Hi everyone this is my new story about hinasaku/sakuhina. If u don't like them or don't like lesbians for some reason please don't read. I will actually continue this story. I really hope you guys like it. Oh yeah and this is like based on a song by t.A.T.u. Called "All the things she said.

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What Do you see?


Starting at a new school wasn't very hard for Sakura Haruno. She wasn't on the shy side at all! Quite the opposite actually. This year she was finishing high school at Konoha High.

A tired Sakura slowly got up at the pace of a turtle. She swung her pale flawless legs over to the side of her bed. Stretching and rubbing her eyes she walked over to her closet.

"First day Sakura make a good impression..." she thought to herself and looked at all her clothes, when she found the perfect outfit.

A black skirt a bit above her knees with a fitting red tank top was simple enough for her.

After taking a shower and getting dressed she went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Morning mom!" Sakura said as she yawned and walked to her seat at the table.

"Morning Sakura." Konan, Sakuras mom said to her as she gave Sakura a plate of waffles.

Sakura dug in and then slung her back pack and violin case over her shoulder.

Walking out of the house she got in her car (A/N I'm not into cars that much so I don't care you can make up what she has.) started it and went on her way to KHS.

"Hmmm Summons Park road..." She mumbled to herself finally finding her way to her school

After finding her way into the giant school to get a schedule and a locker she left to put her things away. On the way there, someone ran into her from the side. Rubbing her butt Sakura got up to glare at whoever ran into her.


The girl, Hinata scrambled to her feet muttering millions of sorry's under her breath to Sakura. Finally getting the courage she turned to Sakura and apologized

"No its fine! What's your name I'm Saku-" But Sakura got cut off as a Blonde came and sprung herself at Hinata.

"AT LEAST PUT ON THE LIPSTICK!" The blonde said trying to smear it on Hinata's lips. Sakura stood there looking at the two awkwardly.

"Erm..." Sakura said and coughed to get attention.

"OH! Hi there I'm Ino what's your name? I never saw you around before." The blonde said turning from Hinata.

"My names Sakura, I'm new. I moved from Suna" Sakura said and looked around Ino to see the blue tinted hair girl.

"What's your name?" Sakura said moving towards the shy girl.

"H-Hinata" She stuttered looking into Sakura's bright emerald eyes.

"Oh I can tell already we'll be best friends!" Ino said " C'mon let's compare our schedule!"

Grabbing Sakuras schedule from her hands she compared. "Let's see..." Ino thought out loud.

Looking at the schedule Sakura was in Social studies, Science, Gym, and Language arts with Ino and Hinata. For her elective she had orchestra, same as Hinata.

The School bell rang and Sakura made a dash to her locker to put her things away and said a "see you soon!" to the two.

Walking into her homeroom, Language arts, she spotted Ino talking away to some boys and Hinata sitting silently next to her. She walked over and sat on the left to Hinata.

She didn't know what it was but when she saw Hinata she just, couldn't help but trail her eyes along her slim body. Hinata caught her stare and politely said

"H-Hello Sakura-Chan"

"Hey Hinata" Sakura said,

What is this feeling...? Do I have a crush on you Hinata? Is that how it feels? My stomach feels as if I'm nervous. Am I nervous of you Hinata-Chan? Do I like you in that way Hinata-Chan? Am I a lesbian? Hinata-Chan? But do you feel the same for me... Hinata-Chan?

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