliding a few yards away.

Hinata stayed where she was, frozen in fear. Neji turned towards her and shouted, "Go!"

Doing as he said, she quickly got up and ran out the door. While she was running, she could hear many blows being delivered, and she wasn't sure who was taking them...

And now, here she was, in her room, crying over what was happening, and hating herself for being so weak...

Then, suddenly, the door to her room slid open, startling Hinata, and making her look up...

But it was just Neji, who was holding onto his chest with one hand.

"H-Hinata..." he said, suddenly falling forward. Hinata quickly leapt up and stopped him from falling, letting him lean in against her.

"Neji-kun...why...?" she asked.

He looked down at her, and she saw for the first time how bruised and battered he really was...

"I told you before...That I'd die protecting you."

Neji stayed in Hinata's room for the night, seeing as though he was too weak to go anywhere else.

She was applying a special medicine to his bare chest, which would help with the internal damage he had taken to his organs.

His coughing was starting to subsided, as well as the blood that came with it, and his breathing had finally returned to normal.

"Thank you, Hinata." he told her. Hinata gave a faint smile and nodded.

"Y-You're welcome..." she said.

After applying the medicine, Neji suddenly began to sat up, wincing in pain.

"N-Neji-kun, don't overwork it!" she exclaimed.

He shook his head, and told her, "N-No, I'm fine, I need to tell you something..."

Neji let out a gasp of pain, and Hinata gave him a worried look. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it, feeling a jolt of pain shoot up him.

"You need to rest." she told him.

"No...please listen," he said to her, "I'm...I'm leaving the village."

Hinata's eyes widened, and she asked, "W-Why?"

Neji gave her a serious look, and explained, "The Hyuga family is heading for darkness...I'm going to find a new home for the Branch Family, where we don't have to live in the shadow of the Main Family..."

Hinata tilted her head slightly. "B-But, you're too weak right now!" she exclaimed.

"That's why I need somebody to go with me," Neji said, and Hinata's eyes widened...

"Please come with me, Lady Hinata," Neji said, grabbing both of her hands, "I cannot leave knowing that you may be in danger here."

Hinata wasn't sure of what to say...The thought of leaving everyone behind was unbearable, but the thought of Neji leaving, and never returning...

"I-I'll go." she said, and a smiled came across Neji's face.

"A-Are you sure, Lady Hinata?" he asked. Hinata smiled and nodded.

"Yes." she answered, even though a part of her was still unsure.

"Thank you..." Neji said, closing his eyes, and passing out from exhaustion, his head leaning onto Hinata's shoulder.

Hinata blushed for a moment, and took in his warmth...

And she decided that this was the right decision.

To be continued...

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