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"Garfield!" I yelled from the living room of our floor in Titans Tower. He came running in, ready to smash a bad guy's face into a wall in an instant. "Chill out honey, I just need help explaining to Ebony why she can't go to public school."

He laughed and walked over to where we were sitting, "Sweety, you can't go until you have better control over your powers."

"But daddy," she crossed her pale, grayish arms over her chest, "I want to go to kindergarten like normal kids do. I already know that I can't change into animals, or move things, or heal people. And I know that I can't tell anyone about that fact that my entire family are super-heros." her amethyst eyes look from me to her father.

"Do you think Star or Jinx would have a better chance explaining this to her?" I looked at my husband, knowing we were getting no where.

"I get it mommy, it's just that it's no fare! And I don't mind getting home schooled with Chase and Elizabeth, I just want to meet other people who don't fight bad guys on a daily basis."

"I understand babe, maybe when you grow up, but right now you're too young. Get it Cougar Cub?" Beast Boy ruffled her green streaked blonde hair and called her by her "super hero" name.

"Okay daddy!" Ebony smiled then got up. She paused at the door, "Can I go play with Case and Elizabeth?"

"Yup." Garfield and I said at the same time. She walked away, humming a random tune as she did.

"She's so smart," Garfield wrapped his large, green arms around me, "Just like her mother."

We heard a crash then Ebony shout, "OW!" It was followed by her and her friends' laughter.

"She's also pretty clumsy," I pointed out, "Wonder where she gets that from."

We heard another crash and Cyborg scream, "DANG IT!"

"She hangs out with Cy too much." Garfield laughed and I joined him.

"Too true." I brought my lips to his and smiled. My life was perfect, I was married to the man I loved, I lived in a perfect home with all of my friends and last but not least, we's been blessed with our silly, blonde and green haired, violet eyed, clumsy daughter, who we couldn't live without if we tried.

I'm done. Three Months Apart is officially finished. Too tell you the truth I didn't know I'd ever finish it. I got the idea for this one when I was half-asleep, (I have insomnia so yeah,) and I wrote it down right away. Thank you to everyone who supported me, everyone who reviewed, whether you were telling me I have horrible spelling or that I have to post the next chapter soon. Thank you if you even READ this story. Just, thank you. I hope to post the sequel soon.


I would like to inform everyone that the sequel has been started. It's called Moving Away and it's under Teen Titans. I hope you enjoy that one as much a you enjoyed this one.