Translations for Japanese in "Rended"

oi - hey
sake - a japanese alcoholic beverage, rice wine
baka - idiot, fool, stupid person, although just a tad more rude
Aizu - a rogue group of Ishin Shishi, traitors (Right? Well, basically)
Taicho - captain
gi - a fighter's or sword practitioner's shirt
katana - japanese swords (duh)
nanchaku - nunchucks
Shogunate - the early government; in this case, the Tokugawa regime
Kyoto - the old capital city of Japan
Ishin Shishi - the Imperialists, the men trying to overthrow the government
daisho - literally translated compensation; in this case, weapons
samurai -.....I don't really have to translate this, do I?
Kenshin no baka - something like, "Kenshin, you idiot!"
kami - the gods, used here as,"Oh Gods!"
shimatta - damn it, shit; basically an expletive (Did I spell this right?)
daijoubu - It's alright, (he's, she's) I'm alright; "Daijoubu?" - "Are you alright?" "Is this alright?"
hitokiri - manslayer
the Bakumatsu - the revolution, the war going on now right then between the Ishin Shishi and the Shogunate (Oh, and yes I made up the ending. I have no idea how or when the war actually ended. I've heard billions of opinions, so I just decided to make up my own.)
koishii - beloved, my love; the name for someone dear to you, like a lover
satsujin - killer, murderer
wakizashi - short sword
ken - sword
aishiteru - I love you
anata - you; usually used by husbands and wives referring to each other
matte - wait "Wait!"
chotto matte kudasai
- wait a little "Please wait a little!"
- please; here portrayed as in begging
sensei - teacher, doctor
tatami - rice straw mat
mattaku - sheesh, oh boy, oh brother
tou-san - dad, father
-sama - something like Lord Taichou; a show of high respect for someone: Calger-sama, Eboshi-sama, Kami-sama, etc.
doomo arigatou - thank you very much
minna (-san) - everyone
gomen kudasai - literally translated, "give me forgiveness"; what you say to announce your arrival at someone's home; in this case, the inn
irasshaimase - welcome
douzo - please, right this way; a word of invitation, like for someone to take a seat, or have some tea or food
eeto - um, er
sumimasen - sorry, excuse me, forgive me
(douzo) yoroshiku - short version of 'nice to meet you'
aa - hmm or yes, mostly used with men
desu - the verb 'to be'; used here to say "I am Haiyashii"
iie - no
gomen nasai - forgive me
ki - spirit, a fighter's spirit
-chan - little ____, a title used with little children, especially girls; in this case trying to make Kenshin seem little
Noh - a type of theatre/acting that nobles and rich people watched
jaa - well; anyway
yakusoku - a promise
da - a short version of desu, normally used with men, author's notes sentence "yakusoku da!" - "It's a promise!"
che - shit; expletive
ahou (ga) - moron
sumimasen, kedo...
- sorry, but...(in this case, "sorry but I don't have one")
kuso - shit, damn; (yet another expletive)
demo - but
hai - yes
tada ima - literally translated "it's normal/usual now"; "I'm home"
okaeri nasai - welcome back/home
maa maa - well, well; oh brother, sheesh
- a little phrase one is supposed to say before one eats a meal
nani - what
ii da ne? - that's good, isn't it?
ii - good
ne - eh? Hm? Isn't it?
kenjitsu - the way of the sword
noren - the curtains at the front of a restaraunt, used as a door or sign
yare yare - sheesh, oh well, oh brother
nee-chan - the endearing term for an older sister
urusei - shut up
kisama - bastard
Aku soku zan - It's a thing of Saitoh's, but I don't really know what it means. (I know aku means an evil or a wrong, but I'm utterly clueless as to the rest. If someone could tell me what the whole deal is with that, or at least what it means, I'd be quite happy.)
yarou - bastard
barou - you idiot/bastard
ora ora - hey now; hey hey (different meaning than this when Sano uses it in a fist fight though)
sou - right
na - like a men's version of ne, only more forceful
kodomo - child
doko - where
ka - particle that turns a sentence into a question-
gumi -
Houki-Atama - "Broom Head"; Sano's insulting name for Cho
Tori-Atama - "Chicken Head"; Cho's and a lot of other people's insulting name for Sano
temee - something like "Why you--" or "Why you little--" only a bit more insulting
korraa -HEY! (A bit ruder though)
saa - well, well then
konbanwa - good evening
-kun - used with the names of boys under twenty
-dono - an honorific term one step above -san
bokken - a wooden (practice) sword

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