Wow another story. I got the idea for this one when I was half-asleep. Always seem to get the best ideas when I am. In the story Robin and Raven are 18, Starfire is 17, Cyborg is 24 and Beast Boy is 19.

Now for Chapter 1...

Chapter 1

Beast Boy

Raven was leaving. Only for a few months but the idea killed me. Her and Star were going to Tamaran. Raven called it "A break from being a hero." but I called it torture.

When they departed I just wanted to kiss her good-bye and hold her close but I pushed the urge to the back of my mind. I was green, had fangs and was two heads shorter than her. Why would she want to kiss me or even be near me?

"I'll miss you Star. Don't forget to call every night." Robin said, giving Starfire a kiss on the lips and then a hug.

"I will miss you too boyfriend Robin." Starfire reassured him and hugged back.

"Don't let any of those Tamaranean boys steal your heart Rae," Cyborg joked and I froze. He didn't know but the comment still stung. "and call back every night, okay sis?"

Raven hugged Cyborg, "I will, I promise." she let go of him and then turned to look at me. "See you in three months Beast Boy." she said then smiled.

"See you Raven. And don't worry, I'll find a way to make you laugh by the time you get back." I made a goofy face at her.

"Whatever." she replied without emotion.

Starfire looked at her watch, "We must go friend Raven if we are to get there in time for the Gersploch feast."

"Okay. Bye guys." Raven said as she used her powers to create a levitating shield for her to fly on.

"See ya Rae!" "I'll miss you Star!" Cyborg and Robin shouted as the girls flew off. I just watched and waved as the girl I had loved since the day we mat flew away.

"Who wants to make mini pizzas?" Cyborg yelled as soon as the girls were out of sight.

"I'm in, how 'bout you Beast Boy?" Robin asked, following Cyborg towards the door leading off of the roof and back into the tower.

"Yeah, I'll be there, just give me a minute or two." I said, glancing back to look at my two best friends.

"Okay man, but hurry up," Cyborg shouted, knowing that something was up. He paused at the door, "and we should all play video games later, okay?"

"Okay Cy."

Both Robin and Cyborg walked through the door, leaving me alone. I looked up at the sky in the direction that Star and Raven flew off. "I'll find a way to admit it. I'll admit my feelings, the dreams, my deepest darkest secret," I said to the sky," I love you Rae." I whispered and blew a kiss to the moon.

So there you go guys! I don't know when I'm going to post the next chapter, think I should do a chapter a day or a chapter a week? Thanks for reading!