There had been death. Terror. Destruction. In the wake of Madara's takeover, everyone was crushed in every form possible.

So as I stood there, standing over the remnants of what used to be the village hidden in the leaves, I felt the weight of the entire world on my shoulders.

As much as I felt like crying, I simply could not. My emerald eyes had shed all the tears they possibly could.

The war was over and barely any ninja from Konoha had survived. The rookie nine and Team Gai were completely decimated after Naruto was killed during the Kyuubi extraction.

Killer Bee hadn't even gotten the chance to teach Naruto how to control the Kyuubi. Madara had merely popped in and stole him and Naruto away.

I suppose we were lucky to not have seen the person who saved the village more than once as he was torn apart from the inside out.

The Jounin and ANBU were killed with more of a fight…

Including Kakashi-sensei. I hade run up to his lifeless form, pushing as much healing chakra as safely possible into his body. He was riddled with gaping whole, bleeding out on the already blood sodden soil.

Danzo didn't even stand a chance against Madara, no matter what he wanted to think. He was one of the very first to have been killed. The council, though old and on the verge of going senile, still embodied the organization that Konoha needed. Having clearly seen that, Madara Uchiha killed them in the first wave of annihilation.


Sasuke was right at Madara's side. And no matter how much we told him, yelled at him, crashed our fists into his skull, he still could not comprehend how Madara was using him as a puppet.

So team by team, Konoha fell.

Hinata died from blood-loss, having been skewered by a two-by-four sent flying from one of Madara's attacks.

Kiba was crushed under a huge boulder running to the aide of Akamaru.

Ino got a kunai to the throat.

TenTen was completely massacre when her kunai were reflected back at her.

Shino was quickly eliminated once Madara made all of his allies disappear into another dimension.

Neji head was caved in on impact upon slamming into Rock Lee's chest, as they were flung at top speed into the side of the crater that was Konoha.

Shikamaru and Chouji were poisoned, their blood bubbling and leaking up to their pores and through their eyes until they choked on their own blood.

Shortly after Naruto was taken down, I retreated, to where Shizune and I had hidden Tsunade-sama.

And that was where I was given the most astounding mission I would ever receive during the course of my life.

"Sakura," Tsunade addressed me, having woken up from her coma only seconds ago. She looked at me with these determined yet hopeless eyes. "I have a mission for you."

"What? Tsunade-shishou, you've just woken up, surely the mission can wait! We have to relocate before Madara finds us again!" I had exclaimed, staring at my master with startled eyes.

"No, Sakura, what I am going to have you do, is more important."

I stopped at that point, "What?"

Shizune was busily scribbling characters and seals on the ground from a scroll.

"You are going to change everything that has happened up until this point. You will be going back in time to change the Shinobi world."

So I stood atop what used to be the Hokage Monument, not in the form of the blood-soaked kunoichi that had taken and given lives with her hands during the Fourth Shinobi war, but in the form of her twelve year old self.

Tsunade-shishou had found a scroll that would enable the user to be transformed into their younger selves. Of course, they would retain their knowledge of their powers and their chakra capacity.

All this, was for me to travel back in time, before the Uchiha Massacre, to alter the course of time.

To prevent the destruction of my home.

With one last look at the crumbled houses and decimated tents, I turned, looking back at Shizune and Tsunade-shishou, nodding.

They were kneeling on the ground by my feet.

The jutsu would require all their chakra…

One last sacrifice.

"I will never forget you," I muttered, as their hands grasped my ankles, pumping the chakra through my system on the seals they had placed there.

And with that, I was gone from the sad realm from which I was born into, to travel back in time to change the Shinobi world.

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