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WARNING: Gwen bashing. I originally liked Gwen but I've read so many fanfics that I know hate her. Dumbedore bashing. SLASH

Pairings: JH/IJ, RL/SB, RW/HG, GW/DM

Prologue: Harry Potter

Around me people were fighting. Remus was against Bellatrix. The pure anger that showed on his face was enough to spur me on. After Sirius had died Remus went in to a depression. I never realized, but they had been in a relationship ever since their school years. After his death it took months before Remus even stepped foot out of his room. It didn't help that his wolf also mourned the loss of his mate.

Ron and Hermione were back to back spinning around and shooting stunners at any of the Death Eaters that came in t5o their firing range. They had finally got together in their sixth year. Needless to say the whole of Hogwarts was celebrating.

Draco was dueling his Father. One of the few things that surprised in the war was the turning of Draco to the Light. It turns out that his Father was planning to give Draco to Voldemort on his seventeenth birthday to gain ranks among the Death Eaters. It soon became apparent that there was an attraction between Ginny and Draco. It took only two weeks for them to get together.

Suddenly, Voldemort was before me, his cruel voice gave a command.

"Kill them all except the boy." Within minutes they we dead. Ron and Hermione collapsed inwardly from their position and fall in to each other's arms, dying in each other's embrace. Remus let out a mournful cry as he got hit with a Cutting Curse straight to the throat. Ginny was spared the torture of watching her lover under the Cruciatus Curse and was eternally silenced with a simple green light. Draco wasn't so lucky. I had to watch as he was slowly driven to insanity. I was helpless. Everyone was gone. I had no reason to live anymore. The only people I had ever loved or cared for were on the ground.

"Well, Potter, how does it feel to have nothing? No needs you, no one wants you, no one loves you." He laughed and I saw red.

"That's where you're wrong." I faced him full on.

"Oh, and what is that, pray tell."

"You haven't got a wand, I have. Guess what I'm going to do with it." Voldemort's face paled rapidly. A wizard's wand was their most precious possession. Without it, it's like functioning without a limb. It doesn't feel the same. If another wizard uses someone else's wand then that person will feel violated for the rest of their lives. A wand is not just a tool; it is a part of who you are, without, most people die.

There in my left hand was the ivory and phoenix feather wand that had got me in to all of this mess. I slowly brought it up to eye level and bent it. With a small snap it was broken, the phoenix feather being the only thing keeping it together.

"No!" he cried as the magical backlash disintegrated him. A large blood red force field expanded from the wand and filled the once joyful Great Hall.

I collapsed, everything went black.

As I awoke I saw the blurry ceiling of the pure white Hospital Wing. My eyes traced a faint crack down the far wall and gradually came to rest on the Daily Prophet that was balanced on my bedside table.

I gently sat up and pushed my glasses on to the end of my nose. I then inspected at the front. I openly gaped in shock.


Harry Potter, 17, has been sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss after illegally snapping another wizard's wand. You-Know-Who has been successfully defeated by this rule breaker but this doesn't excuse his crimes against wizard kind. Minster of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, has commented, "He has already performed magic in front of muggles and now he has snapped a wand. He has broken two of the most important laws in our society, who knows what he will do next". Potter, at this moment, is unconscious in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and will be sentenced was awake.

I dropped the paper like it was made of white hot coal and did the first thing that sprang to mind.

I ran as fast as I could from the castle in only a hospital gown. But I didn't care. They had betrayed me. The people whose lives I'd saved made them happier. It was all gone. I needed to get out.

I bet Dumbledore is behind this. All my life he had set me up and pulled my strings like a puppet. He left at the Dursley's on a doorstep with a letter to explain why I was there, to never feel the loving touch of a family member. Then, he gave me my Father's cloak in my first year, and with all of the clues that was slipped throughout it seemed like he was practically begging for me to venture in and get myself killed. He always kept secrets. In fifth year he made me think that my friends were pulling away and I went in to depression. Then, thanks him not talking to me, explaining what was happening in my head, I believed the false visions that Voldemort sent me and Sirius, my father figure of a total of two years, fell through the Veil of death. I can't take it anymore I need to leave.

I need to breakaway.


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